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X-Perl UnitFrames  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 3.6.35
by: MysticalOS, Zeksie

A much enchanced version of Nymbia's Perl UnitFrames, and a complete replacement for Blizzard's default unit frames, including raid frames and raid tools, with many additions and improvements over the original Nymbia code.

Range Finder (combined with optional health check) for all frames based on spell or item range test.

HoT Monitor will highlight units clearly that have your own active Heal over Time spells.

Debuff Highlights in standard debuff colours on all friendly frames. Priority given to show debuffs that YOU can cure first.

Raid Frames, buff icons, MT list units and some other portions or X-Perl are Created on demand. Saving a lot of time and memory at system startup. Defering the creation of many parts of X-Perl to when they are actually required. And of course, most often outside of raids they are never required and are never created.

Raid Target icon support for Target, Target's Target, MT Targets.

Raid tooltip will show combat rezzers available (druids with Rebirth ready (or very soon available) and any normal rezzers out of combat) if you bring up tooltip of a dead person.

'In-combat' indicators for Pet, Target, Target's Target, Party, Party pets, Raid, MT Targets.

3D Portraits for player, pet, target, focus, party. Optional. Of course this may degrade your framerate somewhat because you are displaying more 3D character models that without this option. But some like it pretty, and it does look cool.

Red and Green combat flashes for frames when player, pet, target, party, partypets, raid take damage/heals. Useful indication of things happening.

Added time left on party member/target buffs/debuffs when in a raid, these depend somewhat on CTRA/oRA/oRA2 sending appropriate information over the addon channel, although some of it can be determined at run time by X-Perl, when a player gets a buff for example, we know how long it should last, and therefor when it should expire.

Totally new options window including all X-Perl options and access via minimap icon.

Configurable colours for borders and backgrounds. Including class coloured names, and configurable reaction colours.

Much care has been taken with code size, memory load, memory usage per cycle and so on. LuaProfiler/OnEvent mods used extensively and regularly to ensure that X-Perl does not do more work than is absolutely necessary.

With that in mind, the event system was totally re-written, and is as kind to system performance as possible. The majority of events are disabled while zoning to alleviate any event backlog issues. And where most addons use 1 event handler per unit frame, which although standard, the alternative has improved X-Perl's performance. By using single main event handlers, we can route the events to appropriate units. So, for example, when a single UNIT_HEALTH update is fired, then just a single raid frame or party frame etc. gets the event, rather than 40 raid frame's handlers, 4 party and so on. Nymbia's Perl used to do a lot of crazy full frame udpates all over the place, eating away at CPU cycles. This was all fixed to only update what was necessary based on events.

Liberal usage of local functions to cut down compiled code size, and increase speed since functions are called directly rather than by name. Every time you have a global function, you have a global string name associated with it, so size in the global environment saved where possible.

XPerl_RaidHelper sub-addon
Assists View
Will show anyone from raid assising you with your target, and can also show healers or all plus known enemies targetting you.
Tooltips for the same also available (on player and target frames) if you prefer to not use the main window.

MT Targets
Replaces CTRA/oRA2 MT Targets window, and doubles as a replacement for the Perl RaidFrames warrior targets.
Indicator shows which target you are on.
Frames will be coloured to show if tanks have duplicate targets.

XPerl_RaidMonitor sub-addon (WORK IN PROGRESS)
Casting Monitor
Shows selected classes (defaults to healer classes) in a list (much like the MT List), but with some differences.
Shows mana bars and cast bars on left. Their targets on right. Health bar as normal, but a secondary small red bar on targets which shows the maximum single hit this unit has received since entering combat. The secondary bar will extend downwards from their current HP level down to as far as zero.
A green name on the targets indicates this is the same target that you have.
You can click on casters or their targets as expected.
For druids, right clicking on a caster will cast Innervate on them.
For shamans, right clicking on a caster will cast Mana Tide Totem. Check the * indicator to see if they're in your group.

All bars can be re-sized in X-Perl main options (Monitor section).

Totals can be toggled (from the 'T' minibutton at top of frame) which gives overview of raid mana status.

XPerl_RaidAdmin sub-addon (WORK IN PROGRESS)
Raid Admin
Save/Load raid roster setups
Only does direct save and load for the moment, but more to come (templates and such).

Item Check
Replacement for /raitem /radur /raresist /rareg. Use the old commands before, or drop items in the left item list.
Query button will perform /raitem on all ticked items (query always includes dur and resists) and you can then view and review all the results whenever, without having to re-query each item.
Includes everyone in raid, so you don't have to work out who doesn't have items, it'll list them with 0 instead of no entry.
Active Scanner to check raid member's equipment for the item selected. So you can be sure that people actually have the item worn (Onyxia Cloak for example), without having to go round single target inspecting everyone who 'forgot' to install CTRA for the 50th raid in a row.

Supported Addons
CT_RaidAssist, oRA2. Shows tooltip info and player status, replaces MT Targets List, improves raid frames, shows player status, resurrection monitor, buff timers aware.
MobInfo-2 / MobHealth3 - Shows target health from MobHealth database.
DruidBar - Shows druid mana bar from DruidBar when shapeshifted.
Clique compatible. And any other click cast addon that uses the same communication method. (see below)

*Updated for 5.x
*Should use signifcently less cpu then it did before
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Unread 05-21-09, 01:46 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I'm not trying to put the blame on anyone, I'm trying to find the solution to the problem. If it's only Cartographer-modules that makes this happen, then it might be those modules fault. But as I've read on the net, then QH might also run into problems concerning this and if this is the case, then it all leads back to X-perl because it's the addon that has to do with the unit-frames, where the problem is.

Well, in any case... There is a problem, but maybe if the author of this addon gave his/hers oppinion, we might become wiser.
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Unread 05-21-09, 04:20 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
monya's Avatar

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Re: Re: Drop-down problems

Originally posted by AnrDaemon
I have both Cart and QH installed with XPerl, and it is definitely NOT the XPerl fault.
Cart:InstanceMaps (or one of it's deps) is the offender.
Had same problem with dropdown menus, and unfortunately its QuestHelper causing it. Try using Addon Control Panel to be able to load sets of addons for different situations, like raiding or soloing. Pretty handy, solved the problem of QH and dropdown menus for raid leading...
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Unread 05-21-09, 11:34 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Quick question, and I may just have missed this--does X-Perl support the new Arena UFs that Blizzard just added in? They don't seem to be listed in the options anywhere, but maybe I am missing something.

These are enemy UFs, which in the default UI show up on the right-hand side.
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Unread 05-22-09, 02:23 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Well, then we're back to square 1... Because when I turn off Cartographer -loot, maps and info, it works for me... And that is when I'm running QH, so it might be more complicated than just blaming one addon. And since this is the one addon that is in common, I believe that the author of x-perl might look into it, and maybe contact one or both of the other addon-makers.

But... Obviously people are more eager to keep blaming different addons than finding a solution.

Well, if any data (wts-folder) i might have is needed to try and solve this, then write to me. This conversation is going nowhere, and I'll just be looking for an addon that doesn't have this problem (like perl-uf which does not have this problem).
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Unread 05-23-09, 04:16 PM  
A Murloc Raider
Braysen's Avatar

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Exclamation Old question, and new bug

Old question:
Does X-Perl have a paper doll setting that I may have missed? I have a durability meter (through Fortress) that helps with overall monitoring, but it would be nice to see exactly what's taking the hits when things are damaged. Is there a setting to enable this? If it's not supported, is this option something in the works?

New bug:
For shamans, the totem location cannot be changed. Under player options, even with one of each type of totem laid down, changing the value of the sliders does not actually change the location of the totem watch icons. Disabling this feature and then re-enabling it simply makes the icons disappear altogether. Currently, my totem watch icons are covering my buffs, making it hard to function effectively.
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Unread 05-24-09, 06:20 AM  
Pala Man
Arekdios's Avatar

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Question Assists View

Can I hide that screen when I am out of Combat?
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Unread 05-24-09, 02:15 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Simply the best

Fantastic mod! I must be honest and tell you that I am constantly looking for that "perfect" unit frame mod, and I have tried a ton of them. The only constant is I keep coming back to x-perl. Ease of setup and functionality have not been surpassed by anyone. If I have any requests at all, and hopefully they are minimal minimal, would be to hide it out of combat and to please continue and implement the hud that was in one of your earlier versions. No mod will ever be everything to everybody, but this comes very close. i cannot imagine playing without this. Thank you very much for all your effort, I am a fan for my WoW life.
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Unread 05-25-09, 10:43 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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set foucs

i have a smell problem sitting set focus. every time i try to set focus on MT or OT i get a pop up message say i will need to disenble Xperl and go back to blizzard UI. what am i doing wrong?
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Unread 05-27-09, 01:21 AM  
A Cliff Giant
Raxnor's Avatar

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Re: set foucs

Originally posted by lilruff
i have a smell problem sitting set focus. every time i try to set focus on MT or OT i get a pop up message say i will need to disenble Xperl and go back to blizzard UI. what am i doing wrong?
this is what i did to fix that problem:
hit Esc>go to key binding>scroll down 'til you find Focus target then make a hot key to it (exp. shift+t) then your set , and you should have a focus target unitframe
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Unread 05-27-09, 01:11 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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projected healing

Any way to turn off the projected healing? I've looked and can't seem to find it, thanks!
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Unread 06-04-09, 06:54 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
Everglow's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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Re: Combo Points

I have the same problem. As a cat druid, I can see my combo points fine... on a drake in the Malygos fight... nothing.

Originally posted by Competition
i can't see the blizzard combo points. anyone else getting this? i just tested in Maly 25 man didn't see a combo point.


I don't see a combo point if i'm targeting myself or anyone else. unless i untarget and retarget them or myself, to see how many combo points i have. seems like there is a bug in the Update combo point line of code.
Everglow - Sisters of Elune/US
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Unread 06-05-09, 06:12 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Lifebloom Stacks

Fantastic mod. I would love to use it. Is there any way to see how many stacks of Lifebloom I have on a target / party member??
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Unread 06-05-09, 06:14 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
DruncnDog's Avatar

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there are two rather small issues that are bothering me (one for quite a while though)

#1: every time i log on my druid, the player frame creeps a bit off its previous (saved) position. i know, it might sound familiar and i already stumbled over the appropriate ticket on wowace, but it still occurs (3.0.3c). although '/console reloadui' and/or simply opening the option menu and switching into the 'Colours'-tab solves this, it's still somehow annoying.

#2: discovered just yesterday on my mage alt but i don't think it's bug or anything, more like a settings issue. right beside the 'target level' display appears a second box which seems to count the total number of my Winter's Chill procs on the engaged, enemy target (appears and counts only if spec'd to it). i checked the options for a possibility to disable it, but couldn't find anything (x-perl raid addons are not installed). any suggestions how to get rid of it?
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Unread 06-05-09, 07:21 AM  
A Black Drake
Tithulta's Avatar
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Totems issue

I ahvent been on my shaman in a few weeks as i been trying to get to 80 on my main. Decided to take a break and found that my totems are broken. Anyway to edit something in the lua to force them elsewhere? Like a previous poster they are covering my buffs/debuffs. tinkering with the totem frame slider did nothing...sorta. Values didnt change , but for some reason the totems would now be covering my 3rd or 4th party member.

Would coping some setting from my shaman on another server force the totems to where I like?

here is error info...if you need the list of addons i am using let me know and i'll edit them in as well

Date: 2009-06-05 10:00:52
ID: 5
Error occured in: Global
Count: 7
Message: [string "XPerl_Options_Player_Options_Totems_OffsetX:OnValueChanged"] line 4:
attempt to call global 'XPerl_Player_SetTotems' (a nil value)
[C]: XPerl_Player_SetTotems()
[string "*:OnValueChanged"]:4:
[string "*:OnValueChanged"]:1

As an aside i rolled back my xperl to the version that came out in Dec 08 and the totem work fine. NVM forgot it had its own issue.
Last edited by Tithulta : 06-09-09 at 12:01 AM.
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Unread 06-13-09, 12:58 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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I get this error when ever I try to set focus.

ate: 2009-06-13 14:51:18
ID: 1
Error occured in: AddOn: XPerl
Count: 1
Message: Error: AddOn XPerl attempted to call a forbidden function (FocusUnit()) from a tainted execution path.
[C]: FocusUnit()
..\FrameXML\UnitPopup.lua:1184: func()
[C]: UIDropDownMenuButton_OnClick()
[string "*:OnClick"]:1:
[string "*:OnClick"]:1
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