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Version: 3.0.2 Kossorri
by: Edgerin [More]

ver. 3.0.2

Kossorri updated this mod and deserves all the credit. I would appreciate it if everyone who loves this mod would post a thank you to him below.


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Unread 12-08-06, 03:24 AM  
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I just updated for the 7th bank bag, I overlooked it when I was trying to get it to work. As with the old version I am having issue's with getting the keybag identified and movable. So you will recieve an error message when opening and closing it.

Thanks for pointing out the 7th bank slot though. My bank still had lots of room so I opted to not purchase the extra slot yet. However with this version 1.3 you have full movability of all your bank bags.

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Unread 12-08-06, 01:23 AM  
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you might want to add another moverframe in the xml and change some lines in the lua, so the new 7th bank bagslot is supported
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Unread 12-07-06, 11:06 PM  
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Thank You!!!!

Been waiting for this mod-i have a need to position my bags just where i want them
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