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Updated: 11-15-07 01:00 AM
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Updated:11-15-07 01:00 AM

PartyTarget  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.0.4 (20300)
by: Valconeye [More]

This adds partytarget information when one of your party members has a target in blizzards style of unitbars. It monitors buffs/debuffs, hp/mana(rage/energy), pvp status(flagged or not), party leader status, etc.. Basically the same thing normal party unitframes do (but its their target). It also tracks your targets target with trackig the same things.

To open the GUI config screen type /pt

Slash Commands
/pt partytargets (toggles party targets on/off)
/pt targettarget (toggles target target on/off)
/pt targeticon (toggles class icons if Excavator is installed)
/pt partyicons (toggles party icons if Excavator is intsalled)

Excavator Slash Commands
/excavator enable (turns on/off)
/excavator player (toggles icon for player)
/excavator party (toggles icon for party)
/excavator target (toggles icon for target)

Version 2.0.4
-Fixed partytarget frames with taint

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I love the addon and have been using it for months but can we get a changelog or something like one please.
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