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Updated: 11-10-06 07:21 AM
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Updated:11-10-06 07:21 AM


Version: 0.1
by: Garfield [More]

The addon will go through your spellbook (and your pet's if you have it) and check if it can find the highest rank of each kind of spell on your actionbars.
Afterwards it reports the missing spells.

Passive spells are skipped as you can not place them on your action bar anyway.

I assume there are certain spells you don't want on your actionbars so you can blacklist those so the next time that you check they are not displayed anymore as missing.


/src check
display missing spells on your screen

/src blacklist
Add ALL the current missing spells to your blacklist

/src list
List your blacklisted spells

/src rest
Clears your blacklist

I do not want to add or overload this with tons of features as the addon is not used during normal gameplay ... it's just a check.

Things to do:
The pet functionality still has to be checked as i don't have a character that has a pet.

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