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Gem Quota  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: r20090805
by: Shadowed [More]

Gem Quota gives you total number of gems you have in the character screen by color, along with total stats gained from each gem color even does rating -> percentage calculations! Also shows meta gem status and requirements including how many gems you require (and currently have) to meet the activation requirement.

Thanks Beladona for helping with the tooltip scanning and general ideas.

For bug reports or feature suggestions
From now on I will be using the portal WoWI provides for bug reports, as it is much easier for me to manage with a lot of addons and limited time. You can find a link below the download button, or at http://www.wowinterface.com/portal.php?id=269

Author: Shadowed <[email protected]>
Date: Wed Aug 5 22:02:02 2009 -0700
- Removed deDE and frFR files as they aren't used
- While I'm at it, moved from getglobal to _G
- Updated to fix pattern changes in 3.2 as well as text positioning changes due to sell value tooltips
- TOC Bump + AddonLoader support
- Localization update

Date: Fri Mar 6 06:21:38 2009 +0000
* Moved our check for our custom dropdown selection thingy to a secure hook
* Added "to all stats" (Enchanted Tears) and "spell damage" (Old PVP gems) to filters

Date: Sun Nov 23 17:55:01 2008 +0000
* Removed the rating conversions for now
* Disabled gem scanning while in combat, you can't swap gear anyway
* Fixed up the selection pages and such to work with the new variables
* Fixed Prismatic gem handling, Dragon's Eyes will show up correctly
* Added a Prismatic count

Date: Mon Oct 13 07:08:45 2008 +0000
* Updated to use the new unified rating system and some of the new spell formats, haven't implemented the rating conversions back in yet, will get to it
* Merged wotlk branch/ and trunk/ now a 3.0 only version
* TOC bump to 30000

Date: Sun Apr 13 00:51:41 2008 +0000
* Added Spell Haste info for the new cuts in 2.4

Date: Mon Dec 17 22:56:55 2007 +0000
* Fixed a bug with switching from Gem Quota to Melee stats hiding the crit row, maybe this is a Blizzard bug since they don't try to show it either, but oh well.

Date: Sun Dec 2 01:15:45 2007 +0000
* Fixed a bug where meta gems with more then 1 requirement only had the last requirement being scanned

Date: Wed Nov 21 22:35:46 2007 +0000
* Added support for meta gems with exact gem requirements, like Chaotic Skyfire Diamond

Date: Wed Nov 14 04:44:15 2007 +0000
* Fixed a bug with hybrid gems, and single colored gems with +healing on them not being correctly scanned

Date: Mon Nov 12 01:57:00 2007 +0000
* Fixed localization not being updated to include the switch from TYPES -> COLORS

Date: Sun Nov 11 22:13:16 2007 +0000
* Fixed tooltip error in ScanEquip
* Fixed a rare bug that would cause tooltip scanning to fail so it wouldn't pick up any meta gems, or regular gems

Date: Sat Nov 10 22:11:49 2007 +0000
* Updated all TOC information to 20300, added revision info to the version field, also the author field is now consistent instead of using 5 different character names
* Fixed an error for people using meta gems with a requirement of at least X gems.
* Recode pretty much everything, far more efficient now
* Improved gem stat scanning, not 100% fool-proof but it should break a lot less from new gems being added and be more resilient in general
* Improved gem color scanning, no longer requires hard coded filters
* Added rating percentages to the total stats, so Parry Rating would look like "Parry Rating: 10 (0.30%)" now, works for characters level 60 and up
* Meta gem requirements are always shown regardless of the gem being inactive or active
* Renamed Gem Count tab on character screen to Gem Info
* Lot of performance improves
* Removed fancy coloring, it looked ugly in general and we didn't need to show what stat it was for

Date: Thu Oct 25 16:34:04 2007 +0000
* Fixed #276 error

Date: Tue Oct 23 04:29:28 2007 +0000
* Doing code at 12:30 AM is bad, removed debug code

Date: Mon Oct 22 06:36:05 2007 +0000
* TOC Update
* Updated to support Blizzards newest hat-draw separator of "&"
* Updated to string.lower stats since they randomly change casing
* Updated to check for "mana per 5 seconds"

Date: Tue Jul 3 03:02:13 2007 +0000
Updated OptionHouse versions for release in Honest/LM/SSPVP.
Fixed GemCount so it works fully without Dongle

Date: Mon Jul 2 23:14:26 2007 +0000
Removed Dongle, broke everything probably, just another day of developing.

Date: Tue Jun 19 00:19:41 2007 +0000
Fixed error when a gem not matching because Blizzard is annoying and likes to use 5 different format for gem tooltips.

Date: Thu May 31 22:54:05 2007 +0000

Date: Thu May 24 20:44:44 2007 +0000
Bug that was causing errors due to hybrid gems with the name and color not aligning (Glinting Noble Topaz for one) should be fixed.
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Unread 04-16-07, 04:07 PM  
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It's so boring if it's complete =(
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Unread 04-16-07, 04:06 PM  
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Your planned features are already enough to make it "complete" in my mind.

Great idea for a mod, two thumbs-up.
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Unread 04-16-07, 03:49 PM  
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Open to any suggestions, don't have any currently except adding gems needed until you can activate a bonus.
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