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SLTimex 2.0  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: r13
by: Taffu [More]

No Longer Supported/Updated
If you are still interested in the SL text-based plugins, please download SLDataText which is the current supported AddOn.

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Some nice additions over CML. Did Phanx decide not to add some of these features to CML? I know at least one or two of them were on her to-do list...

Anyway, downloaded the file to check out the fonts (talk about that in a sec), and first thing I noticed is that you don't use all of the Ace2 core libs, yet you include them all in the download.

About the fonts... I *highly* beg to differ on SharedMedia not being a source for fonts. Many of the fonts you included are already in SharedMedia, more are in ClearFont2. Through MyMedia in SharedMedia, one can add whatever font they so choose to use in game. I counted 10-12 of your 20 fonts I already have available through SharedMedia. Because of the libs and all of the fonts, your folder size is about 1.5MB - way larger than it needs to be.

edit: oh yeah - and Morpheus is already a default game font.
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