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Version: 1.0.1
by: Mike-N-Go [More]

I, Mike-N-Go, have took over this project. TigerHeart, the origional author, has left us, please visit One Mans' Garbage for more information.

The contents below here were wrote by TigerHeart.

FriendSave is a mod to save your friendslist! This is mainly for those servers undergoing periodic maintanance hardware updates and such, that will LOSE their friendslists... I started this mod for my guild, since everyone started going crazy when they found out they'd have to write it all down!

It's both realm and character safe, in fact, make sure you log into each and every character and run this! Any characters you do not do this with, will have all their friendslists lost forever in the case of the above server updates...

Command List:

show's help

/sfl save
saves current characters friends list

/sfl restore
restores current characters friends list. Please note this will REMOVE all friends in your list before import! This utility is designed to be used to completely replace all entries in the friendslist.

Note: this version has no way to import character lists across characters, though I may add this at a later date.

Also, just FYI, this mod is based on the Ace2 embedded library system.


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