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Version: 3.2.1
by: Cirk [More]

Chat channels are arguably the most used medium for communication in World of Warcraft, and up until recently, Blizzard's own interface for using them wasn't particularly helpful! Chatmanager is an Addon that aims to simplify using chat channels by providing most commonly used (and not so commonly used) features all in one simple window.
Chatmanager provides the following features:

  • Shows you your current channels and players on those channels all in the one window. Player lists are automatically updated when you select a channel, and for private (non-server) channels the number of players in each channel is shown next to the channel name for easy reference.
  • Provides channel password support. You can set a password for a private (non-server) channel and Chatmanager will remember it for the next time you login/zone/etc. It will optionally also apply that password to the channel if you login and the channel is not already password protected.
  • Ability to put channels in any order you want and have them stay that way. Unlike some other chat Addons, Chatmanager doesn't make you leave and rejoin to try and get the order right, it just translates the ordering used by the WoW client into the one you prefer. Note that if you disable the Addon though, your channel order may be a bit unexpected since you will now be seeing them in the same order as the client does.
  • Ability to right-click on an empty channel entry and join a new channel (or rejoin a recently left channel) at that channel number.
  • Identifies channels that are only valid within cities (Trade and GuildRecruitment) and keeps an inactive entry in your channel list for these when outside of a city.
  • Ability to simply right-click on a player in a selected channel to perform most channel actions (such as set as a moderator, mute, kick, etc.) as well as the usual commands (whisper, who, etc.). Left-clicking on a player will allow you to target them if you aren't in combat and they are in range.
  • Ability to set a short note for each player that will be shown when the player joins a channel or joins guild or logs in as a friend, and will appear in the tooltip when mousing over the player name in the player list for a channel and when bringing up the right-click menu for a player in the chat window. Optionally you can also tell Chatmanager to use your guild's public note by default for this for guild members.
  • Optional per-channel sticky mode, so that selected channels can act like /p or /gu and all the following text entry will default to them until you change it.
  • Optional smart-sticky mode, which will temporarily disable channel sticky if you are in a party or in a raid, so that you don't keep having to type /p or /ra after you send a chat channel message.
  • Sticky mode control for Say, Party, Raid, Battlegrounds, Guild, Officer, and Whisper chat types.
  • Optional support for item linking in private chat channels, where other players using either Chatmanager or Yrys' ChatLink will see the actual items you are linking, not just the name. (Chatmanager now uses the same format as ChatLink for improved compatibility).
  • Optional sticky-mode for chat logging, so that Chatmanager will remember if you turned on chat logging (via the /chatlog slash command) last time you were logged in, and will automatically enable it again (and every time you log in) until you disable it again.
  • Adds a /group (or /gr) slash command that acts just like /party when you are in a party, /raid when you are in a raid, and /say otherwise. This is to allow you to simplify your macros so you can use the same ones for raiding or normal parties.
  • Provides key-bindings for directly opening the chat box in Say, Party, Raid, Battleground, Guild, Officer, or any of the 10 chat Channels.
  • Provides an option for enabling mousewheel scrolling within your chatwindows, and additionally to hide the chat window scroll and menu buttons when mousewheel scrolling is enabled.
  • Allow you to set the chat entry edit box to the top of your main chat window, rather than the bottom (where it usually is).

The Chatmanager button
Chatmanager displays a small button which you can use to show or hide the main Chatmanager window. By default this button is placed just above the chat menu button to the left of your main chat window, but you can drag it anywhere on the screen that you prefer using the CTRL key. You can also bind this to a key to easily show and hide Chatmanager when you want to.

Note that if you hide the standard chat window scroll and menu buttons (via Chatmanager's options), the default location of the Chatmanager button becomes the top-right corner of your main chat window, and right-clicking on the Chatmanager button will provide the same menu that is normally provided by the chat menu button.

This button can be hidden via the Chatmanager options window.

The Chatmanager Window
The Chatmanager window shows all your current chat channels, and for each channel shows a number of options (below the channel list) and a list of all players on the channel (to the right of the channel list).

For each channel you can set whether you want the password (if there is one) to always be used for that channel, whether the channel is sticky (that channel becomes the default for text entry until you change it to something else) or not, or change the channel text color.

Right-clicking on the channel name allows you to change the ordering of your channels (i.e., change which channel number the channel is assigned to), change the channel text color, or leave a channel if you want to. Right-clicking on an empty channel entry allows you to select to join a new channel, or to rejoin a channel you have recently left (since you last logged in). You can also join a new channel using the /join command just as you would normally, and Chatmanager will assign the new channel to an available channel number. If you use /join with a password, Chatmanager will also automatically recognize this and show the password in its window.

Right-clicking on a player's name in the player list will provide you with a list of options relating to that player. You can do most of the member-related management you'll need from here.

You can also assign short notes to any player in a channel to help you remember information about them, such as to record the main name of alternate characters, trade skills, etc. These notes are displayed when you mouseover the player's name in the channel list, and will also be shown in the chat message you see when a player joins a channel (if channel announcements are enabled). You can also add or edit notes for offline players via Chatmanger's slash commands (see below).

Chatmanager Options
Chatmanager supports the following options from the UI:
  • Reply to last whisper sent allows the reply key to reply to the last player you whispered to, or the last player who whispered you, whichever came last. This can be particularly useful when you are having whispered conversations with multiple players! (This is similar to the default client's shift-R to reply to your last whispered target).
  • Item linking in chat channels selects whether Chatmanager sends item links on private channels as just the item name (default client behaviour) or as a formatted link that Chatmanager or Yry's ChatLink can recognize.
  • Channel smart-sticky mode selects whether all chat channel sticky options should be temporarily disabled when you are in a party or in a raid.
  • Sticky chat logging selects whether Chatmanager should remember if you had chat logging enabled (via /chatlog) last time you logged out and automatically re-enable it when you log in again (not enabled by default).
  • Show or hide the Chatmanager button (that is used to show or hide the Chatmanager window itself).
  • Enabling chat window mousewheel scrolling allows you to scroll a chat window by moving the mouse cursor over it and using the mousewheel to scroll up and down. Scrolling with the Control key held down is faster than normal, and you can also use the Shift key to quickly scroll to the top or bottom of the window. You can also elect to hide the chat window scroll and menu buttons when the mousewheel scrolling feature is enabled, where the button that takes you back to the bottom of the chat window will appear inside the chat window whenever you scroll up.
  • Select whether to use your guild's public note as the default player note for members of your guild.
  • Select whether the chat entry box should show at the bottom of the main chat window (default) or at the top.
  • Select whether you need to press the ALT key to use the cursor keys in the chat entry box when you have that open (default is that you do need to use the ALT key).
  • Control whether Say, Party, Raid, Battleground, Guild, Officer, and Whispers are sticky (remain the default chat type once used) or not.

Chatmanager slash commands
Chatmanager supports the following slash commands:
/chatmanager help shows these options.
/chatmanager show displays the main Chatmanager window.
/chatmanager hide hides the main Chatmanager window (and the Chatmanager options window if it is shown).
/chatmanager toggles the display of the main Chatmanager window.
/chatmanager options shows the Chatmanager options window.
/chatmanager reset order resets the channel list ordering to that of the client.
/chatmanager reset window resets the Chatmanager window positions.
/chatmanager reset color resets the color of all the chat channels to their default.
/chatmanager reset all resets the channel list ordering, window positions, and chat colors.
/chatmanager note <player> [note] allows you to edit the note for a player.
/chatmanager list lists all known player notes for this server to your chat window.
You can also use /chatman instead of /chatmanager.

A huge thanks to Kortanis for maintaining Chatmanager and some of my other addons while I've been away from the game. Kort, you rock, thanks man!
Also, a big thanks to Yrys for continually working on ChatLink to keep it up to date.

-- Cirk of Doomhammer

  • Fixed a bug that was causing an error when turning on class name colors in chat
  • Changed version to 3.2.1.
  • Fixed up reference to GetQuestDifficultyColor API (thanks EVMaker).
  • Removed message sent to chat frame that Chatmanager is loaded (since its now visible in interface addons).
  • Changed version to 3.2.0.
  • Added support for controlling stickiness of Battleground chat
  • Added a key-binding for Battleground chat.
  • Added an entry for Blizzard's interface options screen that shows a list of the slash commands, and improved slightly the look of the help text.
  • Changed version to 3.1.1
  • Fix for handling password protected channels on login (due to client 3.1 changes)
  • Fixes and improvements to handling CHANNEL_ROSTER_UPDATE events, and for not issuing channel list requests on server channels unless specifically requested by the user.
  • Add a small text "..." in the player list screen if Chatmanager knows there are players in a channel, but is still waiting on data from Blizzard before it can display anything.
  • Fixed up handling the currently selected channel between Chatmanager and the default UI's chat tab.
  • Removed the checks for SetFormattedText (not been needed for a while now)
  • Changed version string to 3.1.0.
  • Fix issue that arises when logging in on a newly created character or after reinstalling WoW due to client messages arriving in unexpected order.
  • Changed version string to v3.0.2.
  • Fixed a bug where the buttons showing the player names in the player list for a channel were staying too wide when the scrollbar was shown, which stopped the scrollbar from being usable directly by the mouse (although using the scrollwheel on your mouse still worked, if you had one).
  • Changed version string to v3.0.1.
  • Changed version string to v3.0.0.
  • Tweaks for showing players in heavily populated channels (e.g., trade)
  • Fix for not automatically using the default chat tab on joining a new channel
  • Make sure channel numbers show up correctly in the default Blizz UI bits
  • Various changes for version 3.0 compatibility
  • Added initial zhTW (chinese traditional) localization, translation by Mioka (Cherie) - thanks Cherie!
  • Some tweaks to the XML layout to better accommodate different fonts.
  • Improved hooks into Blizzard's channel window and added events to allow Chatmanager to respond to and display voice related information.
  • Changed presentation code to use icons for rank rather than text characters (where available) and for voice status
  • Moved all chatmanager options (with the exception of sticky settings) to a global level - they now apply to all characters on all servers
  • Added use of SecureActionButton to once-again allow targetting of players by name from the player list shown for a channel.
  • Added voice related commands to the drop down menus (per-channel and per-player)
  • No longer show commands in the per-player drop down menu that the user can't perform
  • Removed the Moderate button and associated code
  • Miscellaneous other code cleanups and rearranging (all functions contained in the Chatmanager global now).
  • Modifications to allow Chatmanager to work with the new WoW 2.2 client interfaces.
  • Additional hooks to allow for re-ordering the channels in the new Channels List tab of the social window into Chatmanager order, and with the correct channel number.
  • Added an option to use a guild member's public note as the text to associate with a player's name when no other note has been set.
  • Added including a player's note next to their name in the drop-down menu that shows when you right-click on a player's name in the chat window.
  • Added automatic setting of the default chat type to GUILD if you are in a guild and have GUILD chat as sticky when you login to the game.
  • Removed the on/off state sensitive tooltips from each of the option buttons - was more confusing than not.
  • Removed the old "special channel" handling code that used to identify CTRA and other special chat channels (since these are no longer used).
  • Some general code reorganization and cleanup (particularly to move all of Chatmanager's globals into their own table).
  • Added an option to place the chat entry box (edit box) at the top of the main chat frame, rather than at the bottom.
  • Added an option to no longer need the ALT key to be pressed to use the arrow-keys to move around inside entered text in the chat entry edit box.
  • Modified Chatmanager's hooks into the default client's APIs to allow it to function correctly with the WoW 2.0 client.
  • Added right-clicking on the Chatmanager menu button to bring up the chat menu if you have the default chat menu and scroll buttons hidden.
  • Left-clicking on a player to target them is currently disabled, but may be added back in a later version.
  • Added support for linking enchants in private channels.
  • Fixed up item linking support for ChatLink to match Yry's changes for the WoW 2.0 client. (You will need to be using the latest version of ChatLink for this).
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Re: Re: Re: 1.11 version

WOOT a 1.11 version!
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Re: Re: 1.11 version

Originally posted by Nightmaiden
I haven't seen Cirk on lately. I don't know his alts' names, but I have him on my friends list so I can bug him about it ingame. :-)

There is a critical bug with this addon in 1.11 which prevents me from being able to use it at all (causes all sorts of error under easily-reproducible conditions).
Certainly would be nice to see this addon get an update. I keep running out of channels because I simply find Blizzard's way to handle them far too bulky and never can keep them straight.
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Re: 1.11 version

Originally posted by Snarfle
Is there a new version coming out for 1.11. I noticed an error when booting the game today. I'll try and get the text if needed.
I haven't seen Cirk on lately. I don't know his alts' names, but I have him on my friends list so I can bug him about it ingame. :-)

There is a critical bug with this addon in 1.11 which prevents me from being able to use it at all (causes all sorts of error under easily-reproducible conditions).
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1.11 version

Is there a new version coming out for 1.11. I noticed an error when booting the game today. I'll try and get the text if needed.
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Thank you for this! really useful when setting up a channel for a raid when you need the raid channel for other mods!
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Discussion thread

If you have feedback, bugs, questions, etc., on Chatmanager, please head on over to this thread.

-- Cirk
Cirk's Addons
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