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Recipe Radar  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.403
by: kernighan, ladenedge

Recipe Radar assists players in finding recipes. It knows about vendors who sell recipes in the current region or by profession. It has a number of filtering options and can even locate vendors on the world map.


  • There are two "tabs": the main "radar" tab and one that searches by profession!
  • You can bind a key to Recipe Radar through the main menu!
  • There are lots of filtering options - use the dropdowns to customize Recipe Radar!
  • Some internal maps are inaccurate at this time, it is currently a work in progress to fix these up.

v 1.403; November 30, 2011

- Update supporting libraries for 4.3.0
- Update TOC for 4.3.0

v 1.402; November 27, 2011

- Incorporate fixes from multiple contributors, revive project.

v1.33; August 11, 2009

- Fixed several "no coordinates" asserts, sigh.

v1.32; August 9, 2009

- Updated for WoW 3.2, including the new recipes.
- Alchemy should work again for German users.
- Fixed a bunch of incorrect recipe data.
- Updated the Icecrown map.

v1.31; April 14, 2009

- Updated for WoW 3.1.

v1.30; March 11, 2009

- Updated recipe data; asserts should no longer appear in Dalaran, Stormwind
and Orgrimmar. Also updated the Stormwind map.
- Recipe Radar is now able to parse collapsed reputation sections.
- Corrupted alt databases should be repaired on next use.
- Trade skill filters (eg. searches) should no longer adversely affect your
character's known recipes.
- This is also true for others' linked trade skills (thank you, Thortok2000!).

v1.29; November 15, 2008

- Fixed major problems with the Russian and German translations.
- Added lots more WotLK recipes.
- Item-based costs now show up explicitly.

v1.28; November 7, 2008

- Updated for WoW 3.0.
- Added Yor's Russian translations. (Thank you!)
- Added some new recipes and vendors, including some WotLK content.

v1.27; April 7, 2008

- Fixed the lockup bug on some zone changes.
- Fixed a bug that triggered when two players have the same profession but
different specialties.
- Users should no longer see the question mark icon for uncached recipes.
- Adjusted some vendor attributes.

v1.26; March 31, 2008

- Fixed the "'DongleStub' (a nil value)" bug.
- Fixed zhTW recipe parsing.

v1.25; March 28, 2008

- Added new v2.4 recipes.
- Added Shattered Sun Offensive faction content.
- Added support for square and rotating minimaps.
- Fixed Ashtongue Deathsworn reputation parsing.

v1.24; October 10, 2007

- Included the new recipes added in v2.2.
- Tailoring specialists should no longer see recipes from other

v1.23; July 24, 2007

- Major changes to the Spanish and Chinese name maps.
- Fixed some Scryr/Aldor recipe mistakes.
- Specialties now show up in the 'Note' field.
- Added a couple of new recipes.
- Fixed Hillsbrad Foothills on German clients (I hope).

v1.22; April 13, 2007

- Fixed recipe availability checking for Unicode locales.

v1.21; April 12, 2007

- Added a Chinese Traditional translation (thank you, Edeson!).
- Spanish recipes should now be recognized as known, I hope.

v1.20; February 27, 2007

- All of the new factions should now actually work (sigh).
- Removed some troublesome recipe inaccuracies.
- Fixed item linking.
- Localized vendor names.

v1.19; February 5, 2007

- Revised Spanish translation (thank you, Jorge Pozo!).
- Revised French translation (thank you, akirra!).
- Updated and added some vendor/recipe information.
- Winter Veil vendors should now only appear during December (thank
you, Elkano!).

v1.18; January 27, 2007

- Added all of the known BC recipes and vendors.
- Tailoring should now *really* work for Spanish versions.
Leatherworking was also broken but should now work (thank you, J!).

v1.17; January 18, 2007

- Fixed a bug that caused an error on startup for some users.
- Tailoring should now work for Spanish versions.

v1.16; January 17, 2007

- Added support for Jewelcrafting.
- Added several new recipes and vendors.
- The options frame is now draggable.
- Removed incorrect (old) specializations.
- Fixed a nasty little availability bug.

v1.15; January 10, 2007

- Updated all of the new German location names.
- Thistle Tea should now only be applicable to rogues.

v1.14; December 14, 2006

- Fixed a fairly nasty startup bug.
- Updated the README.

v1.13; December 8, 2006

- Updated German capital names. (Thank you, David!)

v1.12; December 6, 2006

- Updated for LUA v5.1 (and WoW v2.0).
- Partial support for the Spanish (esES) locale. As always,
localization contributions are most welcome.
- "Available" recipes from the opposing faction should no longer blink
the minimap button when entering a new region.
- Fixed the rep requirement for Enchant Weapon - Strength.

v1.11; September 18, 2006

- Fixed item linking bug (thank you, TDurden!).
- Fixed a bug that could occur for unlucky Dragonscale/Elemental LWers
and Armorsmiths (thank you, Arilaw!).

v1.10; September 16, 2006

- I'd forgotten to enable specialization checking! It should now work.
- Auctioneer and Recipe Book are now supported in the recipe icon
mouseover. Thanks very much to borohir for this functionality!

v1.9; September 5, 2006

- Recipes names are now cached when learned. This should make new
Blizzard patches less of a hassle.
- Availability checking now takes faction reputation and trade skill
specialties into account.
- Adjusted some vendor information.
- Reduced memory usage significantly.

v1.8; July 11, 2006

- Several new German region names were missing in v1.7. Hopefully they
are all correct now.
- Adjusted some vendor information.

v1.7; June 24, 2006

- Fixed the nasty profession selection bug for non-English versions.
- Profession icons should now show up for non-English versions.
- Unlearning a profession should now be handled correctly.
- Fixed several new 1.11 German region names.
- Added the new 1.11 Cenarion Circle recipes.
- Several vendors were incorrectly marked as Alliance-only (thank you,

v1.6; June 21, 2006

- Added a right-click context menu to the scroll frame. From this
menu users can map vendors and expand/collapse all items.
- Fixed bug causing non-English profession stuff to suck (thank you
ElKano and Jeremy Gurr!).
- Alts of a different team should no longer appear in the availability
- Adjusted the German translation.
- Adjusted some vendor locations.

v1.5; May 11, 2006

- All recipes that are named differently after learning (eg. transmutes)
should now show up correctly as known or not. This applies, in theory,
to all locales.
- Revamped the filtering code and fixed filtering, I hope, for non-
English versions.
- Nonapplicable professions and known recipes are now different filtering
categories in both availability modes.
- Fixed the incompatibility with Metamap, more or less.
- Tweaked the German translation and some vendor locations.

v1.4; May 7, 2006

- Revised German translation (thanks to DJMars and Elkano!).
- Dropdown filters are now effected every time Recipe Radar is opened.
Filters should now work much more intuitively.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an error message on startup and/or
zone changes.
- Changed Alliance color to blue.
- Added a couple of missing vendors/recipes and improved the positions of
several others.
- Enchant Bracer - Healing should now show up correctly as known or not.

v1.3; April 29, 2006

- Fixed a bug that was preventing about half of the maps from displaying
on non-English clients.
- Adjusted some vendor locations.

v1.2; April 28, 2006

- Fixed chat message parsing bugs in non-English versions.
- Added an option to auto-map (but not auto-unmap!) contributive vendors.
- Added the number of learnable recipes to mapped vendor tooltips.
- Changed the '/rr' slash command to '/rrdr'.
- Map tooltips will hopefully no longer run off the screen.

v1.1; April 27, 2006

- Added support for the frFR locale. (I hope it works..)
- Added the ability to view regions other than the current region. The
relevant settings now appear in the Options frame.
- Instance vendors can no longer be mapped.
- Non-English versions should now be able to use the dropdowns (I hope).
- Now accounting for WoW's "Mithril Head Trout" bug - it should now show
up correctly as known or not.

v1.0; April 24, 2006

- Initial public release!
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Unread 06-23-06, 10:28 AM  
Premium Member
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Originally posted by Elkano
yes, it is. It uses the data stored in the client's cache which is reset every patch. So you can't blame the addon itself
So after a patch, the client's local cache is empty thus the addon shows the recipes, which are items, as uncached until they are cached again.
Thanks for the explanation
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Unread 06-24-06, 01:27 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Elkano speaks the truth. In addition, WoW seems to require that an item can be retrieved from the server (cached) only when the user takes an action (eg. a mouseover). That is to say that there is no way (that I know of) to cache all of the recipes through some kind of batch operation - you have to mouseover each icon individually.

I did include the "expand all" option in the 1.6 context menu to make this a bit easier, though.

Thanks again for finding that icon bug, Elkano - I've fixed it, I think, for 1.7.

BTW, I understand there are several new translations in the DE client - eg. "Stranglethorn" is now "Schlingendorntal" - do you know of any of these that are relevant to Recipe Radar? (Region names are the important ones.)
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Unread 06-28-06, 01:19 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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Uploads: 12
There is a way to batch cache the recipes: create a hidden tooltip and then set it to the items. This will result in the client trying to chache the item but could lead to a disconnect as it is with mouseover right now.

wrt the new 1.11 deDE zone names: http://dragonnoir.dr.funpic.de/diverses/Bild3.jpg
I've found this pic in the gatherer forums, in this thread: http://norganna.org/bb/index.php?showtopic=923&st=40

one small request: could you remember if a vendor has been auto-mapped and remove him once you notice that the reason for mapping him has vanished, eg the player has learned the recipes?
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Unread 07-07-06, 05:01 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
Elkano's Avatar
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OK, I took the latest changes from svn and it seems that there is a problem with German umlaute in zone names resulting in the addon not being able to show the recipes for these zones :/
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Unread 07-11-06, 04:03 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Forum posts: 9
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Bleh, sorry for the long delay in the German fixes.

I'm hoping that your SVN trouble was the result of an encoding issue in the transfer, as I haven't heard anything about encoding changes in-game. I'll cross my fingers for a working distro and if it fails I'll revert to escape codes.

Thanks again for the links - very helpful!
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Unread 07-11-06, 04:07 PM  
A Cobalt Mageweaver

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Can you make a FuBar toggle? TY
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Unread 07-12-06, 12:36 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
Elkano's Avatar
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Forum posts: 131
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ladenedge, do you know tekkubs's FuBar_DebugProfiler?
I used it to have a look at my addons processing time and memory usage and I noticed that RR produces an enomrmous memory footprint/increase in memory with it's OnUpdate function.
Would you mind trying his addon to improve the performance?

wrt the update: I'll try it when the servers are back online
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Unread 07-13-06, 01:55 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Forum posts: 9
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Okay, I've spent some time with the memory problem you found. The main thing I've learned is that it doesn't seem to be a major problem. DebugProfiler tests how much memory an OnUpdate function allocates, and then adds that number to a running total. This total does not indicate how much memory a function (or addon) is *using*, because there is no way for addon code to discern when that memory is released.

So it ends up working like this: Recipe Radar allocates a bunch of local tables in the minimap icon OnUpdate function 10 times per second (this makes for smooth icon movement). This turns out to be a couple of kbytes per second, or so (the resolution on LUA's gcinfo() is only 1k). This memory adds up until LUA decides to do some garbage collection, which seems to happen when the amount of memory you have allocated to addons (in the login screen) is reached. At that point, all of the unused memory is freed and it starts to accumulate again.

Of course, DebugProfiler can't really see this - or anyway, it can't attribute freed memory to any particular addon's total. So RR's numbers just keep going up, ad infinitum. If you stick a collectgarbage() call at the end of RR's OnUpdate (in Minimap.lua), you'll see that RR never registers on DebugProfiler because RR doesn't actually retain any of the memory it allocates during that function.

Having said all that, I have made a couple minor changes. While there isn't a memory leak or anything serious, RR's memory usage is excessive and the downside is that garbage collection happens more often that it probably should - about every 10 minutes on my system, though it depends on your addons and memory pool size. So, first I changed my tables to variables, which seems to decrease overhead about fivefold. And secondly, I now save some state information in the OnUpdate function so that it only updates when the player is moving.

Not huge changes, and it's still quite possible to see 10M of memory usage on RR in DebugProfiler, but the moral of the story is that the negative effects of this are apparently minimal. (Also note that Gatherer behaves basically the same way, though it updates less frequently than RR.)

I very much appreciate the heads up, as this was an interesting learning experience. If something I've said doesn't sound right, or you have further suggestions, please let me know!
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Unread 07-13-06, 07:40 PM  
The MMOiest Chick of All
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Since installing RecipeRadar, I have been getting errors with MetaMap It also appears to cause the MetaMap Points of Interest to become misaligned.

Count: 1
Error: Interface\AddOns\MetaMap\MetaMap.lua:2727: attempt to index a nil value
Count: 5
Error: Interface\AddOns\MetaMap\MetaMap.lua:2309: attempt to index field `?' (a nil value)

I have posted the information on both addons. Hopefully, it's not too hard to get them to play nicely together.

Thank you! <3
Last edited by laerbeejo : 07-13-06 at 07:55 PM.
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Unread 07-15-06, 01:38 PM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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well, what you say perfectly fits
Have you ever heared of the embedded library CompostLib? -> http://wiki.wowace.com/index.php/CompostLib

Maybe using this will help you with your problem. What it does is basicaly the following:
if you finished using a table you hand it over to CompostLib which will result in the GC not collecting it. When you need a new table, instead of creating one you ask CompostLib for an old one. Thus new tables are only allocated when there are no old ones left.
It's used in a lot of addons by now and seems to run perfecly fine

And thanks for taking your time to look into that
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Unread 10-17-06, 04:11 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Can't link from Recipe Radar to chat

When I shift-click from Recipe Radar, I get an error message...

[string "RecipeDetailIcon:OnClick"]:3: attempt to call global 'RecipeRadar_LinkItem' (a nil value)

I didn't have this problem before so perhaps something got changed in the latest version? Any help would be appreciated.


Edit: I just noticed that there's a newer version out -- will try that to fix problem.
Last edited by peony : 10-17-06 at 04:49 PM.
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Unread 11-12-06, 01:25 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I had a quick question. I made a low-level character that I stopped using and later "destroyed" to make a new one. Recipe Radar is still reading info for this char. Is there any way to stop this? I have it set so once all Alts know the recipe, it should disappear (go grey)... but it still shows green/red based on this dead chars stats.

Thanks in advance if anyone knows how to fix this....
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Unread 11-29-06, 03:03 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Please pardon the lateness of my reply! There is in fact a way to clear data. Try:

   /rrdr clear [name]
This must be done on the same realm as the character you wish to delete, and take care because omitting name will clear all of your characters' data. So, for example, if I wish to clear data for a character named 'Gandalf' I would type:

   /rrdr clear Gandalf
Good luck!
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Unread 12-08-06, 01:57 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
Lichbane's Avatar

Forum posts: 14
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I get the following error loading (trapped with bugsack):
[2006/12/09 06:53:04-15-x1]: RecipeRadar\Globals.lua:238: attempt to index local 'realm_info' (a string value)
RecipeRadar\Globals.lua:238: in function `RecipeRadar_Globals_Init'
RecipeRadar\RecipeRadar.lua:32: in function `RecipeRadar_OnEvent'
<string>:"RecipeRadarFrame:OnEvent":2: in function <[string "RecipeRadarFrame:OnEvent"]:1>

When I open RR, the dropdowns are misaligned, the options button has no text, the minimap button hide ... but then comes back ....

Something weird is happening.
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Unread 12-12-06, 05:08 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Forum posts: 9
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It seems some people are having trouble upgrading from an older version of Recipe Radar to the new v2.0-compatible version.

The easy way to solve this problem is to delete your "World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<account>\SavedVariables\RecipeRadar.lua" file.

If you feel like going that extra mile, you could post (or email) the above file so that I can include some code to correctly upgrade it! (Which version are you upgrading from, anyway?)

Edit: Actually, I think I found the bug - please upgrade to 1.14 if you've had any trouble.
Last edited by ladenedge : 12-15-06 at 12:27 PM.
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