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Version: 2.02a
by: archondan [More]

Heal Notify

The original code for this mod was based on Cooldown Timers by Sorrow. His mod provided a good example and starting point for what I wanted to accomplish. Since then I have rewritten most of the code but the options menus still display a resemblance. Why mess with a good design?

Latest Version

*There is nothing new in 2.02a, some people were experiencing problems unzipping the original 2.02 release. So I re-zipped and tested this zip file. Only download it if you were having issues with the original.

This version now has mouse-over target detection

New Commands:

/hn setchannel <channel> - set the healing channel
/hn setmaxraids # - set the maximum number of raids to save
/hn clearsavedraids - delete all saved raid information

Revised Channel Permissions - Only Raid officers, leaders and assistants can broadcast the healing channel.

Target Functions –

The main function of Heal Notify is to provide the target of an incoming healing spell a visual idea of the status. When a player is the target of a heal spell a small casting bar will be displayed on the screen. The casting bar will update when the healer is delayed or interrupted. Up to 12 incoming healing spells can be tracked by Heal Notify. The amount of spell tracked is adjustable from the options menu.

Healer Functions –
Heal Notify has two functions for a Healer. First the healer will update the target of incoming spell information and second it will update fellow healers that have the mod installed. When a healer begins casting a healing spell the target will be notified as well as fellow healers. In this way healers can see who is healing who and with which spell. On a healer Heal Notify will track up to 12 incoming heals and 12 other fellow healers castings. The healers communicate over a specific channel that is user definable in the healers’ options menu.
Healers will also have the option to scan the party/raid for installed Heal Notify mods. If the target does not have the mod installed or turned on then no information is sent.
There is a healing statistics frame that will display information about spells and targets. The target buttons will open a separate frame displaying individual spell information. There is also a setting to name the current data and save it, clearing the active targets for a new raid. The healing statistics frame can be reached through the /hn stats command or from the healers menu.

Stats collected at this time:


  • Spell
    • Casts
      Amount healed
      Amount Overhealed - Only if target has HealNotify installed

  • Spell
    • Casts
      Amount healed
      Amount Overhealed - Only if target has HealNotify installed
More stats will be added in the future.

Key bindings for the menu, healers menu, healer stats as well scanning for healers in the raid/party have been added under Heal Notify

Tabbed Menus -

The old style menus have been replaced with a Tabbed menu. Vist the screen shot thread to see it.

To access the menu use /hn menu. All other menu commands have been removed as well as the key bindings.

Target Heal Tracking -

Targets of Healing spells will now track who healed them, for how much as well as overhealing. This can be accessed through /hn stats just time the healers information.

Raid Management -

First there are two options for handling raids. If the player does not want to manually open and close raids than the AutoOpenRaid option can be left on.

While auto open is enabled, every raid the player joins will be opened and closed meaning the information pretaining to said raid will be saved automaticly with a default name of AutoSave.

There other option is manual, in which the player turns off AutoOpen for raids. The player than must manually open and close the raid, but this gives the option to specify a name as well as contiune collecting raid healing information at a later date. Use this method when raids span multiple days or sessions.

There are only 3 commands for managing raids:
  • 1. /hn openraid <name>
    2. /hn continueraid <name>
    3. /hn closeraid

<name> is a name given to the raid.

To turn on/off Auto raid opening:

/hn autoopenraid

Any raid listed in the /hn stats frame under the browse option can be continued.

Slash commandline help -

A new slash command has been added /hn help. This command will list all available slash commands and a short description.

These commands and descriptions can also be localized easily.

New Spell Tracking -

Resurrection spells will now be broadcast to both player and other healers.
Renew has been added for healing amount tracking.

Other Stuff -

French and German localization has began thanks to Alogon and Korrigan. Not all the labels have been translated but the required text for the add on to work has been.

Mana Statistics can be seen. Right now they only display to the chat window, this will change in future versions. The Information displayed is:
  • Full Regen Ticks:
    Reduced Regen Ticks:
    Total Regen Ticks:
    Avg Mana Per Tick:
    Percentage in 5-Second:

CT Raid Channel

In the healers menu there is a Checkbox label CTRaid. With this checked the healing channel will be set to the CT Raid channel to help with limiting the number of needed channels.

One person can check this options and than broadcast the channel to the raid, forcing all others to use CTRaid.

Healers Casting Bars - Healing casting bars are now only visible when in a raid or group.

Fixed some targeting issues that came up will using selfcast addons.

Some code clean up.

The installed addon version for each player will display when /hn dumptargets is used.

Basic Slash Commands –
/hn help - list all commands
/hn on – Turn mod on
/hn off – Turn mod off
/hn menu- Display Options menu
/hn lock – lock Incoming spell frame
/hn unlock – Unlock incoming spell frame
/hn party – send notification to party
/hn raid – send notifications to raid
/hn scanparty (Healers Only) Scan party for addons
/hn scanraid – (Healers Only) Scan raid for addons
/hn dumptargets (Healers Only) – List all known targets and the addon status
/hn resetscan (Healers Only) – set scan flag to scan members again
/hn forcechannel (Healers Only) broadcast healers channel.
/hn cleartargets (Healers Only) - Clears the target table for a fresh search

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This add-on works great been using the beta version for a few months now.
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