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Updated: 02-20-07 07:03 AM
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Updated:02-20-07 07:03 AM

Its' Event Watcher

Version: 1.0-0
by: Itsnoteasy [More]

Event Watcher is a simple little AddOn that will listen for any events you ask it to, and print them out to the chat log when they occur. It will also display the event's arguments.

Event Watcher can be configured using these slash commands:

  • /eventwatcher watch (event)
    Watches the specified event (case doesn't matter.)
    /eventwatcher unwatch (event)
    Stops watching the specified event.
  • /eventwatcher clear
    Stop watching all events.
  • /eventwatcher frame (output frame name)
    Sets the frame where events are output to.
  • /eventwatcher list
    Lists all events being watched.

The /ew command can be used as a shortcut.

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