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OptionHouse  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: r20091222
by: Shadowed, funkydude

OptionHouse is a master control panel, and a performance monitor for addons super simple. The MCP does the basics: enabling, disabling, loading Load On Demand addons, as well as showing general addon meta data. While the performance panel lets you see memory, memory used per second, CPU usage and CPU usage per a second (if CPU profiling is enabled). No setup required just works.

Slash commands: /optionhouse (/oh)

Note! If you were using OptionlessHouse you will need to delete the OptionlessHouse/ folder first.

Merge: 2a590f0 7845b6b
Author: Shadowed <[email protected]>
Date: Tue Dec 22 00:53:09 2009 -0800
Merge branch 'master' of [email protected]:Shadowed/OptionHouse
Note update
Will no longer disable Addon Loader as well as Option House when disabling all, as disabling Addon Loader disables Option House too
TOC bump 30300
Fixed possible error if CreateTab is called too early

Date: Tue Nov 10 11:12:43 2009 -0800
- Fixed an error on line #93 that was caused by other mods that leaked the global 'frame'

Date: Fri Jul 31 16:23:18 2009 -0700
* Added ruRU localization (Thanks StingerSoft)

Date: Thu Jul 30 10:29:53 2009 -0700
* Added zhCN localization (Thanks wowui.cn)

Date: Wed Jul 29 21:37:04 2009 -0700
* Added support for AddonLoader
* Fixed /opthouse not working
* Cleaned up all of the code and made it better in general
* Added sorting based on total dependencies
* Added short formatting for CPU used total as it can get
* Fixed leaked globals
* Fixed text width issues for performance and management frames
* Fixed frame stratas and removed remnants of APIs that were from when OptionHouse was a library
* Fixed errors related to enabling dependencies and children
* Fixed dependencies being off centered if there was more than one
* Fixed performance and management frames watching ADDON_LOADED even after OptionHouse was closed
* Fixed performance monitor actually listing CPU and Memory used per 0.50 seconds instead of per 1 second :<

Date: Mon Dec 29 00:13:00 2008 +0000
* Fixed disable all not re-enabling OptionlessHouse

Date: Thu Oct 30 22:34:41 2008 +0000
* Fixed "Disabled" not being shown when something is disabled
* Added text for an addon that was disabled, but will be enabled on reload
* Added text for loaded addons so it looks a bit less empty

Date: Mon Oct 27 00:38:35 2008 +0000
* Initial Import: OptionlessHouse/
* Stripped out all of the configuration stuff in OptionHouse and updated it for 3.0, should be functional but needs more testing
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Unread 03-30-10, 10:08 AM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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3.3.3 breaks the look of the OH window. It's quite ugly now :/
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Unread 09-10-10, 01:12 AM  
A Cobalt Mageweaver
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In the method Open there seems to be a bug:
function OptionHouse:Open(id)
	tabOnClick(tonumber(tab) or 1)

That tab should be id for it to actually let you directly open any other tab but the first one.
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Unread 10-21-10, 04:46 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Originally posted by Shadowed
NOTE I am moving to using my portal for feature and bug requests, please direct them to http://www.wowinterface.com/portal.php?id=269 from now on general comments and such can still go in the comments, but as I do not have unlimited time anymore it's easier for me to see what needs to be fixed or implemented if I can just look at a single list instead of searching through 60 addon comments.

Even if you already posted a bug or feature, reposting it in the portal would be a big help. Thanks!
Sorry, this portal has been disabled.
Last edited by spiralofhope : 06-18-13 at 04:42 PM.
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