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Auto-Attack Alert

Version: 1.3b
by: Dalahir [More]

Auto-Attack Alert v1.3

--What it does:

This is a very simple mod I wrote for myself to suit my own playstyle, that turned out to be pretty useful to other people. All it does is provide a movable

image to let you know if you have auto-attack enabled or not. I found auto-attack seemed to turns itself off a bit when switching targets, which is

especially annoying while tanking, so this will let you know if it needs to be turned back on. Works much like the Attack action, but I didn't like wasting

a valuble action slot to something I never used, only watched. Still to come is some customisability, since not everyone likes things exactly how I do.


Like all mods, just unzip it into the AddOns folder located in your WoW directory and make sure it's enable it from your character selection screen.

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A Kobold Labourer

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This is a really nice addon. I like the concept.

I to have issues with auto attack, and this one is perfect.

The question I have is, is there a way you can make it so you can do the following:

1. Highlight when in combat.
2. Ability to remove the border of the button.
3. Scale, opacity, keybindable, etc.

I see you mention a desire to make this customizeable. I encourage this!
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