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ItemInfo 4.2.2 with Gem Identifier

Version: 4.2.2
by: Siz [More]

This is a modified version of ItemInfo 4.2.2 by Nathanmx.

This version shows you links for the jewels that are present in an item link. Make sure you put a check in the Verbose Info box, then use the "/iinfo [Item Link]" command to see the information about an item as well as the jewel links at the end.

It is very possible that I missed some jewels. If you find one that is reported as Unknown, please reply below with the number that is displayed. Other authors feel free to use the enchantID->jewel table in your own addons if you wish. Credit is always nice!

Here's an example macro to create your own custom item (see screenshot for the result)

/item name Bulwark of the Ancient Kings
/item color purple
/item id 28485
/item suffix 0
/item unique 0
/item enchant 0
/item gem1 3060
/item gem2 3053
/item gem3 3080
/item gem4 0
/ilink adv
Updated 6/??/2007 Coming Soon...
-Use the new GetItemGem(link,index) function instead of maintaining a list translating enchant IDs to gems. This should reduce the memory used significantly.
-Added some enchant identifications for more common enchants. You'll now see the enchant link with mats for some enchants. The list is far from complete.

Updated 2/17/2007
-Updated to use Nathanmx's latest version 4.2.2
-Added Jewel identification

Updated 1/12/2007
-Support Negative SuffixIDs and UniqueIDs
-Updated TOC to 20003

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You may want use JewelTips instead.

I will probably post an update soon though.
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Unread 08-19-07, 12:25 PM  
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No more development? :|
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