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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
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Version: 50400.03
by: Platykurtic [More]

** Now with support of bars that only appear on mouseover via the optional BarKeep_BarFader add-on. BarKeep_BarFader can be found in the 'Optional Files' tab. **

Here are the main features:
  • All the main action buttons can be configured to have from 1-12 buttons.
  • All the main action bars can be reconfigured to have up to 12 rows, so you can have 6 buttons x 2 rows, 3 buttons by 4 rows etc. This is done still using the Blizzard button code for compatibility.
  • All the main action bars can be scaled independently of one another.
  • Stance bar, possess bar, and pet bar can all be relocated to where the user wants them to be.
  • All bars can be hidden if you want, some using the Blizzard options from the interface menu, others using BarKeep.
  • The options are configured by a GUI accessed from /barkeep or /bk.
  • It uses an event / hook based structure for minimal CPU usage.
I want to say thanks to the previous developers of this CleanBar & CleanBarAdvanced since BarKeep would not be possible without their initial help.

So why use BarKeep?

It enables complete rearrangement and scaling of the Blizzard bars and so has some advantages over the traditional bar mod:
  1. It uses Blizzards buttons (and button code). So pretty much it's always compatible if Blizzard make any changes.
  2. Its really light in use - doesn't use a lot of memory and CPU cycles.
  3. It seems pretty stable as a result of the above.
  4. It'll work with cooldown, ranged mods that work with Blizzard buttons and also ButtonFacade with another small mod.

/barkeep - show the config screen.
/bk - show the config screen.

  • I can't see all the bars when I first use the addon. All I see are the '+'s that enable the bar placement? - Use the Blizzard 'Action Bars' tab in the interface menu to set which bars are active or not, just as you would the Blizzard bars.
  • How do I set the Key Bindings? - Use the Blizzard Key Bindings interface to set the bindings for all the bars.
  • How do I lock the actions on the bars? - Use the Blizzard 'Action Bars' tab in the interface menu to lock the Blizzard bars.
  • How do I permanently show the empty buttons? - Use the Blizzard 'Action Bars' tab in the interface menu to show the empty button grid.
Future Plans:
  • Bug fixes once identified.
  • A BarKeep_XP optional module to manage the XP bar.
  • A reconfiguration of the mod to easily allow for additional layout types for the bars. This should be fairly easy to do, it'll just require a some coding in BarKeep.lua and a change to the configuration screen, but could take some time as I'll make the changes slowly and test carefully.

Known Issues:
  • None.
Version History
BarKeep 50400.03
- Added the new shop button to the micro menu bar.

BarKeep 50400.02
- Corrected the final taint introduced in 5.4 patch.

BarKeep 50400.01
- Corrected most of the taint introduced in 5.4 patch. Some more work to do on this still with 50400.02.

BarKeep 50300.02
- Corrected scaling of the possess & stance bars. The scale can now be independent of the mainbar.
- Fixed issue where if stance bar was originally hidden, it would not unhide.

BarKeep 50300.01
- Further improved Battle Pet frame code.
- Updated .TOC file for 5.3

BarKeep 50200.04
- Added code to ensure that the ActionBars do not appear over the Battle Pet frame.

BarKeep 50200.03
- Corrected an error related to PvP MicroMenu button.
- Increase the FrameStrata of the various buttons to reduce the liklihood they'll be covered by other UI elements preventing mouse clicks.

BarKeep 50200.02
- Corrected an error related to removed VehicleBar code.

BarKeep 50200.01
- Updated .TOC file to 5.2.

BarKeep 50100.03
- Fix to /BK UI - some controls didn't appear.
- Attempt to fix the talent change-over issue.
- Miscellaneous tidy-ups around eventing - moved to hooksecurefuncs to ensure no possibilities of conflicts.
- Removed some old code that was commented out.

50000.01 - 50100.01
- Conversion to WoW 5.0 & 5.1

BarKeep 40300.02
- Change to ensure the LFR and the new raid tab works.

BarKeep 40300.01
- Change to the Encounter Journal to ensure it works.
- Initial attempt to fix the BonusActionBar for in-combat stance switching.

BarKeep 40200.01
- Initial *must* fixes for patch 4.2.

BarKeep 40000.06
- Fix for ActionButton1 stance bar issue.

BarKeep 40000.05
- Likely fix for the 'hidden Totembutton reappearing' issue.
- Improved ActionButton1 frame set-up.

BarKeep 40000.04Beta
- An attempt to fix the Glyph taint issue some people are reporting (I'll need feedback whether it solves the issue).

BarKeep 40000.03
- Fixes the Guildbutton on the MicroMenuBar.
- Adds the ability to scale the Shape Bar separately from the MainBar.
- Adds the ability to hide and scale the Totem Bar.
- Reorganizes the settings pane to fit in all the new settings.

BarKeep 40000.02
- Fixes the BonusActionBar issues and the scaling of a couple of the bars.

BarKeep 40000.01
- WoW patch 4.01 version.

BarKeep version 30300.10
- Fix to stance bar bugs. Scaling & movement now works and stance bar updates.
- Some code adjustments in preparation for WoW 4.0 patch.

BarKeep version 30300.9
- Added back selective transparency to hide MainBar buttons where the BonusActionBar has no action.
- Added a (likely) fix for the 'I just got my first key and now the keyring is displayed' bug.

BarKeep version 30300.8
- Removes all the redundancy and transparency code that previously ran when stance switching - stealthing still works fine on my Rogue. Let me know if this improves the Warrior stance change timing.

BarKeep version 30300.7
- Slightly improves vehicle exiting under combat - HToC for example - by noting the exiting the vehicle, and if the exit fails then rearranging the buttons on leaving combat. Corrects an issue with the MicroMenuBar.

BarKeep version 30300.6
- Adds the character portrait to the character micromenu button.

BarKeep version 30300.5
- Corrects a SpellbookMicroButton bug introduced by 30300.4 when switching talent specs.

BarKeep version 30300.4
- More elegant and better fix to correct for the Blizzard AcheivementMicroButtonUpdate bug.
- Reverted to using the Blizzard SpellBookMicroButton to enable casting from the Spellbook while in combat.

BarKeep version 30300.3
- Temporary fix to correct for the Blizzard AcheivementMicroButtonUpdate bug.

BarKeep version 30300.2
- A small change to improve the working with other add-ons that may tweak the MicroMenuBar.

BarKeep version 30300.1
- Updated .TOC for 30300.
- Corrected all the MicroMenuBar code to work with the new dungeon interface.
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an issue

It's great to see this addon brought back to life in TBC. I'm having an issue though. The bottom left action bar is showing up stacked under the main action bar, instead of above it. The bottom right action bar shows up over top of the primary action bar, so that I can't see it or move skills around on the buttons.
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