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Version: 20003
by: Sancho [More]

WatchTower: Developed for use in Realm Defense. WatchTower allows you to automatically announce all pertinant information about the invaders to your allies. Simply click on the invader and use your binded key to report an enemy. Or, you may use your multiple reporting key, mouseover all enemies you wish to report, and then hit the key again to report multiple enemies at once.

The default information includes Race, Class, Level, Current Subzone, Coordinates, and can be easily configured using a selection menu. Optionally, the user can make a custom output string with any of the above information.

Output can be made to /s, /g, /p, /ra, /bg, Local Defense, or any 2 custom channels.

Currently, when using multiple enemy reporting, the output is automatically formatted to give less specific data with more enemies. This may be customized more in future versions.

NOTE: The coordinates reported by the addon are YOUR coordinates. It is impossible to get the coordinates of your enemy.

REMEMBER: This addon is intended to provide your allies with USEFUL information, NOT SPAM. It is SOMETIMES useful to know information such as player name, guild, class, and race, but be considerate. Please make use of the multiple enemy reporting function to minimalize spam. If it is necessary to give an updated report on an already reported enemy, try to be considerate and configure your settings to be less irritating (ie. 'Flag carrier spotted at %l (%x, %y)')

Setup: Create a keybinding or use the macros /script Sancho_ReportToggle(); or /script WTReportEnemy(); Use /wt options to access the setup menu

Discuss here:


Known bugs:

Local defense channel does not work in Battlegrounds. Use /bg instead. I'm not going to bother fixing this unless someone gives me a really good reason.

Localization is fubared. If someone shows an interest in translating I will fix it.


v20003 -Updated .TOC, no other changes
v20000 -WatchTower will no longer select units while using multiple enemy reporting. Not only was this
made impossible with the new patch, but was completely unnecessary to begin with.
-Verbose mode is now off by default, but will persist for those that already have WT.
Use /wt verbose to toggle it on/off
-Radarblip no longer included since it uses a redundant addon
11200-2 Bug Fixes
-Options menu should now only come up the first time the addon is loaded, or after a new version is installed
Added custom channel feature (finally)
Added custom message feature
Menu button added in Cosmos menu (Khaos menu scrapped)
Option added to output to battleground chat (1.12 /bg)
Option added to report a player's server (1.12 cross realm BG)
11200 Bug Fixes
v1.7 - Added Cosmos (Khaos) and UUI compatibility
Added tons of various fixes and changes
v1.6 - Additions by Sancho: Changed addon to use UnitLevel() appropriately (changed by blizzard
to return -1 when the enemy is 10 levels above you). Added Verbose and Debug Modes. Added
output options for single enemy reporting. Added Player Name/Guild info to output options.
Coordinate functionality taken from AlarmSystem, thanks to Torgo, the author, and voozoodoo
for ripping it.
1.6 Bug Fixes
-Removed Heading functionality (UnitFacing() taken out by blizzard)
-Fixed typo that was messing up raid channel reporting
-Fix by Jhax: Now reports pvp enabled/disabled correctly
v1.5 - Additions by Sancho: Multiple enemy reporting, Raid channel broadcasting
1.5 Bug Fixes
-Fixed faction auto-detection (hopefully) and removed from saved variable list
-Fixed language auto-detection (hopefully) and removed from saved variable list
v1.4 - Added detection for GUI to show saved settings. Added Rownes Variable saves and GUI detection.
1.4 Bug Fixes
- Auto Language detection to determine what language the message should be sent in.
- Removed bug causing error on NPC Targeting. Will now display message that player can only
target players of the selected enemy faction.

v1.3 - Added GUI interface...and options to send message to Party, Guild and Local Def.
added Simple slash commands.
v1.2 - Corrected Autofaction code. Added Message notification of Enemy Faction, also added
message telling user if Target is currently PVP enabled or not.
v1.1 - Removed the Player Set variable of WTChannel to allow program to post to Local Defense.
Added autodetect for faction on load of Watch Tower. WatchTower will now automatically
set your enemy faction to the opposite of that which you are playing.

v1.0 - Sends message containing targets Faction, Race, Level, Subzone and Heading (Compass Style)

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