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Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
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Version: 6.0.3
by: Waywocket [More]

Keeps a log of the enemies you kill, along with your deaths in combat, and calculates the average XP gained from different creatures, adding this information to the tooltip when you mouse-over a creature.
Also keeps a record of the highest damage you've dealt with spells and abilities.

This addon was originally created by Frenn, then updated by Detritis - many thanks to them both.
-- Waywocket

+ Version 6.0.3
* Changes:-
Update for WoW 6.0
Allow storing up to 100 levels of monsters, to reflect WoD level cap.

+ Version 5.0.5
* Changes:-
Track deaths due to environmental damage (falling, fatigue, etc.).
Numerous code cleanups.

+ Version 5.0.4
* Changes:-
Update for WoW 5.0
Allow storing up to 90 levels of monsters, to reflect MoP level cap.

+ Version 4.2.0
* Changes:-
Update for WoW 4.2

+ Version 4.1.0
* Changes:-
Update for WoW 4.1. Thanks to sztosz for testing since I don't have a WoW
subscription at the moment.

Anyone using version 4.0.3 since patch 4.1 came out will have log entries
using GUIDs instead of creature names; I'll see if I can find a way of
correcting those old entries.

+ Version 4.0.3
* Changes:-
Update for WoW 4.0
Removed a lot of dead code
* Bug Fixes
Creep list is once again coloured appropriately
Old creep data will be correctly expired when the number of levels to store
is greater than 70 but less than the current character level.
* Known Issues:
The number of levels to track isn't automatically increased. If you
currently have it set to 80 and want to store all creep history then you'll
need to increase it to 85 in the options pane.
+ Version 2.99.0
* Changes:-
Update for WoW 3.0.2.
Colouring of creep names in the log is disabled until I have the time to
research how this should be done now.
This has been briefly tested and all other incompatibilities should be
fixed, but for the moment should be considered beta. When the colouring is
fixed and I've used it a little more, I'll release it as version 3.0 (or
perhaps even 3.0.2) and try to track the WoW version so as to indicate the
version compatibility.

+ Version 2.7.0
* Changes:-
Reinstated death tracking, now that WoW 2.4.2 has been released,
making it once again possible to detect when the player dies.
* Known Issues:-
This should have the same behaviour as the feature prior to WoW 2.4.0.
This means it infers the killer based on who hit the player last,
according to the combat log. Consequently it may (in theory) suffer
from races, if combat messages do not arrive in the correct order, and
it can't track environmental deaths (falling, drowning, lava, ...).)

+ Version 2.6.9
* Changes:-
Updated to record combat information provided by the new combat log system
introduced in patch 2.4.0.
The method for tracking kills has changed, and is described in the
'Description' section below.
* Known Issues:-
Player deaths are not recorded, due to a bug in the game: the 'UNIT_DIED'
combat event does not fire upon the death of the player. As a workaround, I
tried registering for notification of the 10% durability loss on equipped
items instead, but couldn't get it to work.
The fix for this issue is scheduled to be included in WoW 2.4.2.

+ Version 2.6.2a
* Bug Fixes:-
- Fixes bug with debugging messages with fresh installs only (this version is not needed if you are updating from an earlier version)

+ Version 2.6.2
* Bug Fixes:-
- Added additional checks for max level, should correct the issue of data recording being unreliable at max level.
- Implemented smeehrr's fix as an additional check.

+ Version 2.6.1
* Additions:-
- Adjusted the way location data is saved, resulting in a smaller saved variable file
** Please be advised that depending on the amount of data you have the first time you load WoW could take anywhere from an additonal 30 seconds to 1 minute to load. (Only happens once)

* Beta Version *
+ Version 2.5.2b
* Bug Fixes:-
-- Attempt to fix bug with creeps not being recorded at maximum level ( untested as I don't have a lvl 70 )

+ Version 2.5.2
* Additions:-
-- The 'Level' list will now color the creeps according to the level at which you killed them, instead of based on your current level.
-- Added the new 'rare-elite' border to the rare-elite class in the listing
* Fixes:-
-- A little more room at the bottom of the 'General Window' for widescreen resolutions.

+ Version 2.5.1
* Bug Fixes:-
-- Fixed issue with maxLevel not being set with a fresh install.

+ Version 2.5.0
* Additions:-
-- Check for level 70.
-- Reworked the way the 'Family' information was updated.
-- Debugging can now be enabled from the options menu.
-- Debug levels 1 - 3 disabled.

+ Version 2.4.9
* Additions:-
-- Added 2 new sorting levels to the dropdown menus, Class and Location.
-- Made support for SCT optional, enable in the options tab.
-- Added option to change display color for the maximum damage notification.
* Data Updates:-
-- Slight change to how the coordinates are saved to the database, allows for a small reduction in memory usage.

+ Version 2.4.8
* Additions:-
-- Added Hunter's autoshot to the list of recorded data.
* Bug Fixes:-
-- Fixed issue with debugging being enabled by default instead of being disabled.
-- Fixed error with checking current level information. (Problem with switching to a new character with a fresh install)

+ Version 2.4.7
* Additions:-
-- Expanded Total Kills and Total Deaths on the General Tab to show all sources of your deaths and kills. (Thanks to Dridzt for the suggestion)
-- Maximum hit and crit information sent to SCT if installed. (Thanks to IRID1UM for the suggestion)
* Bug Fixes:-
-- Corrected issue with not being credited with the kill if the mob didnt give you xp.
-- Adjusted the ScrollFrame on the General Tab to view extra data missing from the end.

+ Version 2.4.6b
* Updated to WoW 20003
* Fixed saved variable saving per character instead of global

+ Version 2.4.6
* Fixed error with missing 'Level' data point

+ Version 2.4.5:
* Updated to WoW 2.0
* Fixed table errors (pairs)
* Fixed creep names not displaying at all in list
* Fixed collapse button text not displaying
* Location tracking slighty changed to include the 'outer bounds' you found a creep
* Furhter expanded debug functions to include deleting a creep family you specified from the database (View readme for full details)

+ Version 2.3.1:
* Added ability to store unknown creep family to database and to specify which family you want
* Changed format of Death list
* Expanded debug functionality to include adding a creep family you specify to the database
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Unread 01-09-07, 12:01 PM  
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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Pretty nice
Are you taking feature requests?

If so, is it possible to have subdivisions in the Creep Summary kills/deaths category?
Specifically have separate counters for normal / elite kills deaths or maybe just output them
Total Kills: 203 / 73+
Total Deaths: 2 / 5+

which would mean killed 203 normal and 73 elite mobs
died 2 times to normal, 5 times to elite mobs.

Thanks for sharing your work goes without saying.

PS. I can probably help or submit a patch if this change is something you find fitting the mod character.
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Unread 01-09-07, 11:37 AM  
A Black Drake
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I have fixed the error you were getting, more then likely caused during the WoW 2.0 update and KillLog not working and you leveling your character a little.

As for the other message you are getting:- The message is simply to let you know that certain mobs that you kill have missing data (blame blizzard), this has no impact what-so-ever on KillLog storing the data.

I simply added this feature to KillLog so that when I browsed the 'Family' list from the dropdown menu I didnt end up with 2000 odd mob names in the 'Unknown' category. You should however not even be seeing those messages unless you changed the debug level from 0 (default) to another value. If you did not change it and you still get those messages with this new version let me know and I'll adjust it again.

For further information on the 'family' aspect please read the enclosed readme file or simply ignore the function altogether.


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Unread 01-09-07, 06:01 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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I commonly recieve some message of an unknown family type thing when I target a creature and it tells me that it will put under a category, like critter or humanoid but to update.
Besides that I also have gotten the following error:
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Unread 01-06-07, 12:37 PM  
A Black Drake
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Saved Variables

Just a quick reminder, please remember to make a backup of your SavedVariables folder before running this version if you are updating from an older one.

I have done my best to maintain compatability with previous versions however I have only been keeping the original version released by Frenn up-to-date and did not download the 'Kill Log Relaunched' version at all.

I am not certain if it would have any effect but better to be safe then sorry

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