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Demonomicon  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.0c
by: Alestane [More]

Demonomicon gives you a compact, key-bindable interface for summoning and controlling your demonic minions. The menu is small and can be positioned wherever you like, it can be opened with the mouse or keyboard, it adjusts automatically for the summon spells you know and it supports Fel Domination. It also adds support for common pet tasks such as Seduce (including a focus option) through key bindings or clicks on the pet frame.

NOTE: Feel free to post below if something isn't working for you. Please include the language your client runs in, and (if available) the exact name of the spell that isn't working as it appears in your client.

* Restored 'auto-close' feature for clicks on the button only. Opening with a keybind wil require another keystroke to close.

* Removed 'auto-close' feature for 3.0.8 compatibility. You can re-close the menu from the keybind or a second click.

* Made tome button movable as intended.
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A Kobold Labourer

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hm, nothing beats shardace - just too bad its broken now. Wish some author would look at it and clone the functions. Maybe add summo (hs,portal) + creating and applying soulstone function to this and were set
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