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Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
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Version: 3.42
by: Swizstera [More]

Wardrobe allows you define up to 30 distinct equipment profiles (called "outfits") and lets you switch among them on the fly. For example, you can define a Normal Outfit that consists of your regular equipment, an Around Town Outfit that consists of what you'd like to wear when inside a city or roleplaying, a Stamina Outfit that consists of all your best +stam gear, etc. You can then switch amongst these outfits using a simple slash chat command (/wardrobe wear Around Town Outfit), using a small interactive button docked beneath your radar (Moveable), or define hotkeys in key configuration.

/wd - help
/wd list - List your outfits
/wd wear <name> - wear <name> outfit
/wd reset - erase all outfits
/wd lock/unlock - For moving Button/Menu.
/wd click/mouseover - For method of displaying menu.
/wd scale [0.5-1.0] - For scaling the DropDown Menu.
/wd auto 1/0 - Toggle auto-swapping

Documentation: WoW Wiki
Change Log: WoW Wiki

- Contains Titan Panel and FuBar Plugins

Version 3.42-AL
o Fix for new gear items that have more than one of the new variables in the itemstring.
The upgrade bonuses are stored here I believe. Added logic to handle up to 6 of them.
These aren't in the itemstrings that are stored within wardrobe, so if the same item has only a difference in the upgrade, this may have to be revisited.

Version 3.41-AL
o Fix dual weapon equipping, failed under certain circumstances
o Fix parsing of new itemlinks. The item name was getting lost.
o Add logic to repair the data that got mangled by version 3.39/3.40 to add the item names back in.
o Fix display of equipped outfits.

Version 3.40-AL
o Fix toggle button in wardrobe update paperdoll
o Fix helm/cloak hiding and display
o Fix dynamic stat variable in item links.

Version 3.39-AL
o Update for WoW 6.0.2
o Rev embedded LibBabble-Inventory
o Rev embedded Ace3

Version 3.38-AL
o Update for WoW 5.4
o Fix for caged battlepet in bags causing nil error
o Rev embedded Ace3
o Rev embedded LibBabble
o Rev embedded LibGratuity

Version 3.37-AL
o Add local _ variable declaration since it is used in other addons/places in the game.

Version 3.36-AL
o Update Baggins plugin for Ace3 version of Baggins

Version 3.35-AL
o Update for WoW 5.0.5
o Update itemlink to include reforged items.
o Filter link level field from itemlink since it appears ahead of reforge field.
o Rev embedded Ace3
o Rev embedded LibBabble
o If class is MAGE, WARLOCK, HUNTER, or PRIEST: if old ranged slot has an item, move it to main hand slot in outfit.

Version 3.34-AL
o Update for WoW 4.3

Version 3.33-AL
o Fix nil error when renaming outfit.
o Fix outfit icon synchronization.
o Add Tol Barad detection for autoswapping outfits.
o Add Twin Peaks and The Battle for Gilneas as battleground zones for autoswapping.
o Fix bug in Titan's Grip detection.
o Fix WearMe to work better with Equipment Manager defined outfits. Equipment Manager
does not store the extra information like gems and enchants in it's gearsets.

Version 3.32-AL
o Fix nil error when not playing a warrior.

Version 3.31-AL
o Fix nil error for new characters.
o Fix Titan's Grip detection for warriors.
o Rev AceGUI-3.0, AceTab-3.0
o Rev LibBabble-Inventory to r137
o Rev LibBabble-Zone to r328
o Update for Wow 4.2

Version 3.30-AL
o Remove dependency on Chronos. Using AceTimer now.
o Add synchronization with Equipment Manager.
o Rev Ace-3.0
o Rev LibBabble-Inventory-3.0
o Rev LibBabble-Zone-3.0
o Update for Wow 4.1

Version 3.29-AL
o Add AceLibrary back.
o Rev LibGratuity to r42
o Fix nil on 'this' when dragging wardrobe button.
o Fix nil on 'this' when resetting wardrobe button position.
o Right clicking minimap button was not opening main menu/settings menu.

Version 3.28-AL
o Update DataBroker support to work properly with ChocolateBar.

Version 3.27-AL
o Fix Wardrobe.xml OnUpdate elapsed bug. Thank you Quil for pointing this out.
o Removed native support for FuBar. FuBar appears to be dead as of WoW 4.0.

Version 3.26-AL
o Fixes for Cataclysm 4.0.1
o Rev embedded Ace 3.0 to r975
o Rev embedded LibBabble-Zone to 4.0-release2
o Rev embedded LibBabble-Inventory to 4.0-release1
o Rev embedded LibTipHooker to 1.1 r14.
o Rev embedded LibGratuity to r42
o Note that this auto-hides the Equipment Manager icon in the character panel now since the
equipment manager cannot be disabled anymore from within settings.

Version 3.25-AL
o Add Nat's Lucky Fishing Pole to list of fishing items.
o Add Isle of Conquest to list of battleground zones.
o Add button to reset minimap icon to default location on map.
o Only allow changing of outfits when not in combat.
This is a workaround to stop items from getting picked up to cursor when in combat.
Blizzard changed the way equipping items works in 3.3 making this not work anymore.
I have it working somewhat on my pre-alpha release but since that is so far out, I will
search for another way to make it work.
o Rev embedded Ace3 to Release-r907
o Rev embedded LibBabble-Zone to 3.3-release13
o Rev embedded LibBabble-Inventory to 3.3-release5

Version 3.24-AL
o Rev for WoW 3.3

Version 3.23-AL
o Fix checkbox hi-lighting of shirt and ring slot 2 so the whole box is selectable.
o Add ability to set the default display state for helm and cloak when the per-outfit display
feature is turned on. When the display box for the helm or cloak is unselected, it will use the
default setting. It defaults to Show.

Version 3.22-AL
o Fix problem when a special outfit is being worn and then you delete that special outfit. It does not remove the virtual outfit to wear when the
unequipping of the special outfit is triggered. This would cause bizarre behaviour when unmounting, leaving plaguezones, etc.

Version 3.21-AL
o Fix equipping on Lance from Argent Tournament if you are dual wielding 2H weapons.
o Add option to not auto-swap while in Wintergrasp.
o Removed logic to remember a default display state for helm and cloak.
I.e: Let's say you select not to display your helm or cloak on one outfit, and leave all the others unchecked (empty box, not the crossed-out eye icon).
If you had your helm shown and wear that outfit, when you switch back to another outfit your helm/cloak
will remain unshown. Leaving an item unchecked means it is ignored and whatever the current display state is will remain.
I think it works more intuitively this way.
o Update for WoW 3.2.0

Version 3.20-AL
o Fix leak of a global db variable.
o Fix issue with auto-swapping in WSG when auto-swap is off.
o Rev LibBabble-Zone
o Rev LibBabble-Inventory

Version 3.19-AL
o Cloak/Helm visibility feature toggle added to config settings and default is off.

Version 3.18-AL
o WearMe v3.2 - Fix so it unequips the offhand if you try to equip a staff even if you can equip 2H weapons in both hands. Staffs aren't included in that.
o Fix issue of crashes for first time installs.
o Fix problem of UI dropdown backdrops getting set to Wardrobe's backdrop.

Version 3.17-AL
o Add support for LibDataBroker. This replaces the Titan Panel plugin as Titan Panel supports LDB natively. FuBar plugin is still available as is.
o Add ability to hide cloak/helm per outfit. New buttons are located on the cloak/helm slots for you to enable/disabling the visual for them.
patch provided by zmnspencer.
o Add Baggins filter to allow filtering of items that don't belong to an outfit. If you have Baggins addon, the filter should show as Wardrobe-AL.
o Change background texture of outfit DropDown menu so that setting opacity to 100% will make it fully opaque. Reworked use of UIDropDownMenu to make this possible.

Version 3.16-AL
o Remove Naxxramas from being a Plaguelands zone.
o Fix dropdownlist scale slider.
o Fix where nil/empty outfit names were allowed to be saved causing nil errors in other parts of addon. Any nil named outfit already stored
will be removed during startup. If outfit name is left empty when creating new outfit, it will not be stored anymore.
o Update embedded Ace3 library to latest revision (777)
o Add opacity settings for drop down frames. 1.0 isn't fully opaque though since it's a UIDropDownMenu frame.

Version 3.15-AL
o Update embedded Chronos addon to 2.12
o Update embedded LibBabble-Zone to rev 204
o WearMe update v3.1 - Fix bug swiching from two weapons to one 2H weapon when secondary slot is specified but empty.

Version 3.14-AL
o Fix bug where hitting the delete button in the main menu after deleting the last outfit would throw an exception.
o Fix issues when equipping identical items in the dual-equip slots (rings,trinkets,weapons). Better support dual wielding 2H weapons.

Version 3.13-AL
o Update for patch 3.1.0
o Add Dalaran Arena to Battleground/PVP filter

Version 3.12-AL
o WearMe: v2.9 - Add better support for Unique-Equipped items as well as gems.
o - Add support for LibBabble-Inventory-3.0 to provide translations for bag and container strings

Version 3.11c-AL
o WearMe: v2.8 - Fix bug in itemsplit hook

Version 3.11b-AL
o WearMe: v2.7 - Fixes to weapons, trinkets, and ring swapping

Version 3.11a-AL
o WearMe: v2.6 - Fix to work with dual wield 2H weapons

Version 3.11-AL
o Add support for vehicle mounts like the magic carpet.
o Adjust layout of options dialog.
o Move most config settings to use ACEDB. Outfit items are still stored in the previous config.
o Fix several config related bugs.
o Word wrap outfit tooltip so it's not all on one line. It's broken up by full outfit names.
o Fix vertical scroll bar in Edit Outfits menu.
o If FuBar or Titan text is greater than 20 characters, shorten it followed by "..."

Version 3.10c-AL
o WearMe: Use localization strings for bags. deDE uses Tasche for the backpack, but Behälter for the other bags.

Version 3.10b-AL
o WearMe: Change "Bag" references to INVTYPE_BAG to try to resolve some locale issues.

Version 3.10a-AL
o Rev WearMe to v2.4
- First swap any unique-equipped items with an item that doesn't have any unique-equipped gems before swapping the rest.

Version 3.10-AL
o Minimap toggle on Titan Panel would get out of sync with the master toggle.
o Text on Titan Panel would not get updated when an outfit was updated.
o Add Addon Settings option to Titan Panel
o Tooltips no longer show in bag container or ammo tooltips
o Cache last outfit list looked up for tooltip since tooltip text is updated every tick.

Version 3.09-AL
o Update LibBabble-Zone-3.0 to Revision 162
o Add a local AceLocale-3.0 LibStub to WardrobeFu.lua. Sometimes the global L variable would not be locatable from that lua.
o Tweak wearme to fix problem when bags were moved around, the bagtype cache could get out of sync.
o Enable wardrobe toggle in settings now works.
o Wardrobe Debug toggle enables wearme debugging.

Version 3.08-AL
o Fixed bug where dragging outfit in Main Menu would cause an error to throw.
o Fixed a few variable initialization problems causing nil errors on occasion.
o Added Settings button on Main Menu
o Added translations for new deDE and frFR localization text. I used online translation so it may not be accurate.

Version 3.07-AL
o Autoswap mount special outfits in shapeshift travel forms now. Travel Form, Flight Form, and Swift Flight Form are supported.
I was unable to adequately test localization of shapeshifting so it may not work in other locales.

Version 3.06-AL
o Tweaks to autoswap of mounted gear while in battlegrounds and arena
o Autoswap setting is persistent as of 3.05, and default was false. Changed to true.

Version 3.05-AL
o OnUpdate frequency also broke the autoswap when casting long spells when mounted. Fix provided by Quil.
o AutoSwap can be disabled for Arena and Battlegrounds. Checkbox is available in Addon Settings and FuBar dewdrop menu.

Version 3.04-AL
o OnUpdate is called much more frequently in 3.0.2. This broke the autoswap when unmounting due to going into combat. Fix provided by Quil.

Version 3.03-AL
o AceLibrary left out of libs path, added it back in.

Version 3.02-AL
o Dewdrop fubar config menu is back, you can select for it to display on right click by going into the addon settings under fubar.
o Characters with no Wardrobe profile set up have a few default outfits created. A default on for whatever they are currently wearing,
a Birthday Suit one, and a fishing one that will set it to use any fishing pole or fishing hat that happens to be in inventory/bags.
There is a button in the Addon settings to add the default outfits as well.
o There is a Right Click setting in Addon Settings now for both the Minimap button and Fubar. You can now set them separately.
o More configuration settings are available in the addons settings.
o Known issue: DropDown scale setting does not work.

Version 3.01-AL
o Add variable sanity checking for tooltip and rightclick variables
o Update FuBar text when an Outfit is updated, added, deleted, cleared, etc.

Version 3.00-AL
o Update to use ACE3 for GUI configuration, look in Blizzards Addons Interface!
o Add tooltip support to show which outfits an item belongs
o Fix items not being found in inventory due to stale cache.
o character level was being included in stored item causing outfits not to show items in dropdown.
o Known issue: DropDown scale setting does not work.

Version 2.60-AL
o Update for WoW 3.0
o Now maintained by Swizstera
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Unread 10-21-10, 12:42 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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Yes, I have fixed most of it but am still working on some other issues that arose due to 4.0.1. I hope to have a new release fairly soon.


Originally posted by Flaer
Any chance of an update for 4.0? This is one of my favorite addons and I'd hate to see it die.
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Unread 10-27-10, 06:54 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Thanks for the update!
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Unread 04-28-11, 08:08 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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Update for wow 4.1

I have updated for Wow 4.1 and also implemented some syncing with the Equipment Manager. Right now the equipment manager logic seems to work okay but there is some odd behavior with the gearset icons getting lost as I haven't implemented a way to change them. Also, the LDB addon I use (TitanPanel) is not updated for 4.1 yet so I haven't tested the LDB support as of yet.

Version 3.30-AL
o Remove dependency on Chronos. Using AceTimer now.
o Add synchronization with Equipment Manager.
o Rev Ace-3.0
o Rev LibBabble-Inventory-3.0
o Rev LibBabble-Zone-3.0
o Update for Wow 4.1
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Unread 05-01-11, 04:06 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Thanks again for an update! Titan Panel has been updated now too.
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Unread 08-28-12, 09:53 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Any chance this will be updated for MoP?
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Unread 10-22-14, 09:23 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Thanks for the recent updates! Looks like it doesn't want to recognize outfit names though. I can label an outfit and save it fine but switching gear out and then back doesnt seem to recognize that I'm wearing the complete outfit.
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