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Version: 2.4.3
by: Darthgnomer [More]

When receiving multiple quests from a NPC the quest on the top of their list is the first quest, the second quest down on the list is the second, the third one is the third. This addon allows players to key bind a key to quickly go through the quest completion frames for a certain position quest. The addon does this by using some functions which go through the quest frames so that the player doesn't have to click on the "Accept" and "continue" buttons and can quickly turn in quests and get on with the game.

Modified to work properly with 2.4.3
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Unread 03-17-07, 09:47 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Actually Filadan, that was my intention when I made this addon in the first place so yes, it should (and from my tests still does) work like that for AV and all quests. In fact, when Blizzard first increased AV item drops and I still needed rep I made the decision to just loot like crazy and turn in as much as possible as fast as possible and this lets you do just that. Went from AV honored to Exalted in about 5 games with that, .

EDIT: For druid orbs you might want to set it to the second quest turnin for the groups of 10.
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Unread 03-16-07, 04:10 PM  
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Does this work with quests that come up as the basic talk window?

Like the wing commanders in AV, you talk to them and they instantly pull up the quest completion window. Does it work with those so you can just talk and click spam? heh
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