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Updated: 10-27-07 12:55 PM
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Version: 1.0 r52528
by: Kemayo [More]

PartyToGo is, more or less, the Party Notify and Announce modules of QuestsFu, packaged separately.

It can display announcements locally when other people running an addon that embeds Quixote (QuestsFu, Cartographer_Quests, nQuestLog, probably others) advance in a quest.

It can also say something in party chat when you advance in a quest. This is disabled by default, because some people might find it annoying.

52528: Use SinkLib to provide many options for where to put the output. More flexible options for what to say and when to say it.
44260: Remove a broken localization string.

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Unread 12-05-07, 02:23 PM  
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Question PartyToGo up-to-date?

Hi there - is this being maintained? I notice that there are some relevant-looking changes in FuBar_QuestsFu that aren't in PartyToGo, even in subversion.
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Unread 10-07-07, 08:55 AM  
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Should this be working without any special configuration? I use QuestsFu, so a friend of mine that I play with regularly downloaded this, thinking we'd see each other's progress. I'm not getting any feedback when he progresses in a quest, nor is he seeing my progress. I'm used to seeing the updates from QuestsFu, so I expected I would just see those same messages in the error text area of my screen.
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