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Cowboy's Master Baiter

Version: 20006.003
by: Cowboy [More]

This addon has every feature I could possibly want in a fishing addon!

Here's a complete list of everything it can do:

1) Enable auto-loot when fishing, so you don't have to hold shift
2) Enhance audio when fishing, so you can better hear the bobber splash

These abilities are enabled by default, but you can type /cbmb to enable or disable them.

- Cowboy

This addon was initially released as Cowboy's Fishing AutoLoot, as auto-looting was the only feature I thought I needed. But then I realized that I also liked how FishingBuddy managed the audio, disabling the ambient noise and music.. and well, the name had to change to something a little less specific.

Upgrade note: If you originally had Cowboy's Fishing AutoLoot installed, be sure to delete it before installing this addon, as they will conflict with each other.

Companion fishing macro: If, like me, you've bound a macro to your mousewheel up or down instead of the default camera zoom, you can add these 2 lines to the beginning of that macro to simplify your casting. It will only cast if your fishing pole is equipped, otherwise it just executes your regular macro.

With this addon and macro, fisherman rejoice! You never need to touch that horrible keyboard again!

/cast [equipped:Fishing Pole] Fishing
/stopmacro [equipped:Fishing Pole]

Revision History
20006.003: Initial release as Cowboy's Master Baiter
20006.002: Minor bugfixes
20006.001: Initial Release as Cowboy's Fishing AutoLoot

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