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Updated: 03-05-07 03:07 AM
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Updated:03-05-07 03:07 AM

FuBar - FactionsFu  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.2.29573
by: Elkano [More]

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FuBar - FactionsFu is a plugin for FuBar-2.0 that shows your faction standings.

- click a group name to colapse/expand
- click a faction to monitor it
- shift-click a faction to paste your standing to the chat editbox

The latest development version (including libs) can be found on WoWAce-SVN or as direct download at

Note on the version number: major.minor.revision

2.2.29573 - 2006/03/05
- added options for coloring and such
- added tracking of reputation changes during session
- added auto-zone-faction feature

2.1.20023 - 2006/12/11 - libs r20049
- updated for WoW2.0
- can now show data for one faction directly on FuBar

2.0.8372 - 2006/08/18
- initial release

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A Murloc Raider

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Somehow I cannot seem to get this addon to go on the fubar appears on the minimap as an icon. How can I fix this?
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