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Updated: 03-27-10 02:48 PM
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FuBar 3.6.5.
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Updated:03-27-10 02:48 PM

FuBar - Top ScoreFu  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v1.0.7
by: phyber [More]

Keeps track of your top hits, heals, criticals, etc.

German translation: Chinkuwaila
French translation: Lantares
Chinese translation: mcc

TO INSTALL: Put the FuBar_TopScoreFu folder into
\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\


  1. Keeps track of damage and heals.
  2. Keeps track of criticals.
  3. Can distinguish between PvP and PvE.
  4. Shift-clicking can put information in the chat box, to send to others.
  5. Can stop tracking of heals.

If you find _any_ bugs, feel free to submit them at

If you want to request any features, feel free to submit your ideas at

SVN: http://svn.wowace.com/root/trunk/FuBar_TopScoreFu

Many fixes, check the changelogs on wowace.com for a full list.

2009-04-16: v1.0.3
TOC bump for 3.1

2008-11-05: v1.0.2
Upgrade to LibSink-2.0

18/11/2008: v.1.0.1
Updated TOC for 3.0.2
Fixed for 3.0 combatlog changes. Thanks Arrowmaster.

07/05/2008: r72055
Updated for 2.4 combat log changes.
Added many mobs/bosses to the Vulnerable list. Additionally, the vulnerable mobs lists now use the NPCIDs instead of the mobs localised name.
Display '?' instead of '-1' in the top scores list when viewing top scores on mobs where the level was not available.
Maintain a cache of the players currently available spells, this should result in a speed increase when checking if a player really did cast a certain spell (previously the whole spellbook was checked each time).
Added znCN translation. Various updates to other translations.
FuBar is no longer a dependency.

Updated TOC to 20300.
Should now track Druids Pounce and Mangle properly.
Should now track Paladins Seal of Vengeance/Vengeance properly.
Should now be able to display floating text through any popular floating combat text type addons.
Added various mobs to the vulnerabilities lists.
Various translation updates.
Various other small fixes.

Can now track the Warlock "Hellfire Effect".
Removed an unnecessary Deformat-2.0 reference.
Updated TOC for WoW 2.1.

Can now click specific top scores to paste to chat.
Spanish translation by shiftos added.
Notification support for MSBT.
Now uses Parser-3.0 for parsing combat logs.
New option to ignore vulnerable mobs.

Updated to work with 2.0.
Added Chinese translation (thanks mcc).

Upgraded to AceLocale-2.2, Babble-Class-2.2 and Babble-Spell-2.2.
Fixed colouring of highest normal hit.

Fixed a small bug related to PvP and some left over Ace1 code.
Removed silly extra version number (the .2). Not sure what I was thinking.
Fixed version number, previous should have been 2.0.1 not 2.1.
Really fixed IsOnlyPvP() error when pasting scores into chat.

Fixed a small bug with pasting the scores into the chat.

Upgraded to FuBar2.
Updated TOC to 11200.

changed splash width from 512 to GetScreenWidth()
updated for BabbleLib-1.2
fixed .toc
changed good slashes (/) to evil slashes (\) in the .toc

added purging of data.
Now can handle resists.

now works for Paladin Judgements

updated for procedural tooltips.

updated TOC and README.txt

added deDE translation (thanks to Chinkuwaila)

Updated for 1.1

now LoadOnDemand

no longer records if player is charmed.

added per-spell filtering.
Added heal-only filtering.

Updated for 1.0
Fixed typo that made /tsfu not work.
Optimized for Compost.
Changed FuBarTooltip to self.tooltip
Updated for BabbleLib
Fixed BossPanelUtils typo.

Changed name to Top ScoreFu
Fix releaseDate typo
Can now support trivial (gray) units with an option.
Fixed the code to insert text into the edit box
Shift-clicking now can insert info into the chat edit box.
Fixed bpCompatible typo
Checks if a unit is trivial (gray) better.
Fixed ordering of splash.

Fixed ordering of chat catches for better localization support.

Updated TOC to 11000.
Now can reset your scores.
Now can change the position of the splash (only available through command line).
changed "party1pet" to "partypet1", etc.

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Unread 04-05-06, 08:40 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Getting an error with the BossPanel version, not sure if you had it fixed or not for the FuBar version:

Interface/Addons/Ace/AceChatCmd.lua:242: attempt to concatenate field 'option' (a nil value)
I understand it is an error with Ace (I'm using Ace v1.3), but could you have used an older chat cmd that would cause the error? I'm looking into it now, but wanted to give some feedback.
Kayde of Alleria
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Unread 03-30-06, 04:41 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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Record damage on all mobs -BWl vulnerable

To make Topscore record damage on all mobs no matter it's level (except those 3 in BWL that have vulnerabilities to special types of spells) replace this in BossPanel_TopScore.lua

if level + 4 < UnitLevel("player") then
with this:
if (UnitName("target") == "Chromaggus") then 
if (UnitName("target") == "Death Talon Overseer") then 
if (UnitName("target") == "Death Talon Wyrmguard") then 

Certainly not the most elegant way, but it does the job
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Unread 03-29-06, 05:23 PM  
A Defias Bandit
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 2
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Any hints on how to filter out these 3 mobs(vulnerability.. super high damage)?

"Death Talon Overseer"
"Death Talon Wyrmguard"
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Unread 03-29-06, 04:52 PM  
A Defias Bandit
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 2
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Uploads: 1
Only counts damage to mobs up to 4 levels under you

For 0.9.4 and older(atleats).
I found out that this only count mobs that are up to 4 levels under you. If you have level 60, then level 48 mobs are green too.

I you want this addon to count all mobs then remove these lines from BossPanel_TopScore.lua:

if level + 4 < UnitLevel("player") then

I think this should be an option within Topscore... on/off(maybe levels too?)
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Unread 03-29-06, 06:20 AM  
A Murloc Raider
K.Rool's Avatar

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Does this display a nice big line on the screen when you break your records, too?
Master of unnecessary knowledge...
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Unread 03-28-06, 07:56 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 0
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works 100% perfectly. Great Job.
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Unread 03-27-06, 03:06 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hi !

Seems to be a great replacement of CritLine, but at the moment it doesn't work with a french client.
Last edited by Celeri : 03-27-06 at 04:27 PM.
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Unread 03-27-06, 03:30 AM  
Premium Member
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I have not looked into it because I'm at work right now but I fixed nurfed_combatlog for use with german client some time ago.

The trick is that the german format strings contains numbers for switching the parameters.. so e.g. it had to look for %$1s instead just %s

I used something like string.gsub(globalString, "%%[1234567890$]+s", "(.+)");

I'll have a look when I'm at home since that addon sounds interesting for sure
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Unread 03-27-06, 03:16 AM  
A Defias Bandit
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 2
File comments: 33
Uploads: 1

Wonderful with this addon. Then I can get rid off Critline =)
I have two small(?) requests for this addon:
Option Filter out special mobs like TitanCritline (continued) has:
"Don't count damage on special mobs"
"In some high end instances are special mobs that are very vulnarable against special magical attacks, if you activate this option they are not counted in CritLine."

Those mobs are:

TITAN_CRITLINE_MOBFILTER_02 = "Death Talon Overseer";
TITAN_CRITLINE_MOBFILTER_03 = "Death Talon Wyrmguard";

Second request:
Option to manually filter out certain types of damage (bomb (Baron Geddon) and burning adrenalin(Vael)).
Would be best if you can manually select which types you want to filter out.

The "Don't count damage on special mobs" is most important in my oppinion. Hope you can find the time to do this =)
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Unread 03-27-06, 12:03 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Forum posts: 32
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Very nice, I can't wait to install this. You have used your deformat Util to catch the events, right? I'm curious if it's working on a german client. Well, at least I hope
~ N: "All Semicolons must die!" ~R: "Yay!"
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