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OmniCC  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 6.2.3
by: jaliborc, Tuller

Need help? Check the Guide!

OmniCC is an addon that adds text to items, spell and abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they will be ready to use. In other words: it turns all the standard analogue cooldowns into digital ones.

Anything should work with OmniCC, from the action bars to the inventory, from the standard interface to your favorite add-on.

Bugs & Requests
Please submit bugs and feature requests at GitHub. You may post comments as well, but you will get our attention much faster there.

====== 6.2.3
* Fixed issue with the new "ChargeTimer" overlays (so much for implementing timers in C++, Blizzard)

====== 6.2.2
* Day/Hour/Minute text format is now using Blizzard's localization format.
* Workaround double countdown issue.

====== 6.2.1
* Workaround blizzard issue with GetTime.

===== 6.2
* Updated for Fury of Hellfire

===== 6.1.0
* Updated for patch 6.1

====== 6.0.10
* Fixed issue with Bartender4 (and possibly other mods) in spiral opacity.

====== 6.0.9
* Slashcommand working again.

====== 6.0.8
* Critical hotfix. Settings had to be reset. My fault.

====== 6.0.7
* Added new default group *Ignore*
** This group disable cooldown text on the player frame totem icons and the loss of control frame.
** It also serves to illustrate how to use the grouping features.
* Rules tab:
** Now properly loads when opened for the first time.
** Slight redesign.
* Now is able to properly detect the name of some cooldowns that have not been properly identified by developers (ex: loss of control), which was preventing them from being grouped.

====== 6.0.6
* Config option is no longer displayed multiple times in the configuration panel.
* Hopefully fixed flickering issue that could happen in weird situations with WeakAuras.
* Default actions option is now forced to be disabled.

====== 6.0.5
* Config option now loads properly on first try.

====== 6.0.4
* Now you can configure the text style of timers while CC-ed separately.
* Spiral opacity now works with addons like Bartender and Dominos.
* Changed how default settings are loaded.
* Bugixes of group configuration.

====== 6.0.3
* Fixed issue with restoring charges.

====== 6.0.2
* Fixed taint issue.

====== 6.0.1
* Fixed minor issue causing spiral opacity setting not to work.

====== 6.0.0
* Updated for The Iron Tide.

====== 5.4.3
* Fixed issue causing all clients to show option menus in italian. /facepalm

====== 5.4.2
* Now available in italian and spanish: OmniCC now supports every client language!

====== 5.4.1
* Now prevents bugs caused due to incorrect usage of the API by some addons (eg: PlateBuffs)
* Fixed issue preventing configuration sliders from behaving properly (ex: font outline)
* Fixed issue preventing configuration sliders from being shown immediately.

====== 5.4.0
* Updated for Siege of Ogrimmar.

====== 5.3.2 (beta)
* Now displays timers for abilities with charges.
* Fixed issue with Ion.

====== 5.3.1
* Fixed bug preventing slash commands from working properly.

====== 5.3.0
* Updated for patch Escalation.

====== 5.2.3
* Fixed "Activate" effect incompatibility with some addons.

====== 5.2.2
* Fixed bug affecting new users on first login.

====== 5.2.1
* Fixed bug causing settings to reset at login.
* New option: spiral opacity! Now, instead of only being able to toggle them on/off, you can set how transparent they should look. Setting to 0% will hide them.

===== 5.2.0
* Updated for patch 5.2: The Thunder King

====== 5.1.3
* Fixed issue causing problems to users coming from extremely outdated versions (pankake and before).

====== 5.1.2
* Fixed issue causing the script engine to not be loaded properly.

====== 5.1.1
* Fixed bug causing french to be the default language.

===== 5.1.0
* Updated for patch 5.1: Landfall.

====== 5.0.9 (beta)
* OmniCC is now fully localized in french! (by Noaah)

====== 5.0.8 (beta)
* Fixed bug preventing the "None" effect from working properly.
* Fixed several issues in the rules panel.

====== 5.0.7 (beta)
* Fixed bug preventing OmniCC from working with addons that do not support spell charges (ex: Ion).

====== 5.0.6 (beta)
* Fixed bug preventing OmniCC from working with addons such as Bartender.
* Fixed settings migration issue.

====== 5.0.5 (beta)
* Optimized the most important bottleneck in OmniCC, for better performance in intense battles.
** Hopefully, this will prevent most of the "script ran for too long" issues.
* Rebuilt OmniCC from the ground-up, for easier bug-fixing and feature addition.

====== 5.0.4
* Added new Monocrome font outline option.
* Added new Flare finish effect (artwork by Renaitre).

====== 5.0.3b
* Wrong file upload.

====== 5.0.3
* Fixed charges bug, still happening in some non-standard action bar addons (ex: Bartender).

====== 5.0.2
* Fixed bug causing abilities with multiple charges to show cooldowns before all are spent.

====== 5.0.1
* Tagging as release.

====== 5.0.0 (beta)
* Updated and tested for Mists of Pandaria.

====== 4.3.2
* Almost finished portuguese translations
* Fixed a bug with the activate effect

====== 4.3.1
* Fixed a bug freezing the addon at extremely small durations

===== 4.3.0
* Updated for WoW 4.3
* Now follows the new Blizzard's *mandatory* cooldown model standard. Addons not yet supporting it may not be tracked by OmniCC properly.
* Dominos and Cornucopia are both confirmed to work with this new release.

====== 4.2.3
* Jaliborc: Reduced download size by about 70%
* Jaliborc: No more "Jaliborc:" tag from now on. If no tag is here, it means it was me.

====== 4.2.2
* Jaliborc: Introducing 2 new finish effects - "Activate" and "Alert"
* Jaliborc: Fixed a bug causing the new update engine button to allways be checked

====== 4.2.1
* Jaliborc: Added a button at the interface options for selecting the update engine
* Jaliborc: Several aestetical improvements to the options menu

===== 4.2.0
* Updated for 4.2
* Made pulse the default finish effect again, since its working without a flicker in the new patch.
* Adjusted update engine again to prevent some possible lag issues people were having.

====== 4.1.pancakes6:
* Altered settings to disable the finish effect by default. This is to workaround the flickering issue that people have been experiencing since the release of WoW 4.1

====== 4.1.pancakes5:
* Updated TOC for 4.1

====== 4.1.pancakes4:
* Updated localization and readme

====== 4.1.pancakes3:
* Fixed a typo that was causing a crash.

====== 4.1.pancakes2:
* Added new slash commands:
* /occ config - Shows the options menu
* /occ setengine <animation | classic> - Switches the timer update engine
* /occ engine - Displays the current timer update engine
* /occ version - Displays the current addon version

===== 4.1.pancakes:
* Extracted the timer scheduling code from the timer code.
* Created two scheduling engines for the timer: One based on the Animation system, and one based on the classic OnUpdate methods, with the animation system used by default. If you're experiencing crashes when using OmniCC, try switching to the OnUpdate engine.
* To switch to the OnUpdate engine, use
/run OmniCC:SetUpdateEngine('ScriptUpdater'); ReloadUI()
* To switch back to the Animation engine, use
/run OmniCC:SetUpdateEngine('AniUpdater'); ReloadUI()

====== 4.0.waffles12:
* More hopeful crash fixes

====== 4.0.waffles11:
* Tweaks to hopefully prevent FPS/crash issues

====== 4.0.waffles10:
* Updated localization

====== 4.0.waffles9:
* Adjusted text update algorithm to hopefully prevent hanging updates

====== 4.0.waffles8:
* Added text anchor offset scaling for buttons of different sizes

====== 4.0.waffles7:
* More attempts at fixing edge cases, like a pulse happening when a cooldown starts.

====== 4.0.waffles6:
* Theoretical edge case bugfixes

====== 4.0.waffles4:
* Updated localization

====== 4.0.waffles3:
* Added back missing code to handle cooldowns of a day or longer.

====== 4.0.waffles2:
* Added support for deathknight rune cooldowns. Apparently the start time of a cooldown may now happen in the future :P
* Fixed Custom text appearing in the finish effect dropdown

===== 4.0.waffles1:
* This is a major new BETA for OmniCC. Major new features added:
* Added the ability to define settings groups: so that things like your auras/etc can have their own look.
* Added options to adjust text anchoring.
* Switched to using the animation system for timers, resulting in a major reduction in overall CPU usage
* For more information, please take a look at the new wiki page: http://code.google.com/p/tullamods/wiki/OmniCC4

====== 3.0.4/3.1.4:
* Fixed 0:59 display issue (for reals)

====== 3.0.3/3.1.3:
* Fixed 0:59 display issue

====== 3.0.2/3.1.cata4
* Removed 90s display
* Fixed tooltip corruption (thanks cremor)
* Updated localization (thanks cremor)

====== 3.0.1/3.1.cata3
* Removed 0 seconds display
* Adjusted text scaling algorithm

====== 3.0.0/3.1.cata2
* First release of OmniCC 3.0

====== 3.0.cata1
* Updated toc for Cataclysm

====== 3.0.beta16
* Made font size independent of UI scale

====== 3.0.beta15
* More bugfixes
* Moved LibSharedMedia from the core addon to the config addon

====== 3.0.beta13
* Applied some performance tweaks to the text updating algorithm
* Applied some fixes to the text scaling algorithm
* Applied some fixes to text display

====== 3.0.beta12
* Hopeful FPS bugfix

====== 3.0.beta11
* Fixed a bug causing frames to repeatedly be created

====== 3.0.beta10
* Fixed an error causing the show cooldown models option to not work.

====== 3.0.beta9
* Merged some changes from tullCC: Text scaling should work properly again
* Split out the timer code from the config code

====== 3.0.beta8
* Fixed the invalid font issue

====== 3.0.beta7
* Updated localization
* Made a few tweaks to how frequent timers update

====== 3.0.beta6
* Reverted to using a single OnUpdate handler per cooldown text item. Turns out, it actually is faster with my old optimizations :P
* Added scale and opacity options for each duration
* Reimplemented the show cooldown models option
* Dropped the whitelist option. Added back support for the noCooldownCount flag.

====== 3.0.beta5
* Updated localization
* Added color options, tweaked the defaults
* Added settings to control tenths of seconds display, as well as MM:SS display
* Altered GetFormattedText to handle transition points a bit better

====== 3.0.beta4
* Updated localization
* Fixed a bug causing the pulse/shine not to display unless running with the min effect duration setting at 0 seconds.
* Fixed a rendering issue on the pulse effect
* (Hopefully) fixed a bug causing cooldown timers to not properly hide when reset
* Cooldowns should now update instantly when a timer that is already shown is reset for one reason or another
* Removed Ears dependency

====== 3.0.beta3
* This time, it really should use a good bit less CPU than OmniCC 2 :P
* Tweaked text display to show 90 seconds or below as seconds, instead of one minute or below

====== 3.0.beta2
* Fixed bugs for non US locales

===== 3.0.beta1
* Rewrote OmniCC. Delete all OmniCC folders before installing, or you may have issues.
* Hopefully reduced overall CPU usage by a good bit.
* Rewrote the options menu. Hopefully the font selector won't blow up anymore :)
* Added whitelisting functionality via CooldownTextFrames.
* Added blacklisting functionality.
* Added the ability to disable text scaling
* Merged Pulse and Shine into the core addon. Added a new options menu item to pick between them.
* Changed the minimum size filter to minimum font size to hopefully make it a bit easier to understand

====== 2.5.9
* Updated French localization

====== 2.5.8
* Updated TOC for 3.3

====== 2.5.7
* Implemented kujanssen's bugfix for the noCooldownCount flag

====== 2.5.6
* Updated for patch 3.2

====== 2.5.5
* Increased frequency of updates at the seconds level to fix some tenths of seconds issues (hopefully)

====== 2.5.4
* Adjusted tenths of seconds timing to work for cooldowns under 2 seconds instead of 3.

====== 2.5.3
* Updated localization

====== 2.5.2
* Updated localization

====== 2.5.1
* Added a fix for displaying 0 seconds when in non tenths of seconds mode

===== 2.5.0
* Added an option to display tenths of seconds for durations < 3 seconds.

====== 2.4.1
* Updated localization

===== 2.4.0
* Renamed Min Size, Min Duration sliders to Size Threshold and Duration Threshold
* Added a new slider, Finish Effect Threshold - Used to determine how long a cooldown must last before OmniCC will trigger a finish effect (pulse, shine, etc)

====== 2.3.2
* TOC Bump

====== 2.3.1
* Fixed a bug for users with no previous OmniCC settings

===== 2.3.0
* Removed pulse from the core. Reimplemented as a plugin (OmniCC_Pulse)
* For 51d cooldowns, OmniCC will now attempt to estimate the proper remaining duration.
* Added a hidden setting OmniCC.sets.minFinishEffectDuration: This setting controls how long a cooldown's duration (in seconds) needs to be to show a finish effect (ex, shine, pulse)
* Restructured the folder layout. Log out of WoW completely, delete all OmniCC folders, and install the new version to have everything work properly.

====== 2.2.5
* Updated Chinese translation

====== 2.2.4
* Added Korean translation.

====== 2.2.3
* Pulses will now only happen for cooldowns that have a duration > 30 seconds

====== 2.2.2
* Added a check before calling GetTexture to prevent redbox issues.

====== 2.2.1
* Updated options menu code for the new Wrath build. This will probably break people on the PTR
* Added Russian translation

====== 2.1.1
* Rethrottled the updates
* Tweaked the no cooldown count flag to hide active timers.

===== 2.1.0
* Updated a setting to make LSM3 work properly.
* Fixed a bug with embeds.xml
* Switched to using noCooldownCount to signify that cooldown count should not display on an object, instead of noomnicc

====== 2.0.9
* Updated to LSM 3
* Unthrottled the updates for cooldowns with durations > 1 minute. This is to (hopefully) prevent an issue with the rogue ability Preparation.
* Reimplemented the slash commands
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Unread 04-29-07, 07:21 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I had to disable the pulse because if I got silenced then came out of it with 30ish buttons pulsing at once it seemed to lock up my machine for a couple seconds. The pulse looks great though, and I loved it otherwise on single buttons.

Great UI
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Unread 04-25-07, 12:21 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Love the new update, and how the buttons pulse!

Thank you for your hard work
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Unread 04-22-07, 07:18 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 0
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Question How to make it behave like the old one?

The OmniCC I was using, would pulse with light, no shape, at the end of the countdown. The current is pulsing with the square button, but I use Trinity Bars round buttons, hence the pulse doesn't look good. Is there a way to come back to the "original" light intensity pulsating way instead? Thanks in advance.
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Unread 04-21-07, 02:22 PM  
A Black Drake
Tuller's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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1.1 beta for the PTR:

I'll be adding options to hide cooldown models and cooldown text for icons smaller than X
Last edited by Tuller : 04-21-07 at 02:22 PM.
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Unread 04-20-07, 08:23 AM  
A Defias Bandit

Forum posts: 3
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2.1 support

In 2.1, your buffs/debuffs on target have the clock cooldown in the little icon. OmniCC displays its numeric cooldown in the little debuff icon just like it does on action buttons.

Please add two options if possible. The option to not have OmniCC display a number in the debuff icon on the target window if we don't want it, and the ability to separately scale the size of the count on the debuff icon if we do want it displayed there at all.

The way it currently is, the countdown obscures what the icon even is because it is to large, yet it is the perfect size for my regular action buttons.
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Unread 04-16-07, 12:45 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 1
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Really like the update, thanks.
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Unread 04-16-07, 12:18 AM  
A Defias Bandit

Forum posts: 2
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larger icons

Love the changes as well =)
Can you make the new "when a spell are ready to use zoom thingy" larger?
As for me using bartender i tend to scale alot down, so it would be awsome if eaven small buttons get larger "ready to use" script.

Just an idea =)

Spanx again for a great addon
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Unread 04-15-07, 05:14 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

Forum posts: 13
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I love the changes you've made, keep up the great work =)
Last edited by Zenima : 04-15-07 at 05:14 AM.
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Unread 04-14-07, 12:12 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

Forum posts: 12
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Ah, nice update. The only suggestion I have now is implement a threshhold option of when to switch between MM and MM:SS, for example, setting the threshhold to 10 minutes would show everything greater than 10 minutes as MM format and anything below as MM:SS format.
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Unread 04-13-07, 06:57 PM  
A Black Drake
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The folder name for OmniCC has changed to OmniCC, from !OmniCC. Make sure you delete the old folder before installing.
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Unread 03-16-07, 07:28 AM  
A Cyclonian

Forum posts: 40
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Originally posted by Stavmar
I am using trinket menu with OmniCC, and I am not seeing the countdown in the trinket slots but am seeing them in the other available trinket menu.

Why would they not show up in the two trinket slots the addon provides?

In addition I was not experienceing this with the previous version of OMNI CC that i was using, OmniCC61205.

Does anyone know what might have changed?

Thanks for the great addon.
Another similiar problem, cept my trinket menu doesn't show cooldowns period.
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Unread 03-15-07, 07:02 PM  
A Cyclonian

Forum posts: 40
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Uploads: 0
Timers do not work with the macro:

#showtooltip Arcane Shot
/castsequence reset=5.8 Arcane Shot,Steady Shot,Steady Shot,Steady Shot;

The shine shows, but no numbers. Any clue?
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Unread 03-15-07, 11:53 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 1
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I am using trinket menu with OmniCC, and I am not seeing the countdown in the trinket slots but am seeing them in the other available trinket menu.

Why would they not show up in the two trinket slots the addon provides?

In addition I was not experienceing this with the previous version of OMNI CC that i was using, OmniCC61205.

Does anyone know what might have changed?

Thanks for the great addon.
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Unread 03-08-07, 01:55 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 0
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So I want all my cooldowns to be white at any time, yet setting /omnicc color short white, and setting every duration to white doesn't even do this. I don't want yellow or red flashy ones.

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Unread 03-05-07, 12:18 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 34
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Just posting to see if anyone else gets the following problem.

Sometimes on some abilites I get no visible cooldown flash. Other times it seems to occur twice in quick succession. I am guessing this is some issue with lag?

The ability it usually occurs with is arcane shot (hunter) and my usual latency is 100-170ms.
It is most noticable if you activate the bright shine effect.
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