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Version: 2.26
by: Turkey [More]

- This mod is currently in suspension, as the author is busy and annoyed at Blizzard. The current version does not work with 2.0, but a new version may be out in the coming few weeks which will.
- This mod has been available on Curse-Gaming for some time, and has been greatly updated from its first appearance. The original site may be found here.
- Version 2.20 is not absolutely complete, as I am still awaiting the completion of the Spanish translation. There are also a couple of minor bugs and added features which will be in the next release. Please visit Curse-Gaming to download an earlier version, if you wish to.

When you sheep a mob, you will automatically emote to warn neaby players that you are going to, with several different options (Note: All settings may be disabled at will; nothing *must* be enabled):
- List of zones in which you will never display the emote.
- List of units for whom you will never display the emote when sheeping.
- List of units for whom you will always display the emote when sheeping.
- Stop casting your current spell when sheeping.
- Emote when sheeping FFA-PvP-enabled players.
- Emote when sheeping normal PvP-enabled players.
- Emote when resheeping a target.
- Automatically polymorph mind controlled targets in your raid, or, if you wish, only a specific person if they're mind controlled. When polymorphing a Mind Controlled player, you can also use a specific rank of Polymorph on the target (to make it automatically break more quickly), display a warning and/or an emote, and if you wish ignore zone tests that would disable the emote for an enemy non-player-character.
- Randomised emotes, giving 8 different messages when casting Polymorph and 3 more if your Polymorph is resisted.
- A timer will show how long your target has been polymorphed for.
- Spam inhibitor will prevent the emote from being sent more than once every 1-30 seconds for the same or any target.
- If using a foreign language pack, you may choose to emote in English instead of the language of your client if you wish.
- Option to turn the target into a random animal depending on what spells you have (eg. sheep, pig or turtle).
- Key bindings to polymorph a target, or open the options.

With two extra features:
- Buff timer, displaying how long remaining on a buff, to the nearest second.
- Sheep button doubles up as AoE button while fighting Nefarian.

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Unread 01-09-07, 09:50 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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It isn't currently compatible with 2.0, but I have a version almost complete which does work. I'll upload it once I've finished updating it, but that won't be too soon because I'm a bit busy IRL atm and my WoW subscription has been cancelled until BC.
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Unread 01-09-07, 05:33 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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is this a working mod? the descriptions says it's not but it say updated on in the mod list, very confusing.
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Unread 01-07-07, 04:45 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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Is there a version of this working for 2.0 ? the new patch.
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Unread 11-30-06, 10:06 PM  
A Cobalt Mageweaver

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[2006/11/30 22:57:17-691]: SheepMod\SheepMod.lua:74: attempt to index a nil value
SheepMod\SheepMod.lua:74: in function `OnEnterWorld'
SheepMod\SheepMod.lua:123: in function `OnEvent'
<string>:"SheepModFrame:OnEvent":2: in main chunk

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