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Healing Range Alpha

Version: 4.3
by: Crepusculu [More]

HealingRangeAlpha v4.3 (WoW-beta)
Written by Crepusculu of Stormrage

This addon changes friendly unit frame's alpha and color based on distance

- Support for any unit frame using secure templates
- Alpha values adjustable per range
- Color blends adjustable per range
- Available ranges depend on what spells you can cast

Latest version
4.3 - beta
Included target, targettarget, focus, and party pet units
Fixed interval being treated as second instead of milliseconds
Solved unit color switching problem in combination with colorizing
Only friendly units updated
Disabling HRA should attempt to reset colors
Zero color depth disables all coloring
4.2 - beta
Range color option added. Recursive function that changes textures, statusbars, and normal textures on buttons, cycling through each layer of children as specified by user input.
Extra flash to ui. Color wheel fun. Having trouble reporting color changes to the right button without sending the button as an argument, due in part to the sorting of ranges on the slider list.


/hra -- access the option menu

Enabled HRA -- Turns on and off HRA updates
(ms) interval updates -- Adjust the frequency of updates. Zero will update whenever possible
colorize depth level -- Adjust the structural depth of textures in the unit frame that get colored. Zero disables colors
slider bars -- Alpha value for specified range
color boxes -- Color value to blend with button textures for specified range

Known Issues:

Need Profiling! Yarrrr. WTB easy to use drop-down menu design.

Got a question, suggestion, or a bug? Feel free to comment! A more in depth dicsussion of this mod has been posted in

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