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Version: 20003.3
by: chrispix [More]

Designed to help Warlocks manage the soul shards they create.
Creates a draggable button displaying the number of soul shards in a player's
inventory, and the number of empty bag slots. The green number at bottom right
is the number of soul shards, the white number at top left is the number of
open slots in non-soul shard bags, and the yellow number at top right is the
number of open slots in soul shard bags. Additionally, clicking the button
will delete a sould shard from inventory without a confirmtion dialog.

There are 2 configurable settings for ShardStatus: size and limit. The size setting allows
you to specify a font size between 9 and 24 for the numbers displayed. The default is 12.
The limit setting allows you to specify a max number of soul shards to keep in inventory.
When you create a soul shard above that limit, it will automatically be deleted for you.
If you set the limit to 0 or a negative number, no limit will be enforced.

Settings are saved on a per-character, per-realm basis, so you can enable it for you warlock(s),
and disable it on other characters if you wish.

Type /shardstatus or /ss for usage.

---Revision information---

1/4/2005 Release 1.1
Initial release.
1/15/05 Release 1.2
Added ability to set an upper limit of soul shards to allow in inventory and
ability to set the font size for the counters.
2/1/05 Release 1.3
Bug fix -- now correctly checks all bags when starting up
3/1/05 Release 4222.1
Updated for patch 4222 and switched to patch-based version numbering.
Fixed bugs with on/off slash command not working.
Fixed bug where turning ShardStatus off would hide the button but not the drag handle.
Added reset command to reset the button to its original position, just below the minimap.
3/23/2005 Release 1300.1
Updated for 3/22 patch.
6/21/2005 Release 1500.1
Updated for interface 1500
9/19/2005 Release 1700.1
Updated for interface 1700
Added per-character/realm support
Moved SavedVariables to toc file
1/8/2007 Release 20003.1
Updated for World of Warcraft 2.0
Changed empty slots display to only include non-shard bags
Added display of empty slots in shard bags
1/22/2007 Release 20003.2
Fixed "compare with nil" error when applying shard limit
1/31/2007 Release 20003.3
Fixed error at startup when one or more bag slots is not equipped
Shard deletion feature will no longer delete shards from shard bags

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Unread 07-16-07, 11:00 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Haha, I took that screenshot over 2 years ago. That frame is/was a part of the default UI. I haven't seen it in a while, but honestly I'm not sure whether that's because they took it out of the UI or I have a mod that's hiding it.

I'm assuming it's still in the game, because the Item Basics page still says:
If an item gets to low durability, a paper doll displays on your screen with the corresponding region shaded in yellow. Broken items are indicated by red shading on the paper doll.
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Unread 07-15-07, 12:58 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Hey what's that little avatar on the right of the shard add-on? I've been looking all over for this and I can't find it... Is this a durability mod?
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