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Version: 2.0
by: ayradyss [More]

AutoInvite ReadMe File
Last updated 05 December 2006 by Ayradyss ([email protected])
Version 2.0

Introducing AutoInvite, for those who want a quick way to invite friends to their group or raid!

Essentially, whenever someone whispers you and that whisper contains a customizable keyword (it can be mixed in among other things), you'll automatically issue a group or raid invite to them [if you're allowed to].

AutoInvite loads defaulted to on, party invites, using the keyword "invite me".

Usage: /autoinvite or /ai <options>
/ai status : Displays the current options setting.
/ai on|off : Turns AutoInvite's automatic invite issuing on or off.
/ai party|raid : changes the group checking: "Party" mode is made for five-man groups only, "Raid" mode is more flexible.
/ai raid-## : sets the maximum size of your raid to ##.
/ai keyword = anything at all: sets the invite keyword to whatever you input. These are -not- case-sensitive.

Version log:
0.1 : Initial public release
0.2 : Fixed a bug involving AutoInvite not recognizing party mode properly.
Added auto-convert to raid functionality when you're in raid mode, partied, and invite a 6th person.
0.3 : Updated to 1500 patch.
Now supporting raid officer invites too
0.4 : Updated to 1700 patch.
Now using the New And Shiny way of loading properly!
2.0 : Updated to 2.0 patch.
Added customizable raid group sizes.

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Unread 04-29-10, 08:00 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Faster invite

Could it be possible to add a modifier key (like Alt) to make a simple 1 click invite?
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Unread 07-16-09, 03:38 PM  
Periodic Developer
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For players that are interested in using this addon in the latest version of WoW; the only thing you need to do to make it compatible is edit the .toc file.

## Interface: 20000
## Title: AutoInvite
## Notes: Automatically sends a group invite to someone who whispers you using the prescribed string.
## SavedVariables: AutoInviteOptions
Change the number in line 1 to 30100 (30200 for patch 3.2)

The latest build version can always be found at WoWCompares.com
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