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Version: v1.3
by: junbin [More]

*DISCLAIMER: This utility directly modifies your WTF directory by deleting files it thinks is redundant. This MAY result in a loss of data. You are advised to backup your WTF directory before using this utility.*

Everytime you install an addon that saves any sort of data (settings, game data, etc.), it will create a LUA file in your WTF directory.

When you uninstall an addon, these LUA files are not always deleted. This leads to your WTF directory getting pretty large if you keep uninstalling addons with huge data files (Flexbar, Gatherer, Auctioneer, etc.)

WoW likes to load every file in your WTF directory, even if the addon is deleted and the settings are not required any longer. This leads to memory consumption and basically "dead" code in your WoW instance. For a decent computer, it usually isn't a big problem, you'll notice a bit of lag here and there, but it is still playable. But for a computer with less resources, this can lead to crashes and ridiculously low FPS (I had 1 FPS once.. )

WoWClean looks through your WTF directory and cleans out all the setting files with no corresponding addons.

** C++ source code included **


WoWClean looks in your WTF directory and ALL subdirectories. Any subdirectory with the name of "SavedVariables" (case INsensitive) will be processed. Anything else will be left alone.

This means that if you have a toon named "Savedvariables", it will very likely result in lost data since every LUA file in there will be flagged as having a "missing addon" and deleted.

WoWClean.exe MUST be in your WoW main directory (the one with WoW.exe) for it to work. Otherwise, it'll just give an error.

This is a commandline/DOS utility. There is no fancy GUI to keep the EXE small since well, there's only one option anyway.

wowclean.exe [bak/backup]

bak/backup - when specified, deletes all backup files of missing addons as well as the lua files
v1.0 - Initial release
v1.1 - Sorting bug fix [using v1.0 MAY result in data loss due to this bug]
v1.2 - Added a "backup" or "bak" option, using this will delete the backup files of missing addons as well as the lua files. E.g: "wowclean.exe bak"
v1.3 - Seems I can't do anything right the first time... small bug fix for 1.2 which basically deleted all backup files instead of just those that had missing addons

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