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Version: 2.10
by: Crevox [More]

Warlock Keybindings adds keybindings for warlocks.

Currently offers:

All Basic Pet Commands - All pet commands (attack, follow, defensive, etc) with one button push.

Multi Pet Skill Binding - This one button will use Imp Fire Shield if your Imp is out, Sacrifice Voidwalker if your Voidwalker is out, and Succubus Seduction if your Succubus is out. If your Felhunter is out, he will use Felhunter Devour.

Imp Fire Shield - Casts Fire Shield on your target, if you have your Imp out.

Sacrifice Voidwalker - Sacrifices your Voidwalker.

Voidwalker Suffering - Casts the Voidwalker's Suffering ability, if you have your Voidwalker out.

Succubus Seduction - Casts Seduction on your current target, if you have your Succubus out.

Felhunter Devour Magic - Casts Devour Magic on your current target, if you have your Felhunter out.

Felhunter Spell Lock - Casts Spell Lock on your current target, if you have your Felhunter out.

Installing the Mod:
Install is simple, and is the same as all other addons. Extract the HunterKeybindings folder to your World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons folder. When you log into game, open your Main Menu, and open the Key Bindings frame. Near the bottom, you should find the bindings you can set.

If you have having issues with your keybinding list, perform the following actions. Log out of World of Warcraft (character selection screen is fine) and go to your World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons folder. Delete all of the Blizzard folders (Blizzard_). When you log back into game, the new 1.9 versions of the Blizzard addons will be installed, and that should fix any issues you are having with the mod.

If you have any problems/suggestions/comments, please post them at the ui.worldofwar.net addon page. I am simply posting this addon here for those who do not go there too often, and prefer this site.

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