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Version: 4.4.3
by: Alarisha [More]
PLEASE NOTE: Auditor is now made for LibDataBroker (LDB). A list of LDB Display Addons and other addons using LDB can be found here.

If you use FuBar, then just grab Broker2FuBar, and Auditor will merrily show up as it always has done for you, once you have enabled it in the Broker2FuBar options.

Author: Alarisha - alarisha [.at.] gmail [.dot.] com

Auditor is a nifty addon that tracks your incoming and outgoing money from a variety of sources, and provides an easy to use Data Broker interface to choose whose data you would like to look at, and for what time period. It is, essentially, MoneyFu for those who have obsessive information disorder. Like me. Yes, I *must* know how much I spent on training last week. Why? I dunno. But I must.

- LDB at last! Yes, your eyes don't deceive you. Probably.
- Money tracking, and lots of it.
- Data separated by realm.
- Character totals.
- Combined totals.
- Clickable tooltip to customise what you can and can't see.
- Ability to look at all your characters' specific data from any of your other characters on that realm.
- Accounts can be viewed per session, day, last seven days, or in their full, all-time glory.
- Cash notification options.
- Optional auto-repairs (per-character preference).
- Optional auto-sell for grey items (per-realm preference).
- Time offsets, so you can set Auditor to reset when dailies reset!
- Many things. Just get it and see!

What does Auditor track?
- Loot money! Whether you are solo, in a party or in a raid.
- Vendor money! Stuff you buy from or sell to vendors.
- Quest money! Money you gain from quests, and money you spend on quests (e.g. the Scholomance Key quest).
- Trade money! Doing enchants or transmutes? Yep, it catches money exchanged in trade.
- Mail money! Sending money to/from your alts or friends? Tracked.
- AH money! At last, both outgoing AND incoming Auction House money is tracked.
- Training money! How much did you spend on training and respecs? Do you care? Well, you'll know anyway.
- Flight money! Spent a day flying about Azeroth? See how much you should claim back on your tax expenses.
- Repairs money! See how much money you really spent on repairing your kit after those instances.
- Unknown money! Money gained/lost, but for whatever reason, Auditor can't work out where it's from. Better than nothing, anyway.
- Reconciliation money! That's money for when you just installed Auditor, and it has to account for the cash you have right now, or for when you crashed, or were logged on at a friend's house. It's all good.
- Guild Bank money! Money you deposit or withdraw from your Guild Bank. Exciting, I know.
- LFG reward money! Guild contributions money! Reforging money!

When does it track it for?
Auditor tracks your money on a per session, per day, per last-seven-days and all-time basis.

Known Bugs:
Version 4.4.3
* Fix for tiny bug causing incorrect Contributions for guilds over level 15.

Version 4.4.2
* Fix for bad category upgrading (which assumed that all toons in the database already had historical data).
* Thanks to Zidomo from WoWi for the accurate bug report.

Version 4.4.1
* Added new category for LFG reward money.
* Completed Contributions category.

Version 4.4.0
* Bumped .toc for 4.0.
* Library updates.
* Added new category for Reforging.
* Added beginnings for Contributions category for Guild contributions based on looted cash.

Version 4.3.3
* Bumped .toc for 3.3.
* Library updates.

Version 4.3.2
* Rejigged event code in the data engine. This fixes the issue with Scrap, as well as being slightly neater.

Version 4.3.1
* Updated for newfangled LQT.
* Removed LQTC.
* Bumped .toc.
* Added .toc line for WoWi Minion. Woot!

Version 4.3.0
* Omg, so much awesome new clicky stuff.
* Right-click now cycles backwards.
* You can now click-through to Absurd and back again. It's pretty awesome. Try clicking a category and see what happens!
* Fix for tooltip not showing with NinjaPanel. Thanks, Torhal! <3

Version 4.2.0
* Buh, I suck.
* Fixed stupid error.
* Thanks to CodeRedLin from WoWi for pointing out my tardiness.

Version 4.1.9
* Reverted to 4.1.6 while I fix some stupid mistakes I made.

Version 4.1.8
* Reordered a function to hopefully fix nil error some people are getting.

Version 4.1.7
* LQTC-1.1.
* Efficient efficiencies. Efficiently.

Version 4.1.6
* Auditor now remembers which timeframe you were looking at.

Version 4.1.5
Auditor now respects bar money style once again.

Version 4.1.4
* Fixed combined audits.
* Filtered character setting is now respected by the combined audit.

Version 4.1.3
* Plays more happily with other LQT addons.
* General efficiency improvements.
* Fix to possible bug with tooltip cash counting.

Version 4.1.2
* Temporary fix for annoying column clipping problem.
* Fix for misleading repair notification.

Version 4.1.1
* Filtered characters no longer contribute to realm total display.
* Added toggle for character total on broker display.
* Bugfix related to setting time offsets.
* Bugfix related to cashflow minimisation.
* A ton of code optimisations.
* Better implementation of graphical broker display.
* Some .toc changes.

Version 4.1.0
* Added toggleable net profit to broker display.
* Added graphical display for broker display (coins). Bear in mind that graphical mode prevents realm and net profit totals from showing.

Version 4.0.5
* Fix for Time Offset error.

Version 4.0.4
* Added in Profile management.
* Fix for icon setting not saving when using Broker2FuBar.

Version 4.0.3
* Added adjustable tooltip scale.
* Removed a couple of random commented out bits I forgot to take out earlier.

Version 4.0.1
* Oops. Bad me. Bad!

Version 4.0.0
* Ell dee bee (LDB).
* Spicy meatballs.
* An icon I quite liked. Spot it if you can!

Version 3.2.1a
* Reuploaded for some people who are having issues with being unable to download the latest version for some reason!

Version 3.2.1
* Fixed stupid error caused by removal of certain globals in patch 2.4.2. Undocumented Blizz rando-changes ftw!

Version 3.2.0
* Finally fixed timezone issues, which was seriously complicated!
* New option: Time Offset - you can use this to make Auditor reset at a time other than midnight, local time. Useful for dailies etc.
* Reworked date storage system: A random side-effect of this is that if you play in a non-English locale, the month should bizarrely be localised for your language!
* Combined totals: You can now access this option by clicking on 'Total' at the bottom of the tooltip. It is a toggleable, per-realm option, and will override the 'Character to show...' option while active.
* PLEASE NOTE: Your seven day audit will be cleared out upon installing this update. Your Total audit will not be affected. Essentially, it will just appear like you haven't logged on for a week. No data is lost!

Version 3.1.0
* Added in optional use of guild bank for auto-repairs. This function also keeps a running total of the amount of guild money you have used so far for repairs, per toon, displayed in chat (like the Cash Notify stuff).
* Reworked Auto-Repair function to work properly with faction reductions. This does, however, mean that Auto-Sell Grey Items mods will screw up the categorisation of repairs. So...
* Added Auto-Sell Grey Items function. This is accessible in the options menu under Merchant Options --> Auto-Sell. If you want to use Auto-Repair and Auto-Sell mods with Auditor, feel free - but the functions now included in Auditor are the only ones 99% likely to work properly. It is defaulted to off, and is a per-realm option.
* Changed menu options and options storage layout. These will be clarified below:
Merchant Options --> Auto-Repair (per-character option), Guild Repair (per-character option) and Auto-Sell (per-realm option).
Cash Notify --> AH, Mailbox, Vendor, Trainer, Guild Bank (per-realm options)
And various other cleanups of tooltip options into better organised categories.
* P.S. Using other Auto-Repair and Auto-Sell mods is cool, like I said, nothing will break - but your Repair and Vendor categories will not maintain accuracy.
* .toc bump for 2.4.

Version 3.0.4
* Fixed some library issues for those running without FuBar.

Version 3.0.3
* Added option to allow display of Realm Total on FuBar, e.g. 101.7g/5342.6g.

Version 3.0.2
* Nil check added for when AuditorFu has been disabled, or hasn't finished loading.

Version 3.0.1
* Added in Guild Bank category.

Version 3.0.0
* Complete rewrite. Crossed fingers, everyone. Hehehehe.
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Unread 10-09-06, 03:12 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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good addon but isnt this the same as moneyfu?
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Unread 10-09-06, 01:29 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Yipes, sorry about that. This is my first AddOn, and despite testing, I didn't catch that bug because, well, I like it in the top left - and seeing the Position bit in the dropdown, I assumed all was well.

Silly me!

I have fixed it now, though, so enjoy, and thanks for your comments/kind words!

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Unread 10-09-06, 12:28 PM  
Lazlo Daggerdale
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Same here can't move position

I have same problem can't move the position
Great !! nice to see the accountant in Fubar ;-)
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Unread 10-09-06, 12:15 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Excellent mod, works fine except for just one part, I can't seem to change the position of the add-on, when I right click the AccountFu, select position, it just shows up as blank or nothing at all.

Love the mod though!
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