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Version: 05.00.03.R
by: Garland [More]

.: Tip on Demand - Fifth Milestone :.

I created this Addon because I like having tooltips following my cursor but I was tired of not being able to control how and when they were actually shown, so I created this suite of tooltip handling functionality to deal with that problem.

For more information see the manual at Google Docs. The manual is also included in the zip (in the Other folder).

.: Changelog :.

05.00.03.R: Whilst working on another project, I noticed a bit of an oddity regarding FuBar module naming conventions, something that might cause problems and conflicts. I don't know if any of you will ever see problems from this could be bug but it's worth getting this version anyway, just in case. You will lose a few minor settings (such as FuBar position, left/center/right, showing/hiding text/icon and so on) purely related ot FuBar but it might be worth it for peace of mind. I'm not even sure if this is a real issue to be honest but... better safe than sorry.

05.00.02.R: Another small error I've caught in the Elements, if someone out there actually isn't using FuBar, an error would throw. I've got this fixed. If you have FuBar then you probably don't need this version. If you don't, I apologise for that silly goofup.

05.00.01.R: Oops, tiny prob in the Catch Frame module that could cause a cosmetic error for people not using SetKey (since that's now all optional). No rest for the wicked/sloppy!

05.00.00.R: So, fifth milestone release! Since this latest version seems to be stable, I'm bumping it up to the next milestone. I've also included a manual with the zip as you've no doubt read, just for that little extra bit of polish. Seems like ToD is really shaping up! As always, bug reports and feedback are most welcome.

(See the RelCodes.txt file included with this mod for an explanation of my version release codes.)

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Don't know whether anyone else will find this useful but it's here in case, enjoy and share any ideas you may have.
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