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FuBar - SkillsPlusFu  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 4.1.3
by: Jayhawk [More]

Please note I activated my Portal to keep track of bugs and features request more easily. Thanks.

FuBar - SkillsPlusFu v4.1.3
Release Date: 2011.05.03

This add-on combines the functionality of avngr's FuBar_ProfessionsFu, Kemayo's FuBar_KungFu, and smuggles FubarTradeCooldownFu. This add-on is uploaded with their approval. I decided to merge the the first two because they seemed to have a rather large overlap, although both had bits that were unique and very useful (or just plain good looking). I have tried to keep the best of both. Next I wanted to get rid of another add-on on my bar and added the Trade Cooldown functionality. It took me a while to get the salt shaker support correct, as I'm still figuring out the event flow.

On popular demand, I added the option to show the skills for your other toons.

SkillsPlusFu is currently localised only for English, but should be easy to expand to cover other languages. However, by using BabbleLib it should at least properly for those languages supported by that library.

The FuBar menu will display either Skills or the name of a skill that can be used to make things (so, say, Mining doesn't show, but Smelting does). Behind the skill (name and/or icon depending on your preferences) the number of cooldown items is displayed. This display show (total item - items ready) This will not be shown when you have no cooldown items for any of the toons you play.

By selecting the (right-click) menu you see all skills that you can use to make things with for your current toon. Selecting one of these skills will open the relevant skill window and put it's name/icon up in the FuBar. Clicking this later will open the associated skill window again. The last used skill is saved between sessions.

Show skill label - Toggles the display of the skill name (or the text skills) on the FuBar. Use this when you want to show only the icon and the cooldown info.
Show boolean skills - Toggles skills that do not progress, this includes proficiencies.
Show other player skills - Allows you to select which other toons and skills are shown.
Show cross faction skills - Toggles whether the skills mentioned above include those of other faction toons.

Show player names - Toggles display of the player names in the cooldown info
Show cooldown notification - Toggles displaying the cooldown info on the FuBar
Clear current cooldown data - Clears the current cooldown database.
Hide cooldown data for - Allows you to hide a specific cooldown

Complete changelog

This add-on is based on avngr's FuBar_ProfessionsFu, Kemayo's FuBar_KungFu, and smuggles FubarTradeCooldownFu. Thanks guys!

I'd like to add a special thank you to avngr who put me on this path by pointing out to me how easy it was to expand FuBar_PetInfo to my wishes.

Furthermore I'd like to thank all of you who helped me by logging bugs and offering suggestions. Thanks!

4.1.2 - fixed COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED by adding hideCaster parameter
4.1.1 - updated TOC
4.1.0 - added option to show toon levels (Comicus), fixed issue with Fire Prism (Retlaw)
4.0.2 - removed debuggers
4.0.1 - fixed issue with disappeared own skills and cooldowns
4.0.0 - updated to Cataclysm
removed boolean and weapon skills and languages
added cooldowns for Cataclysm spells (Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Tailoring)
3.3.1 - removed cooldowns for Titansteel Bar, Moonshroud, Spellweave and Ebonweave (Patch 3.3.3).
added cooldown for Glacial Bag (Patch 3.3.3).
3.3.0 - updated TOC
3.2.0 - added cooldown for new Alchemy transmutes (3.2)
updated TOC
3.0.6 - added cooldowns for Mooshroud, Ebonweave, Spellweave and Icy Prism (serious2)
3.0.5 - removed level 70 cloth cooldowns (patch 3.0.8)
3.0.4 - fixed a possible reason for cooldowns resetting
3.0.3 - added cooldown for Smelt Titansteel (Calesta)
added cooldown for Transmute: Titanium
added cooldown for Northrend Alchemy Research
3.0.2 - added safety catch for viewing other people's trade skills (Myster)
- removed link to TradeSkillInfo as it was broken (Zidomo)
- more rework to try and fix bug with cooldown issues for Alchemy and Enchanting
3.0.1 - bugfix embed.xml, Salt Shaker cooldown
3.0.0 - updated for WotLK, streamlined code, added Inscriptions
2.4.7b - cleaned up code (still possible Alchemy problems)
2.4.7 - bugfix for alchemy cooldoown issue, added transmutes for WotLK (untested)
2.4.6 - removed cooldown for Mooncloth (Patch 2.4.3)
2.4.5 - updated cooldowns (Patch 2.4.2), cleaned up code, fixed problem with Alchemy cooldown failing
2.4.4f - hopefully fixed memory issue.
2.4.4 - updated TOC, redone cooldowns for v. and p. spheres (by Ackis), redone salt shaker, elune's lantarn and snowmaster 9000 (thanks Seerah), removed Alchemy Hack (Ackis)
2.4.3 - updated TOC, zhTW localisation updated (helium), koKR localisation added (7destiny/ochocobo)
2.4.2 - redone cooldowns for v. and p. spheres (by Ackis), updated T.O.C. Fixed Blood Elf issue. Hacked alchemy issue.
2.4.1 - attempted to add cooldowns for void and prismatic spheres
2.4.0b - fixed BabbleRace again
2.4.0 - updated TOC
- added herbalism, mining and skinning to the Other toons skills
- Traditional Chinese (zhTW) localisation added by helium
2.3.1 - fixed bug with showing other toons
- fixed bug in Babble-Race for "Blood Elf"
2.3.0 - added interface to hide specific cooldowns and skills (or a specific toon) as suggested by Highend
2.2.8 - expanded cooldowns for new cloth (hopefully)
- added Blood elf to faction check
2.2.7 - added Jewelcrafting
2.2.6 - fixed some more library issues
- changed datamodel for better functionality
- fixed Purge option
- added fishing skill back to the list of saved skills for other toons
- added a partial French translation for the Cooldown functionality (ID1755), courtesy of sturmy
2.2.5 - actually removed dewdrop:Close()
2.2.4 - added German translation to TOC again (ID2631)
2.2.3 - finally fixed library issues
- set LoadOnDemand to 0 (false) so it will run without FuBar
2.2.2 - added German translation, courtesy of Xanatandor
- added CloseWhenClickd to dewdrops back in (ID2400)
2.2.1 - fixed sloppy coding and removed unnecessary libraries
2.2.0 - updated to WoW 2.0
- updated libraries
- using SkillsPlus to Disenchant, Fish or Pick Locks is no longer possible
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Unread 08-06-09, 09:33 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Cooldowns not working for Alchemy Xmute on 3.2

With the new transmutation for epic gems, the cooldown for alchemists is not updated in 3.2. It is always "Ready" even immediately after you made an epic gem transmutation.
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Unread 03-24-10, 04:00 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Glacial Bag Cooldown added

With the 7 day cooldown on Glacial Bags added in the recent patch, (3.3.2) you can add this under line 326. (Which is the tailoring category)


This will add the Glacial Bag to the options to check cooldown on it. You can also comment out or delete the Moonshroud, Ebonweave, and Spellweave if you wish since those don't have cooldowns anymore.
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Unread 03-29-10, 03:23 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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One of the use of this addon was : open a profession tab when clicking on the minimap icon. It's not working anymore since last patch.
Any corection ?
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Unread 04-19-10, 10:55 PM  
Premium Member
Jayhawk's Avatar
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Cooldowns were updated for patch 3.3 and now include the Glacial bag.

Bifidus, not quite sure what's happening, but it works for me in the current version.
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Unread 04-20-10, 04:08 AM  

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I have no problems getting the addon to open the profession. But then again, I'm not using it with fuBar, but with fuBar2Broker and ChocolateBar broker display (LDB). Works fine.

While I'm at it, I have a simple suggestion. How about listing the level of each listed toon on the same line as the name. I often find myself having trouble remembering the exact level of my myriad of toons.

Wouldn't mind a conversion to ace 3 either , but it works for me as it is.

Thanks for maintaining a very useful addon.
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Unread 05-11-10, 01:35 AM  
Premium Member
torin's Avatar
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Re: Enchanting Transmutes

Originally posted by Jayhawk
Khaira, glad to hear that.

Enchanters get a couple of transmute options, that share the same cooldown (much like the Alchemy ones).
Can you tell me what the Enchanting Transmutes are? My Enchanter says that her enchanting transmute is ready but I can't find what that transmute would be anywhere. I've turned off the announcements of the cooldowns so I don't get told that something I can't find is ready.

Thanks. (Enchanting 447)
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