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Cirk's Blessings  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.2.1
by: Cirk [More]

Blessings is now compatible with the WoW 2.1 client, and should have all its previous features, except it will not work at all while you are in combat. You also cannot target players by clicking on their name in the player list.

One of the important tasks for a Paladin in a group or raid is keeping all our short-duration blessings refreshed on everyone, while matching the right blessing for each player. And all this while trying to actually kill things, keep the bad guys off the squishy types, cleanse, heal, and generally try to have fun! Blessings is an Addon that helps you easily manage your blessing assignments for each player or class, and simplifies casting your blessings once you have them all set up.

Note that Blessings only works for Paladins, and won't even appear if you aren't playing a Paladin (so it is safe to have loaded all the time if you play other classes, although it is recommended to enable it in your addons list only for your paladin).

Blessings doesn't do all the work for you - you still need to remember when to re-bless everyone (although Blessings can give you reminders), and you will still need to hit the Blessing key (or button) once for each blessing you need to cast - but it does take the drudgery out of remembering what to cast on whom, and finding and selecting the correct spell and target!

Some of the features of Blessings are:

  • Easy to use interface for control of all behaviour, with key-binding support as well (no need to memorize slash commands or write macros, although that is supported too).
  • Places a button on your mini-map for quick access to the Blessings interface (optional).
  • Allows assignment of blessings on both a per-class and per-player basis (including no blessing at all if you want), and also allows you to setup a "master" blessing that can be used to easily override all the default class selectons when you need to.
  • Easily change your filters to select only certain groups (in a raid) or certain classes to bless, and selectively include other players from the groups or classes you aren't otherwise blessing.
  • Supports blessing of pets if the pet's owner is on the blessings list (using either Warrior class blessings or Warlock class blessings, depending on the pet type).
  • Allows you to set whether you are first or last in the blessings order, or even whether you are included at all!
  • Allows you to decide whether you want to cast on players that are PvP flagged if you are not flagged already.
  • Remembers your settings between uses, and will even remember your current per-player settings if you are disconnected while in a party or a raid.
  • Automatically uses greater blessing spells instead of single target blessings, depending on your option settings, reagents, number of players, and when the greater blessing was last cast.
  • Keeps track of which player's Blessings has cast on and when, so that it can check and skip over players that already have a blessing that still has enough time on it that it doesn't need to be recast yet. (Useful for blessing players who joined the raid late, or were out of range when you refreshed everyone else's blessing).
  • Allows you to show the list of players sorted by group, by class, or by blessing, where Blessings will also cast the blessings in the sorted order you have selected.
  • Can be used solo, in a group, or in a raid, all with equal facility.
  • Supports english, french, and german language clients.
  • Provides optional reminders messages and sound effects when blessings are about to expire, as well as showing the remaining time in the tooltip for the Blessings icon.
Blessings isn't always able to be very smart about knowing whether someone can be cast on or not, so if they aren't in range or are out of line-of-sight, Blessings may sometimes still try and cast on them. Blessings will retry failed blessings only after it has tried everyone else at least once, but after three attempts it will give up on them (for the current sequence).

The Blessings mini-map button
Blessings by default places a button on the mini-map, with which you can cast your blessings (left-click) or can use to show or hide the Blessings window (right-click). You can change the position of this button, and even whether it is shown or not, via the Blessings options interface.

You can also set a hot-key to open the main Blessings window via the Key Bindings selection of the main game menu.

The tooltip for the Blessings mini-map button will also show how long remains before any of your Blessings start expiring to give you a quick convenient reference.

The main Blessings window
Players in your group or raid (but never you yourself) are shown in the target list on the right side of the Blessings interface. If your raid has more than 11 people in it (that is you plus 10 others) you will see a scroll bar appear next to the list of players, and you will be able to scroll through the player list either using your mouse-wheel (that normally zooms you in and out) in that window, or with the scroll bar itself. If you aren't in a party or a raid, the targets list box will be empty.

The Cast button in the bottom left can be used to cast your blessings, but binding a key is recommended for ease of use! Just look for Blessings in the Key Bindings selection of the main game menu.

The Reset button next to it can be used to tell Blessings to start over in the blessings sequence, and to forget what it knows about how much time is remaining on everyones blessings - very useful for when you want to be able to refresh everyone's blessings (or greater blessings) just before your raid or party attempts a boss, or after a wipe!

The buttons next to each of the classes show the blessing for that class that will be applied for each player in the target list automatically, unless you override it for a specific player. Changing the default blessing for a class is easy (just click on the button) and it will automatically change for all players of that class in the list using the default.

Your own blessing is kept separately, and shown at the bottom below those of all the classes. This allows you to set a different blessing for yourself as to what you use for the other Paladins in your party or raid. Of course you can also leave your own blessing set to the default for paladins too if you want.

Changing the blessing assigned to a specific player is also easy, and acts to override any subsequent class default (or master blessing) changes that you might make (so that once you've set a special blessing for one hunter say, you can change the class default for all the other hunters without affecting that one). To make it easy to see when you've done that, these overrides are indicated in the targets list with a different color, and you can simply change it back anytime by selecting the default entry in the drop down list.

Note that Blessings won't remember the settings for a player once they leave your party or raid, although it will if they (or even you) were disconnected without actually leaving.

The master blessing selection is at the bottom right of the target list window, and provides the usual blessing selection button, and a check-box for when you want to enable or disable the use of the master blessing. When enabled, the master blessing is used for all players who are using their class default (including you yourself). You can stop certain classes or groups from being given the master blessing by disabling the group or class filters (particularly important if you are casting Salvation, since you will want to not cast this on Warriors for example).

The Blessings options window
The Options button is at the bottom right of the main Blessings interface window, and brings up the options window (which you can also get to via the /bless options slash command). Blessings supports the following options:
  • Bless player first selects whether you yourself get blessed first (the default) or last of all the players in your group or raid (pets are always done after players).
  • Show all players in target list selects whether all players are shown in the target list even if they aren't being blessed (the default) or only those players you are blessing.
  • Enable expiration warning selects whether Blessings should display a warning message on the UI when blessings are about to expire. You can change how much ahead of time Blessings will start warning you through the /bless warning slash command. When enabled, you also have access to the sub-option:
    • Enable warning sounds selects whether Blessings should generate a sound effect on each warning (i.e., at each of the 30 and 10 second interval reminders, and when Blessings actually start to expire).
    • Enable when solo allows you to have the same warning messages (and sounds) even when you are solo.
  • Use greater blessings selects whether Blessings should attempt to use greater blessing spells or not, with the additional sub-options:
    • Allow automatic recast selects whether greater blessings should be used anytime there are 2 or more players of a specific class that need the blessing (such as after a fight, when a few players might have lost their blessings due to death or dispelling), or whether you want to have greater blessings used only once every 15 minutes or so, which will require you to manually reset the blessings if you want to recast greater blessings earlier than that.
    • Only in raids selects whether greater blessings should only be cast when you are in a raid, or whether you would like them to also be used in parties. If you want to take advantage of the 15 minute duration even in parties and don't mind the cost of the reagents, then clear this option.
    • Only if 2 or more targets selects whether greater blessings should only be cast when there are at least two players of the target class who should be blessed, or whether even a single player of the target class qualifies for a greater blessing.
  • Remember filter settings selects whether Blessings should keep your filter settings (groups, pets, pvp, classes) as you last set them, or should reset them when you leave your party or raid to their defaults.
  • Enable verbose feedback selects whether Blessings will provide feedback on who it is casting on, where it is up to in the targets list, and any failure reasons, where:
    • Show feedback in combat tab selects whether the verbose feedback will be shown in the combat tab, or in your default chat tab.
  • Show blessings icon selects whether the Blessings icon is show on the mini-map or not, and if shown, where it is positioned (in degrees).

Blessings slash commands
Blessings supports the following slash commands (also available as /blessing):
/bless help shows this help.
/bless show brings up the Blessings window.
/bless options brings up the Blessings options window.
/bless on re-enables Blessings if you turned it off.
/bless off disables Blessings if you don't want it on (although you shouldn't need to do that).
/bless minimum sets the minimum time remaining (in seconds) when checking for existing blessings.
/bless warning sets the warning time (in seconds) for fading blessings.
/bless reset resets the cast sequence (and time remaining on blessings), same as pressing the Reset button.
/bless status shows the status of Blessings.
Note that you can reposition the Blessings interface and options windows wherever you want on the screen by left-clicking and dragging inside the box containing their titles.

-- Cirk of Doomhammer

Change history
  • Bug fix for some improperly referenced pet handling code (reported by Oxides).
  • Cleaned up the casting error handling code to properly recognize specific events, including dealing with phase shifted imps (outstanding bug reported by Therigwin).
  • Failure reasons now reported in red text in the verbose frame (default chat or combat).
  • Changed default and maximum warning and expiration times
  • Changed duration of normal blessings to 10 minutes, and greater blessings to 30 minutes (WoW 2.2 change)
  • Changed secure button logic to allow Blessings window to be shown or hidden while in combat
  • Make sure there are no expiration warnings while in the middle of a blessing sequence
  • Set minimum number of players for greater blessings recast to 1 (automatically uses 2 if so selected in options)
  • If in combat, don't show blessing sequence start or finished messages
  • Added recognition of Warlock Felguard pets, and modified pets to use either the warrior (or might) or warlock (or wisdom) class blessing (correspond to WoW 2.2 change)
  • Recognize when pets have been blessed by a corresponding greater blessing cast on a player (WoW 2.2 change)
  • Fix problem with spellcast sent messages for battlegrounds (thanks e4e)
  • Added "Felguard" pet name to localization list
  • Fixed a bug where failed casts weren't properly setting up the next cast, resulting in you being "stuck" attempting to cast on the same player target forever, or until you succeeded.
  • Fixed several small bugs relating to the greater-blessing decision logic, and with correctly setting up the next blessing when leaving combat.
  • Extensive changes to get Blessings to work with the WoW 2.0 client. The primary effect of these changes is that if you are in combat, Blessings will not cast any blessings at all (via the hot-key, cast button, or mini-map button).
  • Added the Shaman class, and colorized the class and player names based on their class colors to make it easier to read the player list.
  • Removed the macro-callable functions, since this logic is now tied up in other components of Blessings, and won't function necessarily as expected.
  • Added a new option (enabled by default) to allow Blessings to automatically determine when to recast greater blessings whenever there are more than 2 players needing the blessing.
  • Left-clicking on the minimap icon now casts your blessings, while right-clicking brings up the Blessings window.
  • Extended the flashing minimap icon time from 5 minutes after Blessings expire to 15 minutes.
  • Blessings will now work even if you have Blizzard's new auto-self-cast feature enabled.
  • Adjusted level minimum of Blessing of Kings to level 10.
  • Removed the old option to allow greater blessings to be selected based on class or based on number of players needing it, and made it fixed based on class.
  • The blessings warnings will now show up every 10 seconds for any time under 1 minute, and every 30 seconds for times over 1 minute (instead of times over 30 seconds).
  • Blessings expiration warnings can now be enabled when you are solo.
  • Improved code for checking who needs greater blessings.
  • Disabled pets by default when joining a new party or raid (unless you have the Remember filter settings option enabled).
  • Added french and german translations of the new text strings, although they will probably be very wrong).
  • Minor code tweaks in preparation for next version of Lua.
1.11.0 (some of these originally provided in 1.9.3beta)
  • Added localization support for french and german clients. French translation provided courtesy of Katana (aka Calthas on Sargeras) and German translation courtesy of Farook. Many many thanks to both of you for your help with these!
  • The mini-map button will now flash when blessings are about to expire in a party or raid, and will continue to flash for 5 minutes after blessings have expired. Mousing over the mini-map button will also show how long before blessings start to expire when in a party or raid.
  • Added a new option for Blessings to make a sound effect when showing the blessing expiration reminder messages - useful if you tend to miss Blessing's reminders in the heat of battle. By default this will be off, but you can change it in the Blessings options (via the Options button in the main window, or use /bless options).
  • Compacted the main Blessings window a little bit, and added dark backgrounds to each of the three sub-windows.
  • Moved the status and reminder messsages that Blessings shows in the center of the screen from the UIErrorsFrame to their own frame just below that. This is so that they won't be scrolled off by other error messages (such as "Not enough mana", "Out of range", etc.).
  • Changed version and interface strings to match client patch 1.11.
  • Fixed up button usage to match the client patch 1.11 implementation.
  • Cosmetic code cleanups (login/logout and event handling code).
  • Bug fixes to cover conditions where the class and other information relating to players was not being recorded properly due to the player not having fully loaded for paladin's client when they joined the raid.
  • Bug fix for when the paladin levels up, trains, or otherwise changes the contents of their spellbook.
  • Updated interface number to correctly match patch 1.9.
  • First release on Wowinterface.com

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Unread 12-22-06, 12:46 PM  
Jaim Sandar
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Forum posts: 13
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PLEASE update! PallyPower only does greater blessings so I can't use it.
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Unread 12-22-06, 01:44 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
FReye's Avatar

Forum posts: 0
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Yes this is a great UI and feel a bit lost without it. Please update. Thank You
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Unread 12-25-06, 07:21 AM  
A Murloc Raider

Forum posts: 5
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Yeah an update would be great !
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Unread 12-28-06, 01:29 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 0
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Please update

Please, please, PLEASE can you update this mod? I've tried just about every other mod I can find and none of them work as good. So lost without this mod and now I'm begging!
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Unread 12-31-06, 04:42 AM  
A Murloc Raider

Forum posts: 5
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there is no other pala raid blessing addon that is that good.
Need an update plzzzzzz
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Unread 01-05-07, 12:53 PM  
A Murloc Raider

Forum posts: 4
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According to this cirk is no longer working on addons, which is a great shame. Some of his other mods seemed to have been picked up by cirk devotees, let's hope that Blessings is too...

As of October 24, 2006 Cirk of Doomhammer has decided to leave WoW for more pressing real life commitments. The BFE raid team on Doomhammer was sad to see him go but wish him luck in all his endeavors.
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Unread 01-06-07, 09:02 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
Bacardii's Avatar

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Originally posted by fluxism
According to this cirk is no longer working on addons, which is a great shame. Some of his other mods seemed to have been picked up by cirk devotees, let's hope that Blessings is too...
I had spoken with the guy that picked them up, Kortanis, and he had said
I intend to look at all of Cirk's addons eventually.
I know that with the 2.0 changes Blizzard did, things that worked around the mini-map are heavily broke. I dont know if they is something they can repair to a point where its usable again.

Maybe with TBC coming out in a week, and the other half of the player populatioin getting Pallys now, there might be some more developers working on this, or something simular.

Honestly, all I really know, is that this add-on totally spoiled me. I enjoyed using it. It allowed me to always be sure my party was buffed with the proper blessing, they hardly ever went unbuffed after it faded, and I didn't say 'OH SKDJFLKSDFKU, wrong buff/wrong player' and have to try to fix it while sitll ensuring that the mobs got damaged/sealed properly.

<raises her milk glass> Here's to hoping.
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Unread 03-27-07, 09:09 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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update this add on so we can use it in tbh, really need a good buffin helping add on :S
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Unread 03-27-07, 04:48 PM  
A Cobalt Mageweaver
Cirk's Avatar
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Just to let you know that I haven't forgotten about Blessings (my guildies wouldn't let me anyway ). However the extent of the changes in the WoW 2.0 client means that it will likely be a very different beast to use, and it will take a lot of coding changes to make it work at all, so it may take a while.

-- Cirk
Cirk's Addons
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Unread 04-09-07, 05:50 PM  
A Cyclonian
katana's Avatar

Forum posts: 47
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Glad to know you've updated your wonderful Blessings addon. Been of great use to me for a long time. In the meanwhile, I have switched to PallyPower, which besides a not-so-cool name came in handy. I especially like 2 parts of it:
- being able to assign blessings to your raid members, and being able to see what improved talents they have, how many symbols left...
- the buttons to bless each class, which clearly show the remaining time since your last cast (basic but works) and highlights a class when a member is missing a buff. This one is really useful.

Casting in combat is possible, but then the buff buttons show every member separately, and lets you cast on a single member, which is the same since it's using a greater blessing. This behaviour mixed with your greater/standard blessings detection would be great.

I hope you can integrate some ideas from PallyPower one day, because I really like your addon ! Keep up the great work please
Calthas, member of Omega on Sargeras.
Holy Devoted Paladin.
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Unread 04-10-07, 06:47 AM  
A Defias Bandit
Carighan's Avatar
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Forum posts: 2
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Thaaaaaank you! <3 PallyPower, but this one easily beats it, couldn't wait to get it back
--(The Death of Rats, Terry Pratchett, Soul Music)
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Unread 04-10-07, 11:30 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

Forum posts: 19
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Thanks a lot !
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Unread 05-09-07, 05:27 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
Narakoo's Avatar

Forum posts: 0
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I seem to be having an issue with Blessings (although I love the mod). When in a 5 man group and the option is set to use Greater Blessings it will cast the Greater Blessings fine but after a while (normally half way through an instance) it will try to cast the 5 minute blessing instead. The only way I have found to fix this is hit the Reset button and then cast again.
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Unread 05-13-07, 05:55 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 1
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I also have the same problem casting greater blessings when solo: I have enabled "Use greater blessings" and disabled "Allow Automatic recast", "Only in raids" and "Only if 2 or more targets".

Yet when I hit the "cast" button, I only get the hobo 5 minute buff on myself when solo.

IMHO it would be great to explicitly add the greater blessings to the list of potential blessings given to each class that way I could have some classes with 15m buffs and some with 5m buffs and get around this problem whereby I can't cast greater buffs on myself.

(I've also had problems in a party in the past whereby Blessings would cast 15m buffs then stop doing this and cast 5m buffs)

Great mod, and great to see you back again!


2007-05-28 Sadly I've moved on to PallyPower. PP is great in raids and once you are > 60. Otherwise stick with Blessings - really hope the greater blessings casting can be fixed, this was a really good mod.
Last edited by arcadin : 05-27-07 at 09:52 PM.
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Unread 05-20-07, 07:12 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
ExoriaX's Avatar

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I really like this addon.

I want a resurrection message, it's when u start resurrect dead body message can be send in any channels like Say, Party, Raid. I also recommend to make message changeable. So that way people can see who resurrects who.

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