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Item Link Recolor

Version: 3.0.4
by: Silvanas [More]

Item Link Recolor adds more color to chat messages that got either a itemlink or a amount of money in it

Item links get an extra (??) showing the minium required level for the item.
So you can imedatly see if its to high or way to low for you.

the level get colored according to your own level as show below:
itemlevel is higher then yourlevel + 5
itemlevel is higher then your but not more then 5 higher
itemlevel is your level
itemlevel is not more then 5 levels lower then your level
itemlevel is more then 5 level lower then u

Also the [ ] a the begging and end of a itemlink get color RED if u cant use that item at that point, this can be becase:
it may have a to high minuim level
you can maybe not enquip that type or armor
you already know that tradeskill or dont got that type of trade skill
your tradeskill level of that type is to low
or something else

Money also gets colored according to your own money as shown below:
its to expansive for u.
you dont have enough money but u are close to it.
you got enough money but, it will cost almost all your money.
you can pay it.
you can easely pay it.

Socket info dispaly how many sockets an item contains using * at the end of the item name these * color depending on thier socket:
Red socket
Blue Socket
Yellow Socket
Meta Socket
Filled Socket

And btw it might look messy in the screenshot but, normaly your entire chat window isnt filled whit itemlinks so its not bad.

Good luck whit it.

Version 3.0.4
Removed some debugging info i forgot

Version 3.0.3
Updated TOC version number
Fixed for MoP 11 sections itemlinks

Version 3.0.2
Tested on MoP
Make two hooks secure
Removed itemlink show hook as it nolonger seems needed
Removed /it command as it was non functioning leftover from debugging

Version 3.0.1
Now the money colorling of ..K as 1000g should work
TOC version updated to 4.3

Version 3.0.0
Updated for WoW 4.2, was about time id update it
Updated silvanas addonlib
Moneycoloring of Copper got removed
Moneycoloring now sepport ..K as 1000g
Mouseover tooltip now sepports instance lockout info
Fixed the option to show or hide required levels to work again

Version 2.4.3
some achiements would break when money color was enabled this has been fixed

Version 2.4.2
u can now link BoA items :P

Version 2.4.1
Updated TOC version

Version 2.4.0
Now works on WoW 3.0.2
Updated Silvanas Addonlib
Nolonger errors on player / channel links

Version 2.3.4
Hopefully fixed the bug that cased the settings to reset

Version 2.3.3
fixed a version number bug in silvanas addon lib

Version 2.3.2
fixed a bug reported whit ItemLinkRecolor_ChatFrame_OnHyperlinkEnter()

Version 2.3.1
updated for wow version 2.4.3
updated silvanas addonlib
fixed time delay functions in silvanas addonlib

Version 2.3.0
now works even on itmes u havent seen before
updated for wow version 2.4.1
added abelity to show mini item icons
interface moved to the wow option panel
when an item link is not your local cache it will be load for next time

Version 2.2.1
made compatable whit SuperiorEpix

Version 2.2.0
code updated for WoW 2.3
added optional sepport for the Superior Epix addon

version 2.1.9
minor bugfix where items whit 3 sockets got showns asif they had 4

Version 2.1.8
Specail items id's are now also colored
toc updated for patch 2.1.3
updated silvanas addonlib

Version 2.1.7
Added a new optional function to enable 'mouseover' item tooltips

Version 2.1.6
Updated toc version for patch 2.1.2
New scanning methot for recipies and seppport for the yellow colored links

Version 2.1.4
Updated toc version for patch 2.0.8
Fixed coloring of recipy that allow the user ot create socketed item

Version 2.1.3
Fixed relinking of socketed item links
Refixed missing auctioneer tooltips

Version 2.1.1
Updated toc version for patch 2.0.4

Version 2.1.0
Fixed for wow version 2.0.3

Version 2.0.2
Fixed bug in the new SilvanasAddonLib

Version 2.0.1
Updated code for WoW 2.0
Updated SilvanasAddonLib
Updated interfcecode

Version 2.0.0
Burning Crusade Compatable
nolonger colors m8s as 8 silver
Added abiletie to show sockets info
Added interface / removed commands
money coloring now defauls to enabled
updated silvanas addonlib

Version 1.2.3
nolonger shows the item level if item if minium level is 1
orange now matches the orange color of legendairy items

Version 1.2.2
fixed shiftclick relinking of colored links
this also fixed auctioneer item link tooltip bug and other posable addons bugs
autiocneer compatabiletie removed since its nologer needed after the bugs have been fixed
optimsied code a litle bit
now also colors outgoing whispers

Version 1.2.1
fixed actioneer 3.6.1 compatibiletie
optimsied OnEvent system

Version 1.2.0
fixed compeltely disapaering messages by a big moddification in the hook
updated toc
updated silvanaslib

Version 1.1.8
fixed a small scanning bug that would some unenquipable items show up as useable

Version 1.1.7
fixed 2 overflown bugs but in a bad way so the might be new probs atleast i tryed to fix it :p

Version 1.1.5
Fixed a small version number witch i forgot to update

Version 1.1.4
now only works on chat messages or loot message

Version 1.1.1
small bug fix for iems whitout a level got shown whit a () level witch is now gone again

Version 1.1.0
basic sepport added for customiseable colors for some items witch can be set in the "CustomRecolor.lua"
Money coloring now default to off becase of the many unforseen problems... :(
added a new comand to get he number of an item
actioneer sepport fixed for actionneer version 3.6.1
Setting now get saved and loaded back instead of jsut saved

Version 1.0.8
Fixed money coloring inside color strings
Hopefully fixed the german stack overflow
Fixed money enable or disable cmds

Version 1.0.5
Fixed money coloring system trigering on g2g
Fixed error when a nil message was send
Fixed compatibiltie whit Nerfed Combatlog (but not the actual prob that was casing the bug)

Version 1.0.3
Fixed bug where some item strings where nolonger localised
Fixed a bug where multiple item links in 1 chat message all would link to the first item
Money / itemlink coloing can now be turned on / off seperately

Version 1.0.0
First working version, after lots of debugging :p

Known Bugs:
Sometimes the itemlinks dont get colored but there is nothing i can do about it, its becase
the item does not exist in your local cache yet, so the information is not aviable yet
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should be fixed now, better late then never
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hmm i can't turn off the itemlevel feature even if i uncheck the option
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