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Sell-O-Matic  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: l05
by: Silmano [More]

The purpose of this mod is to help us sell the kind of items that we get most frequently: Junk!

How to use it

  1. Open the merchant window.
  2. Check if the top right coin style button is greyed or not.
  3. If the button isn't greyed it means you have items to sell.
  4. If you hover your mouse above the button it will display the total profit you will earn.
  5. Hit the button and all junk items will be sold.
  6. Profit!

SellOMatic vs SellOMatic2
SellOMatic has been rewritten to give the old SellOMatic lovers the essence of the addon back, to sell those pesky junk items without complications: No options, no lists, no problems. Also it has been rewritten to be a light and fast addon.
SellOMatic2 is the evolution of the addon, giving the user the ability to choose which modules/functions to enable to configure the addon as the user needs. It includes list/item/class/destroy functions to suit a variety of needs. More info here

If you want to help with the localization of the addon feel free to use the new localization tool

Submit bugs or requests
Please use the ticket system to submit any bug or request

  • Added safe checks.
  • Updated TOC.
  • Updated locales.

  • Added merchant checks to avoid selling while merchant frame is closed or not available.
  • Added cursor checks to avoid selling while cursor has items or is doing something with them.
  • Moved vendor button to the left of the frame, to avoid colisions with filter.
  • Updated TOC to Mist of Pandaria.
  • Updated locales.

  • SellOMatic has been reborn as SellOMatic Legacy!
  • This is and will be the core of the old SellOMatic: sell only junk.
  • Recoded from scratch to make it light and fast.
  • Added all the new locales (ptBR and itIT).
  • Updated the rest of locales.
  • Removed auto sell.
  • Removed all options.
  • Removed item features.
  • Removed list features.
  • Removed destroy features.
  • Removed addon commands.
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Unread 02-08-07, 11:01 PM  
A Molten Giant
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Whats new in version 5??

My friend added support for showing what you get before selling junk to the Tooltip Mouse over on the Sell button.

Was wondering if you can add this as well. If thats not already in there now
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Unread 02-04-07, 09:41 AM  
A Murloc Raider
Silmano's Avatar
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Sorry for the late response...

EDIT!! I've uploaded the new version (0.4c) that adds support for links, you can add item links directly and it will sell them!

To delete items from the list, you have to do the following:
Type "/som show" to show the list of items. You will see each item has a number before the name, for example [2] = Raw.
If you wanna delete it, you have to type "/som remove #", where "#" is the number of the item.

Visual example:
1) First you need to know whats on the list, so you type "/som show"

You see the list with each item number in [ ].

2) You search the item you wanna delete (for example Pizza) and you type "/som delete 4", the number of the item (not the name).

If you do a "/som show" again you will see that item has been deleted and the list is now reordered.
Last edited by Silmano : 02-04-07 at 03:23 PM.
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Unread 01-20-07, 01:57 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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Thank You


Thank you for making/update this addon... i love it

If i Add an item with shift+click on the item to write into chat, it is in the list, but the addon dont sell the item on merchant. (if i add the name in the list, he does)

when i delete an item on the list, i become this error:

Fehler: bad argument #2 to 'remove' (number expected, got string)
AddOn: SellOMatic
Fehler Nummer:1

Can you fix this error pls? and is it possible that i can instant write the name into chat, i take the link from the item?

Sorry for my Bad english. im a stupid german.

Cya Maxx4u
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