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Chat Frame Extender 2  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.2.0
by: Satrina [More]

Version 2.2.0 - 19 October 2008

New in 2.2.0:
- Opening bags should not cause chat frames to resize anymore
- Options to not show channel names and channel numbers should work correctly now
- CFE options moved into the Interface panel
- Added basic options to suppress "channel voice" and "channel owner" spam when joining and leaving channels
- Timestamp settings are unique to each chat frame now

Taking suggestions!
I've been pretty happy with CFE for a long while, and it's been stable and not needing fixes. That said, some changes in the addon system will allow me to make some code changes to optimise things a bit, which I will be doing soon. So, if you have an idea for a feature you think is missing from CFE, now's a good chance to tell me. Either below in comments or by email to [email protected]

Chat Frame Extender features:
* Chat window edit box is draggable to wherever you want. Hold down Alt and drag.
* Chat window edit box width can be set to whatever you want. Hold down Shift and drag.
* Mouse scroll wheel enabled for all chat frames by default. Hover over a chat frame and use the scroll wheel to scroll its text. May be disabled per frame
* Shift + scroll wheel up/down to scroll the chat frame to the top or bottom of its text
* Slash command (/wt) to send a whisper to your current target
* Many string expansions (like %t) for your macros (see below)
* Hide the chat button beside the default chat frame
* Hide the text scroll buttons for any chat frames
* If you have a chat frame's scroll buttons turned off, an indicator will be shown if it is not scrolled to the bottom
* Timestamps may be added to any chat frame
* Chat fade can be disabled for each chat frame
* Chat fade time can be set for each chat frame
* Timestamp format is user configurable, with timezone offset
* Officer, channel, and whisper chat can be made sticky
* Can hide channel voice messages
* Can hide channel owner messages
* GUI configuration

Added slash commands:

* /wt - send whisper to your current target
* Note: It is no longer possible to target the last person who whispered you via an addon

Added string expansions (can be used in macros)

* %hc = your current health
* %hm = your max health
* %hp = your percentage health
* %mc = your current mana
* %mm = your max mana
* %mp = your percentage mana
* %thp = target's percentage health
* %tc = class of target
* %tr = race of target
* %ts = sex of target
* %tl = level of target
* %tvr = target's PVP rank (Private, Sergeant, etc.)
* %tvn = target's PVP name (Sergeant Soandso)
* %tps = possesive for target (his/hers/its)
* %tpn = pronoun for target (him/her/it)
* %fhp = focus's percentage health
* %fc = class of focus
* %fr = race of focus
* %fs = sex of focus
* %fl = level of focus
* %fvr = focus' PVP rank (Private, Sergeant, etc.)
* %fvn = focus' PVP name (Sergeant Soandso)
* %fps = possesive for focus (his/hers/its)
* %fpn = pronoun for focus (him/her/it)
* %tt = target of target
* %zon = your current zone (Dun Morogh, Hellfire Peninsula, etc.)
* %loc = your current subzone (as shown on the minimap)
* %pos = your current coordinates (x,y)

Configuring Chat Frame Extender:

To open the Chat Frame Extender options window: /cfe

* Checking the Hide Chat Button checkbox will remove the Chat button from beside the default chat frame.
* Checking Enable arrows lets you use arrow keys without holding the Alt key down to move through the text.
* Select a chat frame from the dropdown list .
* The chat frame selected in the dropdown's options are set with the checkboxes
* The default timestamp format is [12:25]. Hover over the "?" button to learn how to change it to whatever you want
* The Timestamp Offset is for adjusting timestamps from the server time to your local time

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Feature request

Not sure if you're still in the update phase, but here goes:

1) Can we get a '/gr' group chat command?
I was trying to do a string.gsub but I can't get it right. Basically using GetRealNumRaidMembers() for '/ra', then GetNumRaidMembers() for /bg, then GetNumPartyMembers() for '/p' , and finally defaulting to '/s'

2) Can we get an option to shorten channel names?
Eg. [G], [O], [P], [PL], etc

Thanks for the work you've put in. If I get the code to work myself, I'll email it to you.

EDIT: Sent the code for the '/gr' update, but it doesn't work if fired from a macro. Works fine from the chat edit box though.
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