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Version: V3
by: Aeothan [More]

aeDecline is a relatively simple (yet highly configurable) AddOn primarily geared towards combating bot group invitations.

When you are invited to a group, duel, or guild (all toggleable), aeDecline "triggers."
When aeDecline "triggers", a sequence of checks is executed, and if the inviter passes said checks, then the invitation is declined (in addition to several other features, which can all be enabled or disabled at your leisure, which include: Ignoring the inviter, Responding to the inviter, and / or Notifying you about the trigger).

This can be more simply explained by showing what you can set aeDecline to automatically decline:
* Only level 1 Orcs
* Only level 6 Human Priests
* Only level 3 Undead Warriors named Somename
* Only level 44 Undead Warriors named Somename in Somezone
* Only level 1 Blood Elf Paladins in Someguild
* Only level 8 Dwarf Rogues in Somezone
... etc.

Note that out-of-the-box, aeDecline starts with no predefined lists. This means that when checking the inviter, the checks will fail, and so there will be no invitation declining (you can optionally set the logic to see empty lists as "wildcards", meaning any empty list will result in a passed check, which would consequently mean (if you had all empty lists) all invites would be declined).

Why does it start like this? Because for some reason, if I defaultly create a list with any elements, if you choose to remove those elements at a later time so the list is empty, the next time aeDecline is loaded, the default values will be loaded. The defaults will only be loaded if the list is empty. So, there are no predefined lists because if there were, you could never have an empty list if it defaultly contained any elements. I believe this is a bug in the Ace2 database framework.

As of Nov 14 07, there are two types of bots:
Level 1 Orc Warriors in Durotar and
Level 1 Human Warriors in Elwynn Forest

You can add these two sets of information to the lists by typing these commands:
(/aedecline can be substituted with /ad)
/aedecline addrace Orc
/aedecline addrace Human
/aedecline addclass Warrior
/aedecline addlevel 1
/aedecline addzone Durotar
/aedecline addzone Elwynn Forest

This text is in the Readme.txt file, and there is an additional ForCodeReaders.txt file which explains things more in-depth.
Please post any bugs, suggestions or comments, or e-mail them to me at [email protected]

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Unread 11-13-07, 05:36 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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I have read all of your comments, and am working on V3.
Being completely recoded from the ground-up, V3 introduces some new features as well as fixing bugs I've discovered with the help of everyone posting:

* You will now be able to tell aeDecline to decline duel and guild invites.

* With these new declining features also comes the ability to "override" the checks. This gives you the ability to decline every duel invite, but leave the group invite declining in the hands of aeDecline's check system, or what-have-you.

* You can now configure "exception lists", and if the inviter's <class, race, level, etc> matches a value in the list (one for each check), then that check is failed.

* You can now add 'sets' of levels at a time. Instead of adding levels 1 to 5 to the Level List by typing /aedecline addlevel # five times, you can now type /aedecline addlevel 1-5. You can remove levels in the same way.

I'm also posting a more in-depth "about" section with V3 due to confusions as to the mechanics used in aeDecline.
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Unread 11-12-07, 12:58 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Read my (slinky7) comment here

It fixes the problem with the decline all invites. Very nice add-on. I'd even use it if AutoAcceptInvite didn't already feature a deny list. Although this deny list is slightly more detailed configurable.
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Unread 11-10-07, 09:54 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Uh, this mod declines invites very well. In fact, it declines ALL invites. This is without any configuration at all. Just install the mod, and you'll soon be completely unable to be invited to ANY group.

Sorry, guys. Good idea but needs some work.
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