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Updated: 01-21-07 04:32 AM
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Updated:01-21-07 04:32 AM


Version: 1.02
by: Widgertick [More]

Lukewarm is a library designed for displaying lists in the user interface. It uses methods similar to GameTooltip, making it more comfortable to use for experienced authors.

Lukewarm frames are resizable, have optional configuration methods, support multiple text positionings, auto-abbreviation, and can display textures on a per-line basis. The example texture included for the bar can be easily changed, allowing for customization of appearance on per-addon basis.

Change Log
Version 1.02-

  • Added Lukewarm_SCTWarning function for throwing warnings to SCT when it's installed
  • Fixed TOC

Version 1.01
  • Added SetPercentage function, for defining how much of a bar's BG to show.
  • Fixed some bugs where locking a window did not prevent from being moved.

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