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Version: 24039
by: Nirek [More]

Nvp is an addon I wrote because I was getting sick of having to check websites, or fly out to vendors to find out what I could buy with honor. It is a fubar menu that contains every item you can buy with honor from the various battleground vendors etc. It will work standalone as a minimap icon.
Note: Should be compatable and localized to any version of WoW.

-- Changes: 24039
Fixed Alliance localization (yay for the inconsistent blizzard api)

-- Changes: 23808
Somehow lost AceDB in the toc, fixed.

--Changes: 23376
Fixed a typo in the Alliance Warlock fileset

As far as I'm aware, most of the data sets should be mostly complete now, if you find an item you think is missing, or an item that has a honor cost and wsg mark of 1, please let me know either here, or at

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Items for different level

I'm level 43 and I would also like to see how much items for 40-49 lvl cost
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Unread 01-07-07, 06:19 AM  
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I must say this is handy :P
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