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Kormaholic /aka Flexaholic/ Interface Project

Version: 0.45test
by: H0PE [More]

Kormaholic v0.45testupdate
Package and configuration by h0pe



I only take credit for the months and months testing, changing fixing, mixing, and finally creating the package.

If you need info or help with a certain addon in the package please refer to the readmes and/or go to the appropriate addon portal!


What is amazing about ace2-ed addons? They are all using the same basic library that good coder guys always maintain and change and update. That means that all the addons using ace2 libraries using the same/similar "code" thus eating up just a tiny bit of interface memory. This is one of the most important thing with addons couse once the usage of the interface memory grows big the interface, the game the feel will be choppy! You will see the screen freezes for a blink second couse the game always tries to clean the junk/unnecessary data from the memory. So make sure you use ace2 addons when you can and use as few addons as you could! Another good thing is that you can use wowaceupdater software and get the latest (BUT BE AWARE THAT BETA) versions from these addons. No more manual installation/update is necessary for ace2-ed addons!

Ace main website:
wowaceupdater download site:

ag_UnitFrames (ace2) (and auf_banzai) - Small and fantastic unit frame addon
ArcHUD2 (ace2) - shows a nice graphical info on-screen about healt/mana, enemy health and you dont have to get your eyes away from the center of the screen during combat ever again!
ArkInventory (ace2) - Best bagmod ever! You can customize groups of items how and where you wanna see them.
Cartographer (ace2) -
DiscordArt - Graphics for our eyecandy
DiscordFrameModifier - Modifying places of ... everything on screen.
ElkBuffbar (ace2) - Buff/debuff miracle on your screen (including weaponbuffs WOW! )
Fubar (ace2) - Perfect titan panel replacement, smaller, better, sleeker.
Prat (ace2) - Chat frame mod that makes everything available for you!
Perfectraid (ace2) - Raid or battlegrounds? Then you will apprectiate this addon a lot!
Scrollingcombattext (ace2) - All the combat info right on the screen
Tinytip (ace2) - Tooltip marvel with all the info you need on the tooltip
Trinitybars - Best bar mod now out there!

Backup your WTF and Interface dyrectory first then delete it from your world of warcraft folder! Unpack the zip file to your world of warcraft directory (there shouldn't be any questions like overwrite with newer file since you deleted all the earlier configuration files so make sure you do!)

Rename the following folders in order:
1.)Go into WTF\account folder and rename accountname to your account name (for logging in wow)
2.)then go into the next subfolder here and rename servername to your server. Make sure you type exactly as it is. Some servers got shortened names! for instance Venture Corporation is Venture Co.
3.)Inside the (already renamed) servername rename charactername to your player character's name. duplicate this folder and rename it for other characters.

Load up the game, then do the following:

1.) Graphical setup

Type to console:
Go to misc options
set profile: kormaholic
hit load
you can close the dart window

2.) Layout setup

Type to console:
set profile: kormaholic
hit load
you can close the dfm window

3.) Cartographer minimap button

Click on the worldmap button on the minimap
hit cartographer button/look'n feel menu
unselect show minimap button option
you can close the map

4.) Fubar setup

Nothing special here the default setup you can change as you feel fit. Some basic fubar plugins already installed if you want to use more just head over the fubar addon site and feel free to download other ones. They work just fine.

5.) Scrollingcombattext setup

Type to the console:
/sct menu
Go to profiles tab
select "Kormaholic" from the list
Hit load
you can close the sct window with save&close button

6.) Finalizing installation and getting know of the setup

-Put attack and secondary attack (or spell) to the button above the minimap.
-You can turn around the bar with the mousewheel by basic.
-The keyboard buttons all around movement keys are bind to the 12 main bar buttons. If you play with keyboard you could easily learn to use them and turn around with mousewheel to get more buttons for the same 12keyboard shortcuts. Also above the main bar there is a secondary bar, and thosa are accessible using SHIFT+mainbar buttons (not all though if you see a few left in the middle... just put something there if you want.
-Open Bags SHIFT+Middle mouse
-Open Map is middle mouse
-Add more addons to the interface folder and make sure they are enabled on the character selection screen under addons if you want to use more.
-There are more keyboard shortucts of course see the keyboard.jpg for more info!

7.) In raid or battleground

Type to the console:
Go to raid frames and select the only available frame
hit edit button
change the frame scale and move the raidgroup to the lower left are of the screen change the scale so the whole list of players should fit in the open area on the texture accordingly.
Save the changes and close the praid window

-After login Prat drops an error message. If you update prat later on im sure they will fix the error so not a biggie.
-There could be some junk data with my character names in menus and configuration files sorry about that please disregard it (and also you could drom me an info where you saw the left-overs).
-Post bugs related to setup on my portal's bug page but addon errors and bugs should go to their addon site!

26. January, 2007

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A Murloc Raider

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I love the flexaholic project. I have an issue however, and I cannot seem to be able to fix it on my own.

When using an item buff, the tooltip goes to the lower right of the screen, effectively cutting off 3/4 of the tooltip window, and many times I cannot see the duration left on the item buff.

I cannot find the portion of code to fix this, otherwise I would just post the fix. Any ideas? Will this be fixed in a future release?

Also, the buffbar by default in the download package is still hidden. I would assume it is still 'under' the minimap.
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