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SSArena Frames  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: r20090730
by: Shadowed [More]

Gives you a small frame that you can use while inside arenas to make targeting enemy players, as the screen shot shows health is displayed as a percentage and as the bar, mana is shown at the bottom of bar and is colored depending on the type. The little squares to the right of the screen are what class of person is targeting them from your team, to make it easier to assist and CC targets. You can also associate click actions that run macro text when a specific key and/or modifier combination is held down, along with only using it for specific classes.

Includes key bindings for targeting people through the arena frames, unlocking the arena frame through /ssaf ui -> General will show you an example frame to help you configure it.

Has three additional modules for enemy information. The first is cast information so you can directly see how many seconds left is on an enemies cast or channel. Second is basic CC timers like Fears, Traps, or Blind/Sap (Requires class icons to be enabled), both this and the cast info are 100% accurate and don't rely on guessing. And the last one is PvP trinket alerts which will show a PvP trinket next to there name when it's usable and hides it for 120 seconds until it's back up.

Due to changes in 3.0, you can now target people even after entering combat if you didn't see them, basically meaning you can enter combat and still target the stealther who pops out. You will have to see them before entering combat to use custom click actions, but general /target and /focus will work all the time.

Slash command: /ssaf

Note Post bug and feature requests on my issue tracker

Author: Shadowed <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Jul 30 15:02:45 2009 -0700
* Added support for AddonLoader
* Added zhCN localization
* Updated libraries
* Library update

Date: Sat May 30 15:09:37 2009 -0700
* Redid the bracket detection code so it won't trigger an error, for some reason we can't always get the active arena size on ZONE_CHANGED_NEW_AREA anymore
* Added Repentance and Hammer of Justice to auras

Date: Fri May 8 01:38:47 2009 -0700
* CRLF fix

Date: Sun Apr 12 21:48:30 2009 +0000
* Changed to using ARENA_OPPONENT_UPDATE for finding new arena units
* Changed to using UNIT_TARGET for finding out that a party member changed target
* Added UNIT_NAME_UPDATE call so we know when the arena# units name becomes available
* Fixed an error at line #70 in trinkets.lua
* Increased backdrop edge by 0.4 to stop it from clipping (hopefully)
* Library update

Date: Sat Apr 4 22:32:02 2009 +0000
* Whoops, TOC is supposed to be 30100 not 31000* Updated TOC
* Stripped TalentGuess-1.1 options, not updating it
* Removed TalentGuess

Date: Wed Mar 4 06:52:17 2009 +0000
* Added Hex to the auras list

Date: Sun Jan 4 17:19:23 2009 +0000
* Fixed an error if the trinket gets used twice in a match

Date: Sat Jan 3 17:21:18 2009 +0000
* Slightly increased the size of the trinket icon
* Fixed an error when the trinket cooldown is up
* Library updates

Date: Wed Nov 5 15:51:26 2008 +0000
* Fixed Human Racial not being listed as a trinket

Date: Tue Nov 4 04:05:02 2008 +0000
* Removed the extra aura code in frame.lua, shifted it to auras.lua
* Removed extra cast code in frame.lua, shifted it to casts.lua
* Switched to an OnUpdate per a row for monitoring PvP trinkets, instead of using one large OnUpdate

Date: Sat Nov 1 21:26:28 2008 +0000
* Added PvP trinket info in! When the PvP trinket is up it'll show the trinket icon to the left of there name, when it's been used it'll be hidden for 120 seconds until it's ready again where it'll then reshow it.
* Changed the directory structure slightly, so a game restart is required
* 1000 commits, fun?

Date: Fri Oct 31 06:47:14 2008 +0000
* Removed pulse identify, it's annoying me
* Re-organized the configuration a little bit
* Fixed the aura scanning slightly, won't randomly hide swap icons around
* Added health formating options, percent, current, current/max.
* Added a border around the aura time to make it more visible in the icons
* Implemented all the aura code, will show an icon in place of the class icon for CCs. Specifically, Psychic Scream, Fear, Hwol of Terror, Scare Beast, Polymorph, Pig, Turtle, Sap, Cyclone, Hibernate, Blind, Freezing Trap. 100% accurate do the aura event stuff
* Fixed "0 <time>" showing up once a cast was over (Will show the actual pushback, if any)
* Fixed cast ending. If it was interrupted, it'll show a red bar and fade out slower, if it's stopped (Or finished) it'll maintain the same color and fade out normally

Date: Thu Oct 30 00:54:54 2008 +0000
* Spells that are interrupted will be set to red + fade out slightly slower
* Spell casts actually work now, stupid system
* Fixed positioning if the frame isn't reloaded (Guess I forgot this)
* Fixed mana bars not always being set to 100% on an unknown

Date: Wed Oct 29 23:23:57 2008 +0000
* Increased cast bar size slightly, as well as cast font size to make it easier to read.
* Added push back display to casts (<pushback> <time left>)
* Casts are now shown as time left on the casts
* Channels will go from right -> left and casts will go from left -> right now to be more visible
* Added a short 0.20s fade when a spell cast ends

Date: Tue Oct 28 21:31:48 2008 +0000
* Added a ClearAllPoints which should fix the frames turning into a jumbled mess when toggling grow up
* Added grow up option to configuration

Date: Mon Oct 27 03:23:00 2008 +0000
* Fixed cast bars not disabling due to the showCC default

Date: Sat Oct 25 21:05:22 2008 +0000
* Fixed a bug with setting text colors
* Enemy casting is now in! Shows a cast bar under the row with the spell name/rank, and all that fancy stuff. Cast bars should be 100% accurate, regardless if you are targeting or focusing them
* Fixed positioning on icons/ToTs so they match the health bar more, even if casting is enabled
* Redid the positioning/row creation to be easier to expand on.
* Added testing back in (Unlock the frame, it shows the anchor + example rows)
* Slowed down the pulse, changed it to pulse only 3 times then stop
* Updated AceGUI-3.0

Date: Fri Oct 17 17:05:33 2008 +0000
* Updated a bajillion libraries since I didn't before apparently

Date: Sun Oct 12 05:26:05 2008 +0000
* Implemented class specific click actions again
* When a unit is first discovered we will slowly flash the frame to indicate that custom attributes for the class were set specifically, once you enter combat the flashing stops completely until the next match
* Fixed ToT icons not hiding when the target dies, or if you leave mid match with another ToT
* Updated TalentGuess-1.1
* Removing pet/minion support for now completely, not sure if I want to add them back yet
* Cleaned up the configuration a little bit

Date: Fri Oct 10 21:55:33 2008 +0000
* Switched over to the new arena units, this will mean you can ALWAYS target people even after entering combat without any special syncing code
* Pet and minion support isn't in yet, need to figure out a better way of implementing these
* Class and type specific actions aren't in yet, you can just set global ones right now, not sure if I'll implement these in still since it'll act weirdly with the above changes
* Removed announcements, because of the nameplates at any distance this isn't really needed
* Removed nameplate and sync code as this is no longer needed
* TOC bump to 30000

Date: Mon Sep 15 19:40:53 2008 +0000
* Updated libraries for WoTLK

Date: Sat Aug 16 21:17:52 2008 +0000
* Implemented the click actions, so the UI should be fully implemented now
* Added names to attributes so it's easier to find then looking for a number
* Fixed frame not resizing correctly with mana bars enabled
* Changed reloading so we don't reset enemies if you're in an arena

Date: Fri Aug 15 23:55:36 2008 +0000
* Moving to AceGUI-3.0/AceConfig-3.0 need to implement the attributes part still but the main configuration is in, still /ssaf to open the configuration
* Moved the target dot and show mana configuration keys so those options were reset
* Should be WoTLK compatabile, but need to add pet icons for the new tamable pets still but can't check too well if it works on WoTLK yet (Just drycoded)
* Fixed Proximo, Arena Master and Arena Unit Frames syncs not working

Date: Sun Jul 27 03:48:46 2008 +0000
* Fixed the pattern matching for pet names, switched to (.+) since ([a-zA-Z]+) was causing issues with annoying people who use accents in their name.
* Updated TalentGuess-1.0 to fix a bug with Shamans showing up as 7/xx/xx when it should have been xx/7/xx.

Date: Wed Jul 2 00:10:02 2008 +0000
* Updated TalentGuess-1.0
* Reduced update timing to 0.20
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Unread 01-01-09, 04:09 PM  
Featured Addon Author

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Ah must have missed your comment, do this.

Go to SSArenaFrames/modules/trinkets.lua


Trinket:UpdateIcon(self, true)
Replace with:

Trinket:UpdateIcon(self:GetParent(), true)
Should do the trick
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Unread 01-02-09, 05:33 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Gonna test it out
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Unread 01-04-09, 07:40 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Originally posted by goliath0
Gonna test it out
still pops errors...
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Unread 01-04-09, 10:50 AM  
Featured Addon Author

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Same one?
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Unread 01-04-09, 11:19 AM  
Featured Addon Author

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Nevermind, grab r1053 that fixes it.
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Unread 01-04-09, 04:24 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Unread 03-18-09, 01:05 AM  
A Defias Bandit
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wow nice addon! thanks very much
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Unread 12-15-09, 06:42 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I would really like to see you continue development on this enemy arena frame AddOn. Gladius does not seem to have a maintainer anymore and I just can't stand the alternatives. I recently tried this as outdated as it was and it's pretty close but not quite there yet. I feel I would not be alone here in wanting this AddOn brought back to life and kept up to date.
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Unread 12-15-09, 06:44 PM  
Featured Addon Author

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It's not going to be maintained. SUF already does arena frames which is all I need so no need for me to maintain this.
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