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FreeRefills  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: r36279
by: Kyahx [More]

FreeRefills is for automatic stocking of any items you want in your bags. When ever you visit a merchant, it will check to see if that merchant sells an item on your shopping list, and will pick up however many you need. Also your list will automatically be saved per charecter, per realm. You won't have to worry about your baby mage winding up with 3200 bullets.

"/freerefills" or "/fr"

-- add [item link] # -- This will add the linked item to your shopping list, # is how many of said item you want to keep in your bags.
-- addstack [item link] # -- Does the same thing as "add", except it takes number of stacks, instead of individual items.
-- del [item link] -- Removes the linked item from your shopping list.
-- clear -- Clears your shopping list.
-- list -- Print your current shopping list in the chat frame.
-- overstock -- Toggle Overstocking. If an item is sold in stacks and cannot meet your exact requested amount, you can opt to buy slightly more (Overstock).
-- merchant -- Toggle Merchant interaction.
-- bank -- Toggle Bank interaction.

Known Bugs:
When looting items from the bank, partial stacks will be dropped into the first bag with an open slot. It won't always combine your partial stacks.

Planned Features:
None ATM

- Updated WoW-I version to current WowAce revision, 2.1 compatible.
- Special thanks to Rabbit and any of the other Ace authors that helped keep this updated while I was away from WoW

- Ace 2 Version
- 'Mood' setting renamed 'Overstock'
- Added toggles for bank or merchent scanning

- Fixed a bug causeing FreeRefills to stop checking if the first item on your list was already fully stocked.

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Unread 06-26-06, 08:39 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Any chance this addon can be applied to purchasing rogue poisons?
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Unread 06-20-06, 01:24 PM  
A Murloc Raider
vexis58's Avatar

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Thank you thank you thank you!

I have been waiting for someone to make a mod JUST like this for my hunter, because I hate sitting there right-clicking on that ammo button 16 times. I kept begging someone to make a mod that would automatically buy my ammo for me, because I'm not a coder in any way. It's even better that it works with just about anything, so I can see a use for it on all of my alts too!

Now to go test to see if it works ^_^ THANK YOU!!!
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