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Version: 1.1d
by: Alestane [More]

CoolFloat is for people who like the stock Floating Combat Text included with WoW, but would like to be advised when their spells and items are off cooldown and ready to be used.

CoolFloat currently places function, low resources and ease of authorship above versatile GUIs. See the comments for known issues and fixes. In particular, several fine-tuning settings have no UI for editing yet. A read-me file is included with guidelines on finding and editing these settings.

CoolFloat also includes a more efficient reimplementation of the Blizzard Floating Combat Text. It should be consistent with the existing code except for CPU time, but you can disable it by removing the Blizzard_CombatText files from the CoolFloat folder.
The reimplementation is currently disabled by default as it suffers from what appears to be a bug in 4.0.1 that disables it currently. I will look into correcting this shortly.

* 1.1c: Made CoolFloat more localization-friendly
* 1.1b: Resolved 'Attempt to call global "GetFrameRate" (a nil value)' bug
* 1.1: Attempted to remove bug whereby CoolFloat would occasionally stop working until reload.
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Awesome, just was I was looking for. Now all I need to do is get rid off the <>'s.
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