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Set Quest Speed

Version: 1.01.20003
by: Malreth [More]

Once, there was a little girl who while wondering through the woods, came upon a little cabin. Rather than adhere to established social standards, she went inside and started eating the owner's food, sitting in their chairs, sleeping in their beds, and because of a deep-seated hatred of her mother and the lack of an appropriate father archetype during her development years, started accepting all of their quests.

"This quest text goes by too slow," the little girl complained -- the little brat that she was. She called her guild and they told her to, "Enable the 'Fast Quest Text' option... Noob."

"This quest text goes by too fast," whined the little girl -- obviously spoiled by an overly permissive parenting style.

"This quest text scoots by at juuuuust the right speed," she said after installing the Set Quest Speed addon and typing /setquestspeed (or /sqs).

The little girl then begged a nearby schizoid avoidant-dependent woodsman to PL her through the quest and for some gold which annoyed him greatly so he fed her to some bears. The end.

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ROFL! hahahahahahahahah
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ROFL @ story and picture
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