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Updated: 10-16-10 01:40 AM
Updated:10-16-10 01:40 AM

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by: Tekkub [More]

TourGuide is an interactive leveling guide addon. It is designed to provide the user with a streamlined order of quest completion with smart detection. It is also designed for easy creation of "guides" for users with little-to-no programming knowledge.


  • Automatic detection of objective completion
    • Detect quest accept, completion and turnin
    • Detect travel (by foot, flight, boat and stone)
    • Detection of flight point discovery
    • Detection of Hearth point change
    • Conditionals based on player's class and item possession (only tell the player to accept the quest if they have the item that starts the quest)
  • Small "lego block" style frame shows current objective, detailed tooltips on hover
  • "Use item" frame, for those annoying quests where you have to use an item on a mob before you kill it, or you have to equip something, or you have to use an item to start a quest
  • Pop out frame for detailed view of quest sequence
  • Automatic mapping of coordinates with TomTom and questgiver locations from LightHeaded if installed
  • LDB data feed, for those that would rather use a LDB display than the built in "lego"

Level ranges on the guides are general guidelines only, mainly designed to help you find what guide you should start with for your current level.

TourGuide will use the built-in quest objective map coordinates in most cases. If you find this is not adequate and you are lost, can check with LightHeaded or Wowhead and submit a bug so notes can be added to the objective.

If you wish to use the "use item" frame from a keybind or your actionbar, make a macro: /click TourGuideItemFrame

Submitting bugs

For details on how to submit bugs, please read this page

How to create (or edit) guides

TourGuide data files are fairly simple to create. The simplest method is to copy an existing file and edit it how you want. Please read How to edit TourGuide guides for help on the format and general guidelines. I ask that all submissions follow these guidelines, to present a consistent format to the user. I welcome all submissions, but reserve the right to edit them as I see fit, or reject ones that infringe upon other copyrighted guides.

See this page for details on how to fork my github repo to push your changes.


Visit my site for more great addons
Please report all bugs and feature requests to my Github tracker
Alpha builds can be found on GitHub.
Please direct all feedback and questions to my Google Groups mailinglist
Statusframe resize fix for 4.1
Reset obj frame when guide changes if it's open
Scrolly scrolly
Ally RAF
i, j, whatever
Ally QIDs
Completed quests
- We now have access to a list of all quests the player has completed
- Many guides have been updated so that non-quest objectives (run, fly, etc)
will be marked complete if the quests around it have been completed
- |QID| tags now work with other object types, not just A/C/T
Quest map coords
- We now have access to quest coords for "complete" and "turnin" objectives
- The current objective is automatically mapped, if available
- If multiple locations are available, the nearest is used
Recruit-a-friend mode
- Special guide mode added that allows skipping quests when leveling
with RAF bonus
- Guides can now use |RAF| and |NORAF| tags to mark objectives that should
only appear, or never appear, when RAF mode is active
- Many of the horde guides have been updated to work with RAF mode
- Ally guides have *not* been updated (sorry guys, I ran out of RAF playtime)
Various guide updates on ally and horde
Alliance Icecrown guide improvements
Edit "TourGuide" macro if it's present, ala Buffet
Make that item button thing work again
Remove forced item caching, may have caused client timeouts after a patch
Give status frame better default anchor, since the quest tracker got moved
Add simple addon comms, so a listener addon could be made for powerleveling partners
Load guides for fresh toons
Crossroads updates, whee!
Partial rewrite of eversong guide
Horde Barrens updates
Transmit current objective to party
Fix shitty "pretty" apostrophes in horde IC guide
Fix issue with 3.0 backcompatability code
First bit of ally Icecrown guide
Ally Hillsbrad tweaks (spices not needed anymore, make cloak quest dependent on finding the crafted item)
Horde Barrens updates
Horde Mulgore updates
Added koKR Localization
Bring in Spugnort's guide files for horde wrath
Fix use item button
Force status frame resize on ADDON_LOADED in case of font changes
3.1 compatibility
- Use new API to find what item to use for current quest
Add config to reset item button position
Add config options to hide use item button
Fix status frame reset going to the wrong position
Fix an A that should be a C
Shit needs to be spelled how it is in-game, thanks
Crikey! Thems better coords
Fix a bad Use Item obj in shol
Fix a T that should have been a C
Make "Brother Anton" optional
Fix guide list if there are fewer guides present than fit in the list
More frFR locale
Add alternate ZD choker questline, in case players have finished the first Drakuru chain
Add a quest I missed in borean
New guide - Ally Storm Peaks, YATTA! I'm 80 now!
Ally GH fixes
Add group box and scroll bar to guide config panel
Various guide tweaks from Ethan Centaurai
New guide: Ally Sholazar
Ally Zangarmarsh tweaks
Ally ZD tweak
Fix various typos and directions
Various fixes from Stephen Touset, Zariel and Ethan Centaurai
Ignore text in [brackets] at the start of guide titles
Ally guide level range tweaks
New guide: Ally Zul'Drak
New guide: Horde Borean Tundra (thanks lowlee)
Lots of little guide tweaks (thanks Ethan Centaurai, Zariel, keymone)
Embed update
Misc guide cleanup
Tweak ally NR guide levels a bit
Add Ally Grizzly Hills *rawr*
Some duskwallow quests were removeded... not sure why after they rewrote them for the "hey the king is back"
Horde Tirisfal playtesting
Add warning about "fly to next quest hub" quests
New guide: Ally Dragonblight
Fix a bad file name
few missing quests from Azshara guide
Parent the animation frame correctly so it doesn't display when the status frame is hidden
Shift-click on LDB to complete current objective
Add LDB type field
Horde hellfire tweaks
Readme update for Wraf
New ally Fjord and Borean guides
Force caching of any use items we don't know when a guide is loaded, so that the use button works when we need it
Ally EPL/SW coord updates
Add button to reset status frame position
"Warm Bolvar!" was renamed to "Proof of Treachery"
Remove bits of Ony attunement questline that are gone in 3.0
Fix Darkshore boating
Ally blade's edge tweaks
Full deDE localization
Remove 2.4.3 compat
Fix issues with loading current guide from a plugin
Escape out locale file
Change item frame's anchor to avoid making QuestWatchFrame secure
Push back dorf quest "In Favor of the Light" as far as we can
Remove pet training objectives, not needed with WoW 3.0
Update for wrath build 8962 config panel breakage
Embed update
Durotar cleanup
Add cooldown indicator to item frame
Various small guide fixes
Make click to open at quest use QID instead of localized text
Lots of Horde Hellfire cleanup (guess who has a big sexy tauren DK?)
Update AboutPanel embed
Dongle update (should fix weird errors some people have seen on load)
Make compatible with both live and beta clients
Embed update
Embed update
Fix blank objectives frame
Ally hellfire tweaks
Ally WPL tweaks
SSO tweaks
Ally Nagrand tweak
Fix bug when moving item button
Add in LDB launcher with AddonLoader support
Ally Nagrand level req notes (I'm leveling too fast this time around, heh)
Horde Durotar tweaks
Horde Swamp of Sorrows 48-49 tweaks
Lots of horde guide cleanup from debug script
Rearrange order we register sub-config panels so they show up in the order we want
Split broker stuff off from status frame stuff
Make status frame toggleable
Move use item frame into it's own file
Add ruRUssian localization
Guide updates
- Guide sequences fixed
- Various fixes to Ally guides from debug script
- QID fixes from debugger
- Remove a bad hearth obj from Ally Tanaris
- Fix Tuurem FedEx quests in Ally guides
- Ally Terokkar rejiggification
- Horde Stonetalon playtesting
- Merge Horde Hellfire guides together
Core fixes
- Fix for LightHeaded and Cartographer_Waypoints users
- Fix help panel overriding config panel
- Remove guide debugger from addon, has been replaced by offline ruby scripts
- Update tekkonfig
New Features
- Added LDB data feed
- Added LDB quicklaunch button
Ally Zangar tweaks
Ally Azuremyst playtesting
Ally Nagrand QIDs
Horde STV fixes
Horde Searing Gorge fixes
Horde SoS fixes
Horde Tanaris fixes
Fix resetting a guide not clearing QIDs
Add Shattered Sun Offensive dailies guide
Ally QID fixes
Horde QID fixes
Rejigger Ally Zangar a bit
Fix warlock-only fly obj in Ally Redridge
Remove quest from Elywnn, has a prereq, not worth running back to do
Minor fix to quest order in Ally Ashenvale 22-24
Horde Blade's Edge coord fix
Ally Hellfire tweaks
Ally Zangar tweaks
- Add a hearth to the Refuge near the start
- Rearrange quests in the cave, it's faster to jump down
Barrens tweaks
- Streamlined the guide a bit
- Fixed minor Typo: Mankirk -> Mankrik
Horde Hellfire tweaks
- Added non-coord directions, fixed coords
Shattered Sun daily guide (thanks kuroshiro)
- Added support for "neutral" guides that load for both factions
- Known Bugs: Gathering profession daily is not present yet
Fix a few Ally issues found by debug script
Added Shaman Class quests to Durotar 1-12
Remove pointless long run to Zoram in Horde guides
If a quest-giver has been mapped by LightHeaded, don't map him again from the notes
- This is toggleable, of course
|C| and |R| tags can now accept multiple values
- Existing guides have been updated accordingly
Bit more to Ally Hellfire
Fix LH error if no guide loaded
Ghostlands update
- Closed missing coord bracket
Tagged all Horde guides with QIDs
Ally Hellfire adjustments
- Moved most of the Temple quests down further in the guide, they're just too hard at 60ish
- Some new coords
- Add a missing fedex quest
Horde 2kN fix
Horde Un'goro fix
Horde Ashenvale fix
Don't need to watch QUEST_WATCH_UPDATE, QUEST_LOG_UPDATE covers that
Drive Accept/Turnin updates with the QID tracker
Fix progression detection not using QIDs
Fix QID history not loading correctly
Ally hellfire tweakings
Finish up Ally Plaguelands
Ally EPL tweakink
Fixed Empty Tags :(
Horde Searing Gorge 47-48 Update
Horde Stranglethorn Vale 47 Update
More Horde Nagrand QID fixes
Horde Feralas 45-46 Update
Fix "Diplomatic Measures" QID in Horde Nagrand
Ally EPL tweak
Update Horde Durotar 1-12
- Fixed quest order, some QID's added
Update Horde Feralas 45-46
- QID's added, Notes updated, Quest order fixed
Noted added to Horde Stonetalon
Fixed quest order
Add option to not map note coords (why the hell does anyone want this?)
QID fixes
Add config option to map questgivers if LH is present
More fixes to Horde Stonetalon
Fix "Jin'zil's Forest Magic" in Horde Stonetalon
Fix "Delivery to the Gnomes" chain in Horde guides
Cleanup of user ally Azshara guide
User-submitted re-done Ally Azshara guide
- This guide will NOT be integrated into the guide sequence, the user must manually load it
- Okey, so it's actually calling it twice... but I thought it was funny, fuck you
If LH is present, poll it for NPC coords to map for Accept/Turnin objectives
Ally EPL tweaks
Ally WPL tweaks
Add quest tooltips into the objectives frame
Make a Barrens note a bit clearer
Fix missing turnin in Ally Winterspring
Horde 44-45 Tanaris Update
- Final Update fix quest ordering and spelling
Remove the rest of the runaround after Ally Felwood
Fix guide flow since Azshara guide was removed
Remove most of the Linken questline from ally guides, it's not worth all the runaround anymore
More Horde Tanaris 44-45 Changes
- Thats what happens when friends call you away from levelling... silly friends
"Lieutenant Paval Reethe" is completed in an earlier Horde guide - see Desolace 32-34
Horde Tanaris 44-45 Update
- Starting Tanaris Update
Fix "A From The Wreckage...." in Durotar guide
"Lieutenant Paval Reethe" is a prereq for a later quest
Ally Felwood tweaks
Blizzard has at least one subzone name with trailing whitespace... THEY WIN!
Horde Dustwallow 43-44 Update
- Includes extra notes from the Ally Dustwallow guide
- Complex questing around Mudsprocket needed to use Note objectives with Quest Objective tags
Spelling correction
Horde Stranglethorn Vale 42-43 Update
- Resorted some quests
- Added more notes
- Updated QID's
Horde Swamp of Sorrows 41-42 Changes
- Resort some completions to make more sense
- Added coords to some quests
- Added more notes
Nagrand QIDs
Darkshore QIDs
Fix up ally chain QIDs thru lv60
Fix up druid bear quest
Major review of Horde Dustwallow Marsh 37-38
- Includes importing of comprehensive notes, coords, etc from the Ally Dustwallow guide
Minor spelling corrections
More Horde Dustwallow 37-38 Tweaks
Horde Dustwallow 37-38 tweaks
Reorder some accepts to make more sense
Move one quest complete from later Dustwallow guide to this one as we are already at the location
Fixed Thousand Needles not flowing to Dustwallow
Fixed The Crossroads hearth instruction
First batch of ally chain QIDs
Tag ally chain quests for manual QIDing
Remove ally Azshara guide, frankly it's not worth doing.
Make checkboxes change QID log
Ally Un'goro tweakings
Make use of QID tags, tracked turnin QIDs
Remove training watcher, TRAIN objectives were removed
Remove PLAYER_LEVEL_UP tracking, this tag was removed
First batch of QuestIDs
* Only includes quests with unique names, dups will have to be done by hand
Name the TourGuideItemFrame so it can be used in /click macros
Make waypoints map in reverse order, so the waypoint arrow points to the first one.
Ally Searing Gorge tweaks
Make horde Barrens "Jorn Skyseer" chain optional, players that level in Ghostlands cannot complete it.
Ally searing gorge tweaks
Remove ally STV 48-49
Add QuestID tracking for future use
Fix issues with TomTom waypoints
Ally Tanaris tweaks
Ally Hinterlands tweaks
Ally Feralas tweaks
Removing Shimmering Flats questchains, we never did the first part
Remove "In Search of The Temple" quest chain, we don't go to Swamp of Sorrows now
For mapping we need "Ironforge" not "City of Ironforge"
Ally Feralas tweaks
Clad likes balls. _A LOT_
Fix TomTom version query for stupid users who don't use TomTom
Forgot to accept "Whiskey Slim's Lost Grog"
Remove fade in from config panels
Add TomTom version check, for those slackers that don't have the latest greatest sexy-arrow version
Finished Ally STV part 3
Update TomTom mapping for new sexy-ass version
Updating TOC to 20400
Ally STV part 3 fixes
Add "About" panel, some TOC metadata
Add help panel with icon legend
Add panel headers, convert most of WidgetWarlock to tekKonfig
Enhancements to guide list
Convert config panels to new Blizzy config frame, removed OH
Teldy tweaks
Finished ally Badlands
File rename (yes I'm _THAT_ OCD)
Finished up ally STV part 2
Finished playtesting first ally STV, Dustwallow, starting into second STV
Removing ally Thousand Needle guide
Ally Desolace tweak
Cleanup ally early-30 guides a bit
Fix Dun Morogh not progressing to Darkshore
Ally Arathi tweaks
Shadowmoon tweaks
Ally dustwallow tweaks
Remove default to disabled, why did I put this in in the first place?
Netherstorm tweaks
Oops, one more thing for Ashenvale
Ally Ashenvale tweaks
Minor Outland fixes
Ally STV reworking (god this zone sucks)
Convert tame-for-skill objectives to new PET objective
Cleanup of pet skill tracking, make it store across sessions
User patch to add pet training tracking
User Ally Badlands tweaks
User Ally Plaguelands tweaks
User Ally Silithus tweaks
User Ally Burning Steppes tweaks
Horde typo
Horde coord fix
Horde Zangar typo
Quest name fix
Ally Blade's edge updates
Ally zangar coord tweak
Duskwood playtesting
Fix set hearth detection if the current objective is not "SETHEARTH"
File renamink
Tweak title position down a tad
Attach objectives frame to the status frame instead of OptionHouse
Track hearth changes, skip SETHEARTH objectives that are not needed.
Update guides to use new SZ tag
Add "SZ" tag, to be used with travel objectives where a second zonename is needed (hearthing to inns that have their own subzone)
Ogre Head On A Stick ~= Party at these coords... fixes #259
"The Videre Elixir" is a turnin-only quest, fixes issue #253
Various debuggery in ally guides
Finish off The Missing Diplomat while we're in Dustwallow
Finished off new Dustwallow bits, all that's left is the Missing Diplomat chain, ugh
Tiny ally Ashenvale tweak
Tweak to ally Ashenvale... stupid tower of Anthrax chair...
Continue the "Goblin Sponsorship" chain later...
Forgot a part of the Goblin Sponsorship chain
User Redridge tweaks
Traveling to Theramore first is always a good idea
Add guide for northern STV before Dustwallow, make DW guide actually load
Have the player get the Rebel Camp flight point on their way out of Duskwood
Have the player pick up the Theramore FP on their way to Desolace
Starting ally Dustwallow guide
Add ally pally lv20 quest
User ally tweaks
User ally Desolace tweaks, new guide for the Shimmering Flats raceway
Nagrand tweaks
Redridge tweak
More ally Blade's tweaks
User Wetlands tweak
Redridge tweaks
Duskwood coord fix
Ungoro tweak, fixes #260
Ally Blade's Edge tweaks
Fix references to the non-existant zone "Hinterlands"
Remove "A Message to Telaar" from ally Nagrand, we never accepted the quest.
Ally Blade's edge tweaks
Remove "Seek Out Ameer", it requires reputation. Fixes issue #250
Push down buying [Elixir of Fortitude] until the player's last visit to a city before it's needed
Add "Questlevel" addon warning, because I'm sick of people reporting that TG's detection doesn't work because they didn't read the fucking "How to report a bug" page.
No, your other north, fixes #234
"Cenarion Aid" is priest-only, fixes #244
Fix quest order for "Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk", fixes #241
Fix case of "Keep An Eye Out", fixes #238
Ally tweaks, Wetlands, Redridge, Duskwood
Ally Blade's Edge tweakerings
Ally Wetlands tweaks
Ally guide renaming
Removing Ally Darkshore 23-24
- Merging Ally Ashenvale 21-22 and 24-25
Removing Ally Stonetalon, not really needed anymore
Ashenvale tweaks
Applied patch "Gann's Reclamation.diff" from issue #232
Fix horde guide transitions
Add "Deadwood Ritual Totem" optional item-started quest to guides
Remove "Reclaiming the Charred Vale" from Ally Desolace guide, no real point in doing it
Added town tags to guide
Last of the Bloodmyst tweakings, guide has been completely playtested now.
Fix up Horde STV (39-40) a tad, needs more though
Ally Blade's edge tweaks, Bloodmyst tweaks
More Bloodmyst playtesting
Tweak "The Bloodcurse Legacy" to be an optional chain, since it requires completion of an Azuremyst chain
More Bloodmyst tweaks
Remove ally quests from Horde Felwood
- Fix coords for Cleansing Felwood, Horde get this from a different NPC
- Fixes #226
Duplicate turnin objective
- Fixes #216
No, your other East.
- Fixes #210
Move "Missing Friends" quest down in Terokkar guide, it has a prereq.
- Fixes #220
Typo, fixes #228
Bloodmyst tweakings
Nagrand tweaks
Terokkar and Nagrand tweaks
Tweaks to Ghostlands
Tweaks to ally darkshore/ashenvale
Darkshore/ashenvale tweaks
Cleanup of user Azuremyst/Bloodmyst guides
User draenei guides
Cleanup of user teldy changes
User Teldy tweaky
Horde guide tweaks
Locks need the Ratchet FP early, OVERPOWERED!
Syncing Ally and Horde Shadownmoon guides
Syncing Ally and Horde Netherstorm guides
Syncing Ally and Horde Blade's Edge guides
Syncing Ally and Horde Nagrand guides
Syncing Ally and Horde Terokkar guides
Cleanup of user-submitted Horde Zangar guide
Cleanup of user-submitted Horde Hellfire guide
Arathi cleanup
Add |T| tag. Makes objectives show up with a green background, used to indicate the player should be doing things in a "town"
Ally guide fixes
User ally arathi tweaks
[PATCH] Nagrand Use: Items
Possible fix for optional TURNIN objectives not showing up (fedex quests mainly)
Tweaks to user ally guides
User-submitted Horde 60-70 guides
More user ally Hillsbrad tweaks
User ally Hillsbrad tweaks
User Ally Ashenvale and Wetlands tweaks
User darkshore tweaks
User-submitted ally tweaks
Cleanup of Azuremyst/Bloodmyst
Adding "Arachnophobia" to horde guides, quest isno longer elite
Ally Shadowmoon tweaks
Ally Nagrand fix
Fix debug not reporting past the first error found
Ghostland tweaks
Cleanup of Horde Ashenvale 26-67
User-submitted Horde Ashenvale tweaks
Shadowmoon no longer Aldor-specific
Ally Shadownmoon rejiggering
Might fix Carto waypoints not going away on objective completion, might just fuck up Carto support completely... not that I care either way :P
User fixes to horde dustwallow
Tweaking ally guides to use |PRE| tag
Terokkar is no longer Aldor-specific
* Netherstorm now handles Aldor questline... need someone to make/test Scryers
Terokkar tweakkars
Change how DumpLoc reports back points
Add |PRE| tag for A obj.
- Accepts a quest name, when used with the |O| tag the A obj will only show up if the quest has been completed IN THE CURRENT GUIDE
- Intended for follow-ups to optional quests
Removing |LV| tag
Loot-optional accept objective fix
[Patch] Typo in Nagrand (65-66) Guide (Alliance)
New Teldy quests I never knew existed...
Fix shitty Teldrassil quest
Ally Plaguelands tweaks
Horde Plaguelands tweaks, including a lot of notes from the Ally guides
Sync Ally and Horde Felwood (as much as possible), merge second trip thru Felwood into Winterspring guide
Sync Ally and Horde Un'goro (as much as possible)
Cleanup of user-submitted Horde 50-60
Fix file names for Horde 50-60
Cleanup of user-submitted Horde 40-50
Cleanup of user-submitted Horde 30-40
Cleanup of user-submitted Horde 23-30
More Shadowmooning
Hoomon pally class quest
Cleanup of user-submitted Redridge tweaks
Redridge user tweaks
Elwynn guide tweaks
More Shadowmoon crap
Patch fixing: incorrect directions to "Hints of a New Plague?", typo in directions to Nijel's Point.
Fixes to user Darkshore tweaks
Darkshore user tweaks
Shadowmoon fix
User submitted horde 50-60 guides
User-submitted horde 40-45 updates
User-submitted horde 30-40 updates
User-submitted horde 23-30 updates
User tweakings to Ally Loch
Elwynn and Darkshore tweakings
Finished ally Netherstorm, added Shadowmoon (Aldor)
Tweaks to "The Ashenvale Hunt" for Horde
Adding in Horde 21-23 guides, need testing!
Ghostland tweaks
Elwynn tweaks
Ally fixups with new debug
Horde fixups using new debug
All-debug improvements
Barrens guide cleanup (still needs major playtesting though!)
Tirisfal tweakage
Added Horde Stonetalon guide
* Tweaks to Barrens guide
* Belf zones now flow into Stonetalon guide after a bit of "filler" at Camp T
Barrens guide lasts till 20...
More Ghostlands revamp
Fix for non-TomTom users (they phail)
Adding 'dump' function to save points while I'm playing and retrieve them later.
Ghostlands revamp
Loch modan typo
I was 12.26 when I finished this guide...
Fix "Ironforge" --> "City of Ironforge
Ye gods, humans suck. Think I've got this bitch cleaned up finally...
Fix "not listed" quest stuff displaying at the wrong time after login/reload
Fixing issues when guide is completed and no followup to load
* Guides now default back to "no guide loaded" guide, which cannot be completed
* Clicking the status frame in "No Guide" will open the guide list instead of the objective list
* Guide list properly shows complete guides as 100%
* Shift-clicking a guide in the list will wipe it's completion
Human crap, actually leveling a stupid human, bleh...
- Stupid Hogger quest has two stupid spaces in it aparently. GG Blue
Zangar done, onward to Terokkar!
Teldy/Darkshore fixes
Fixing item button not appearing if the objective changes while the player is in combat
Save quest completion per-zone to avoid conflicts
Fixes to user-submitted hoomon guide
Merge Northshire Valley and Elwynn guides together (same zone)
User-submitted updates to human starter zone
Ghostlands updates
More starter horde playtesting
More zangar, almost done!
And more Zangar ally updates...
Cleanup of user-submitted human starting guide
Horde Mulgore tweaks after playtestink
Removing Grind objectives
Removing Train objectives
Merge sunstrider guide into eversong, they're all the same zone
Cleanup of Horde guides, removing Grind objectives
Zangar... seriously what the fuck am I sposda say? playtesting... blah blah blah
Make sure all ally guides are getting loaded
Updates to user-submitted undead start zone guide
Horde 1-20 fixup
* All races should be in now
* All non-BC start zones *should* flow correctly into the Barrens
Yet more zangar playtesting
More zangar playtesting
Fix Dustwallow Marsh name
User submitted undead 1-12 guide
User submitted guide tweaks
Ally Zangar tweaks
Mulgore/barrens tweaking
Spelling is for losers
Starting playtestenig of Ally Zangarmarsh
All done with ally HFP, added some quests that weren't there, good stuff... puking, exorcism, firebombing...
Make new ally guides actually load
Move Ally guides to the new path
More cleanup of Ally 64-66 user submissions. Not play-tested yet, but soon!
Minor tweaks to Dun Morogh
More hellfire, almost done!
Last of the darkshore tweaks, finished playtesting the zone
Ally Hellfire... finished out the rest of the guide, some still needs tested
More Darkshore crap
Cleanup of user submitted alliance guides
Fixing line endings, stupid CRLF bullshit
User submitted Ally 64-66 guides
Darkshore tweaks
Fix status frame skipping A obj when turning in a chain quest where the follow-up is offered directly
Add guide progress texts
Ally, Penis, you know the drill
Yet more Aly Hellfire Penisula
More localization.
Nelf zone tweaks
Fix false matches when quest name matches a questlog title (stupid Teldrassil)
Move Shadowglen into Teldrassil, we generally don't break sub-zones out into their own guide
More Teldrassil tweaks
Tweak Dorf/Gnome starting guide to use race tag
Added race tag, "|R|Dwarf|". Works same way class tags work.
Make waypoints purge every time the status frame changes, not just when there is a note
Teldrassil tweakage
Always update the OH frame OnShow
Tweak how waypoint purging is handled, so we never leave any old points
Make config panel fade in
Ally Hellfire update
Remove old debug frame that's not used anymore
Add OH Config panel
Only track quests if option is enabled
Grey out optional objectives that weren't completed, add "Optional" tag to titles in OH frame
Fix OH obj frame not updating OnShow if in the first/last 5 quests
More Ally Hellfire Penisula data
Remove waypoints from old objective when it is completed.
Ally guide updates after debug scan
Tweaks to parser debuggery, can now debug all loaded guides at once
Ally Hellfire Penisula update
Ally EPL guide updates
Add guide title to OH objectives frame
Fix debug checking to test entire line for bad chars, not just quest name
Adding magic localization table, deDE locale strings from decimad
- See Issue #125
Ally Hellfire Penisula tweaks
Shadowglen tweaks
Debug updates to horde guides, no functional changes
Rejiggering so data folders can be pulled out into their own standalone addons.
Adding new horde guides to TOC
Fixing line endings, stupid CRLF bullshit
Forgot to add new WPL file to TOC
More user submitted Horde 27-38 updates
User submitted Horde 27-38 updates
More ally plaguelands (almost done... almost 60!)
Still more ally plaguelands
More ally plaguelands
Minor tweaks to user-submitted Horde 44-47 guides
Adding user-submitted Horde 44-47 guides
Fix Issue #136
I already forgot did I change something
Playtesting tweaks
More tweaks to ally sillythis
Adding Ally WPL guide
Added 28-29_Duskwood in .toc, also fixed stuff from the same part
Alliance Silithus updates after some play-testing
redridge tweaks
tweaks to wetlands
wetlands tweaks
tweaks to 24-25 ashenvale
tweaks to 23-24
err, I actually forgot what I changed. something in Darkshore + maybe more
small changes into Redridge
TOC update
small changes in this one
i hate to rework my text, but it had to. ie. Beached Sea Creatures and Turtles removed etc
lets move the icon for 'use' 60 left too
StatusFrame moved 60 pixels to the left so it doesnt go over the DurabilityFrame
Removed reminders to train levels in Night Elf starting areas
Finetuned 06_12_Teldrassil.lua quite alot
Cleanup of submitted Dun Morough guide
Split gnome and dorf starter quests into 2 files, to avoid class overlap
Fixed Accept of class-specific quests
Adding Dun Morogh (1-11) guide
Cleanup of submitted ally 27-33
Adding ally 28-33 guides, need edited a bit
Shadowglen finetune
Adding zone tags to many guides to fix mapping
Rename Azuremist file
Complete out some missing bits in Tanaris (43)
Mulgore play-testing tweaks
Added Silithus-Ally, partially playtested.
Added Mulgore guide, only playtested to lv5 so far
More guide data, now bed
Whops, now it is gone from .toc
28_29_Duskwood.lua added for testing. not in .toc
Ally Zangarmarsh, thanks srigharts
Ally Winterspring!
Guide tweaking after play-testing
Fix for issue #122, TourGuide:CompleteQuest(...) will gracefully fail if no guide is loaded (doesn't prevent quest turnin with an error)
More ally guide data... Felwood, etc.
Adding Ally Desolace guide, edited fro issue #98
Adding callback support for Orionshock's Fubar plugin
I'm so excited, I've got Felwood!
Fixing parser error, see issue #119
Moved guide and tag parser to own file, totally rewrote tag parsing ***UNTESTED***
Kill now completes on the same conditionals as Note
Added "Kill" objectives, Quest and Quest Objective tag pair... allows for detection of completion of just one sub-objective of a quest, like "Young Thistle Boar slain: 4/4"
Ally Un'goro cleanup
Beta Files (1)
File Name
05-23-11 08:54 PM

Optional Files (3)
File Name
02-08-12 02:39 PM
10-26-11 09:34 AM
06-27-11 07:40 PM

Archived Files (6)
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05-01-10 09:45 PM
09-21-09 09:26 PM
08-04-09 07:57 PM
08-04-09 07:31 PM
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04-27-09 09:50 PM

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Unread 03-24-10, 04:22 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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TourGuide is back on github

Just download the github version

click on download source on the topright and that should have everything.
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Unread 04-12-10, 11:54 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Uploads: 3
Thank you thank you thank you for brining it back!
Love you! And love the mod.
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Unread 04-27-10, 04:30 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Tourguide 2010 & Beyond

The one on Github is better as it auto fills itself with the completed Quests command added in 3.3.x , or was it added earlier.

The one here needs to be altered like shown in previous posts to accomplish the same.

However , who will keep this up to date now & add new guides or extend existing guides ? Tekkub will you still do this , are you or someone else even allowed to do that (updating the addon, editing existing guides or adding new guides) at the moment ?

What in a few months if Cataclysm (WoW 4.x) comes out changing a lot, adding & removing lots of the quests from current zone's, different (new) startzone's (with new Quests) then before for existing races (Troll & Gnome) & ofcourse 2 new races with completely new startzone's & Quests, etc. Will Tourguide in the state it currently is be updated to support all this ?

I Hope someone answer this, doesn't really Matter whom, Zygor, Tekkub, any people who can do the above & People who want the above (like me) -People who want to see Tourguide live on instead of not further developed and soonish loose it's value as the world evolves into something completely new.

Ofcourse the question if further developement is alowed can only be answered by Tekkub & Zygor, however the included licence in the addon might state it's fre & then they simply can't deny the developement by others aslong as those keep the samer license.

Last edited by albert2 : 04-29-10 at 11:42 AM.
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Unread 05-02-10, 01:47 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Welcome back! /cheer
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Unread 05-02-10, 03:38 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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So shameful that Zygor is trying/tried (not sure) to sue Dugi even when this addon has came back for everyone free to use.

Hopefully this addon coming back will put this all to an end and we can go on leveling, raiding and getting uber excited about Cata.
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Unread 05-02-10, 06:08 AM  
A Wyrmkin Dreamwalker
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Exclamation FACTS!

Originally posted by thefrogi
So shameful that Zygor is trying/tried (not sure) to sue Dugi even when this addon has came back for everyone free to use.

Hopefully this addon coming back will put this all to an end and we can go on leveling, raiding and getting uber excited about Cata.
You don't appear to have all the facts.

From Zygorguides:
  • Zygor owns the rights to TourGuide so that his company follows it's rules, and enforces other guide companies to produce guides legally. Zygor allowed TourGuide available to the public to use, you just need to obtain rights for commercial use of the product. In no intention did the Zygor staff want to remove the public use of TourGuide.

From Tekkub (Clearing the Air):
  • First and foremost, Dugi ( has never had my permission to modify, sell, or distribute, my addon.
    Over the past year I have talked to the owner of this site a few times, and he has made a few voluntary donations through TourGuide’s pledgie campaign. However, we have never had any formal, legally-binding agreement regarding TourGuide.
  • Three months later, at the start of April ‘09, I was alerted to the fact that Dugi was distributing a modified version of the TourGuide core on his site. Upon investigation I found that his modifications were simply rebranding the addon as "Dugi’s Guide Viewer" and removing my own free guides. I never gave permission for modifications like this, nor was my addon licensed in a manner that would allow it. Seeing as the changes were only cosmetic, any user that installed this viewer and TourGuide on the same system would have run into conflicts. While I was lucky to not have any reports of such issues, the simple potential for such failure upset me greatly. I pride myself in my addons being stable and efficient.
  • Dugi never removed his viewer, even after I asked him. He now asserts that he had permission to do so from me. He did not.

Tekkub produced a product that he chose to make freely available, to non-commercial users. Dugi went against Tekkub's wishes, by selling TourGuide-based products. TourGuide was never meant to be commercial, but Dugi forced the issue. The arrangement with Zygor, that Tekkub himself made, was to counter such exploitation in a controlled manner. As above, Zygor does NOT limit non-commercial users (us)!

Dugi threw the first stone and deserves everything he gets, for screwing with the author of such a fine product!
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Unread 05-02-10, 10:42 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

Forum posts: 16
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Thank you for this great addon!!

If i may give you a tip that would improve my gameplay?

- Is it possible that you could add Talent adviser?

If not thanks anyway man!
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Unread 05-03-10, 04:14 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Licence - Devils Advocate

Before Zygor bought the rights of tourguide what license was used ? What Licence is it under now , after Zygor bought the rights ?

I could only find out it used to be open source, but i nowhere found an explicet explication of Tekkubs licence. Therefor i suppose one could only presume there was no licence at all, the product is free of licence.

As WoW addons are used uncompiled & thus distributed as sourcecode (Lua code) , i presume both the endproduct & the source code are the same thing.

Both are distributed as one & both share the same license, a license which is not distributed along with them (i think it's legally required to do this, atleast in some parts of the world) or could not be found on or other site's where this addon live's (github,wowinterface,wowace)

I also noted a lot of addons which the developers stopped to update are simply taken over by someone else, who mostly credits the original Developer & ask his permission to continue or if he would add the changes to his original version of the addon.

Again i also noted that some people create an addon & add to it's discription that it was based on stolen & altered code of another addon which in some cases isn't even stopped being developed neither by it's developer, they do this to alter functionality to make it behave how they feel it should or to add functionallity or to create a totally new addon of their own based on the same source code or parts of it.

I don't know if Blizzard themselves add's something about how the add on's should be / are licensed but do know they have something to say about it, i believe they atleast say all addons should be freely available without of extra costs to add extra functionallity or continue it's use (shareware, demo, ...) to it's users.

So considering all this is correct, i ask myself where did Dugi went wrong, f he did i think he only went out of Blizzards rules, though his altered addon didn't brought any extra functionalitty & contained only graphical changes.
He prolly included his own guides & excluded the original guides produced by Tekkub (would this be seen as extended/extra functionality ?)

Also what rights does Zygor has over the source code / software prior to his deal with Tekkub, This Dugi debacle happened before this occured , right ?

To continue this further i have to agree dugi might have been out of line here, he could had distributed a patch to remove the original guide files from tekkub & to install his own in the same named folders which shouldn't require any altering of files outside these folders (adding new folders or rename the folders does require editing of lua/toc files in the main directory though)

BUT take in mind i said patch as for most users deleting folder contents & then putting new contents into them is a hard task i proposed a patch, this patch could have simply been a batch file (patch.bat) but what if the user has installed wow in a different location or isn't DOS/Windows based but Mac or Linux based (Mac is supported as a WoW system with their own client to run it) & doesn't understand batch files but uses shell scripts (, so Dugi choose the simple way for all users, distributing his own Tourguide stripped of the original Tekkub guides & added with his own guides.
Was this wrong to do ?

AGAIN BUT he also altered the gui of the Tourguide addon itself however & didn't mention it was an altered version of Tourguide & choose to distribute it as his own developed add on without crediting Tekkub.
I guesh this prolly might have been wrong to do, but is it prevented by any license ?

This are questions from a user , unrelated to Tekkub, dugi , Zygor or Blizzard & are here as answer to the post named "Facts" a bit earlier in the thread.
Last edited by albert2 : 05-03-10 at 05:17 AM.
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Unread 05-03-10, 04:58 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I only posted previous post named "Licence - Devils Advocate" here because of the earlier post from jlrmxxxx (or posts if we include the post of the frogi) & because this are indeed the questions i have about this entire situation ( as you might have seen in my earlier post here i already had questions about the license in case neither tekkub nor Zygor are still intrested to continue the developement, seems tekkub is though)

About my premier post here named "Tourguide 2010 & Beyond" about Tourguide's future of which i also send a copy of it to Zygor & to tourguide's home at Google Groups), both of em have aswered.

Zygor answered these questions should be asked to Tekkub, i guesh this means Tekkub has the full rights to continue develop Tourguide as a free addon.

Tekkub answered with a post on google groups, it contained a one liner "be patience Grasshopper". I guesh this means he is busy on the next release buth it's not done yett or he is waiting for an event to happen (the Zygor deal to end, WoW 4.0 to be available, something else). i only know that there used to be a timer where there was many more beta releases & until something happens it seems like developement of Tourguide in it's current branche has halted/stalled (i do regrett this)

I really hope tekkub could inform us more about the future or why there simply are no update of the current branche atm.
Last edited by albert2 : 05-03-10 at 05:01 AM.
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Unread 05-03-10, 07:04 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
Wizardling's Avatar
Premium Member

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Unhappy Latest beta of TG causes objectives to stop being tracked all the time.

Since I installed the latest beta of TG yesterday my objectives keep being untracked when I move between zones, complete objectives or sometimes just do nothing I can figure would affect it.

EDIT: I've reverted to and the problem has gone away.
Last edited by Wizardling : 05-04-10 at 03:01 PM.
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Unread 05-04-10, 12:35 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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Originally posted by jlrm365
You don't appear to have all the facts.
You don't appear to have all the facts either.
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Unread 05-13-10, 05:49 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Re: Latest beta of TG causes objectives to stop being tracked all the time.

Originally posted by Wizardling
Since I installed the latest beta of TG yesterday my objectives keep being untracked when I move between zones, complete objectives or sometimes just do nothing I can figure would affect it.

EDIT: I've reverted to and the problem has gone away.
I'm having the same issue. Reverting to fixed it for me.
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Unread 05-28-10, 05:38 AM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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In the regular questing guides, daily quests untick themselves each time a guide is reloaded. Could you make daily quests work the same way as you do travel? (Ie: Ticked if all srrounding quests are done).
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Unread 06-11-10, 11:52 PM  
A Defias Bandit

Forum posts: 2
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Originally posted by jlrm365
[b]You don't appear to have all the facts.

From Zygorguides:
  • Zygor owns the rights to TourGuide so that his company follows it's rules, and enforces other guide companies to produce guides legally. Zygor allowed TourGuide available to the public to use, you just need to obtain rights for commercial use of the product. In no intention did the Zygor staff want to remove the public use of TourGuide.
It appears that Zygor is full of hot air.. all this fuss and it went back to Tekkub anyway.

Zygor Legal Conflict Update With TourGuide
Last edited by bmanta : 07-06-10 at 10:34 PM.
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Unread 06-21-10, 05:25 PM  
A Murloc Raider
Namdrof's Avatar

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QuestGuru / TourGuide Error

Posted this on QuestGuru's page too... but wanted you to see it.

Date: 2010-06-21 19:16:38
ID: 1
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ..\AddOns\QuestGuru_Tracker\QGT_Quests.lua line 1195:
   Usage: GetQuestLogTitle(index)
   (tail call): ?
   [C]: pcall()
   [C]: LoadAddOn()
   ..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:235: UIParentLoadAddOn()
   ..\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:258: CombatLog_LoadUI()
Date: 2010-06-21 19:16:43
ID: 2
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ..\AddOns\TourGuide\Broker.lua line 116:
   attempt to concatenate local 'action' (a nil value)
   (tail call): ?
  VirtualPlates, v3.3.0.1
  Swatter, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  WowheadLooter, v30316
  Ace3, v
  AceGUI30SharedMediaWidgets, v3.3.1
  Acheron, v
  Achieved, v0.4
  AckisRecipeList, v1.0 2817
  ACP, v3.3.3 
  AdvancedTradeSkillWindow, v
  Altoholic, v3.3.002
  AtlasLoot, vv5.11.01
  AtlasLootFu, vv5.11.01
  AucAdvanced, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  AucFilterBasic, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  AucFilterOutlier, v5.8.4723.2531
  AucMatchUndercut, v5.8.4723.2531
  AucStatHistogram, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  AucStatiLevel, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  AucStatPurchased, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  AucStatSales, v5.8.4723.2842
  AucStatSimple, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  AucStatStdDev, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  AucStatWOWEcon, v5.8.4723.2530
  AucUtilAHWindowControl, v5.8.4723.3311
  AucUtilAppraiser, v5.8.4723.2530
  AucUtilAskPrice, v5.8.4723.3175
  AucUtilAutoMagic, v5.8.4723.3142
  AucUtilCompactUI, v5.8.4723.2530
  AucUtilEasyBuyout, v5.8.4723.3583
  AucUtilFixAH, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  AucUtilGlypher, v5.8.4723.2545
  AucUtilItemSuggest, v5.8.4723.3108
  AucUtilPriceLevel, v5.8.4723.2545
  AucUtilScanButton, v5.8.4723.2530
  AucUtilScanFinish, v5.8.4723.3576
  AucUtilScanProgress, v5.8.4723.2530
  AucUtilScanStart, v5.8.4723.2530
  AucUtilSearchUI, v5.8.4723.3655
  AucUtilSimpleAuction, v5.8.4723.4546
  AucUtilVendMarkup, v5.8.4723.2530
  AutoDing, v3.3
  AutoProfitX, v2.04
  Bartender4, v4.4.2
  BeanCounter, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  ButtonFacade, v3.3.300
  BuyEmAll, v
  Castbars, v
  Chinchilla, vv2.1.1
  Configator, v5.1.DEV.130
  Cromulent, vv1.5.1
  DagAssist, v2.06
  DataStore, v3.3.001
  DataStoreAchievements, v3.3.001
  DataStoreAuctions, v3.3.001
  DataStoreCharacters, v3.3.001
  DataStoreContainers, v3.3.001
  DataStoreCrafts, v3.3.001
  DataStoreCurrencies, v3.3.001
  DataStoreInventory, v3.3.001
  DataStoreMails, v3.3.001
  DataStorePets, v3.3.001
  DataStoreQuests, v3.3.001
  DataStoreReputations, v3.3.001
  DataStoreSkills, v3.3.001
  DataStoreSpells, v3.3.001
  DataStoreStats, v3.3.001
  DataStoreTalents, v3.3.001
  DBMBurningCrusade, v
  DBMCore, v
  DrDamage, v1.7.8_release
  EggTimer, vv0.4.2 (r51)
  Enchantrix, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  EnchantrixBarker, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  EveryQuest, v2.3r161-release
  FishingBuddy, v0.9.8o
  FlightMap, v
  Gatherer, v3.1.14
  GearScoreLite, v3x04
  Geist, v30200.1
  GTFO, v2.2
  GupPet, v1.230
  GupPetButtonFacade, v0.1
  GupPetCollectMe, v
  HandyNotes, v1.1.5
  HealBot, v3.3.5.0
  Informant, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  LibSharedMedia30, v3.0-56
  LightHeaded, v304
  LineemUp, v1.03
  LootRollMover, v1.8
  Mapster, v1.3.8
  MBB, v
  Misspelled, v1.5.03
  Omen, v3.0.9
  OmniCC, v2.5.9
  OneBag3, vv3.3.11
  OneBank3, vv3.3.8
  OneRing3, vv3.2.6       
  Outfitter, v4.10
  Postal, v3.3.1
  PowerAuras, v3.0.0J
  Prat30, v3.3.12 
  Prat30Libraries, v
  QuestGuru, v1.4
  QuestGuruHistory, v2.0
  QuestGuruTracker, v1.4.3
  QuestHelper, v1.4.0
  RatingBuster, v
  Recount, v
  SharedMedia, v3.0.1-177
  Skinner, vb3.11723.9
  Stubby, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
  SunnArt, v3.42
  SunnArtPack1, v1.4
  TalentedLoader, v2.1
  tekKompare, v3.3.0.8
  TipTac, v10.05.01
  TipTacItemRef, v10.02.27
  Titan, v4.3.6.30300 - Revision 370
  TitanAmmo, v4.3.6.30300
  TitanBag, v4.3.6.30300
  TitanCoords, v4.3.6.30300
  TitanFriends, v3.0.0
  TitanGoldTracker, v4.3.6.30300
  TitanGuild, v3.6f
  TitanHealBot, v3.3.0.2
  TitanLootType, v4.3.6.30300
  TitanMail, v3.03.
  TitanPerformance, v4.3.6.30300
  TitanRegen, v4.3.6.30300
  TitanRepair, v4.3.6.30300
  TitanTradeCooldown, v3.1.8.30200
  TitanVolume, v4.3.6.30300
  TitanXP, v4.3.6.30300
  TomTom, vwowi:revision
  TourGuide, v3.3.0.56
  TourGuideMidsummerFestival, v0.4 Beta
  XPerl, v3.0.8
  XPerlArcaneBar, v
  XPerlParty, v
  XPerlPartyPet, v
  XPerlPlayer, v
  XPerlPlayerBuffs, v
  XPerlPlayerPet, v
  XPerlRaidAdmin, v
  XPerlRaidFrames, v
  XPerlRaidHelper, v
  XPerlRaidPets, v
  XPerlTarget, v
  XPerlTargetTarget, v
  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v3.3.3.30300 <us>

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