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Updated: 11-02-07 11:20 AM
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Updated:11-02-07 11:20 AM

Frequently Requested Addons List for ToC Poster

Version: 1.3
by: Jelly [More]

If you want your compilation added to the XML file, send me an email ( with the name, author and appropriate download link and it will be considered for addition. I will not accept/upload edited XML files.

Simply put, this is an addon for Cogwheel's Forum ToC Poster which lists many of the most frequently requested addons along with a link to where they can be downloaded.

It requires, as you guessed, the ToC Poster:

Simply drop the file into the folder created for the Poster and open the program.

-Bags, Bank and Inventory Mods
*Added Vendor Bags
*Added ClosetGnome
*Added BagBG

-Casting Bars
*Added AzCastBar

-Chat Mods
*Added idChat
*Added AutoDND

-Data Mods
*Added kcItems

-Map Mods
*Added vMinimap

-Quest Mods
*Added Beq1

-Trade Skill Mods
*Added Skillit

-Unit Frames
*Added StellarUF
*Added rUF

*Added CT Mod
*Added Lanacan's UI
*Added Uyles UI
*Added rUI
*Added Lyn UI
*Added CrowUI

-Added Ryas' compilation
-Removed the "...from being rude." line and actually saved it this time (go me!)

-Added three compilations

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