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Sick Of Clicking Dailies  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: v7.0.9 Release
by: orionshock, cremor
Sick of Clicking Dailies is an addon designed to make picking up daily and weekly quests and turning them in easier and more streamlined when you quest in bulk. This addon simply skips through all the quest text when interacting with the NPC giving the quest. It also can automatically skip through gossip options and select a quest reward for the ones that have them, you can always leave it on none and the dialogue will stop there.

This addon now automatically detects daily quests. Repeatable quests that can be completed are also handled automatically. The options for specific quests have been moved to the NPCs themselves, you will need to hold down the shift key to prevent the auto-completion from going through and you will see the options there.

The main options window is opened via /socd. There you can choose rewards for quests that have rewards, enable previously disabled quests and disable previously enabled gossip options.

Wowace Forum Thread for discussion etc.

Bugs, Errors and Requests Go Here

Known Annoyances
  • Some NPCs have a repeatable quest, vendor or other dialogue option as well as a daily quest available, you will need to hold down the shift key in order to disable the addon for that particular click.

Random Features
  • Can now automatically select gossip options. Just enable the checkbox at the left side of the gossip option and it will be automatically selected the next time.
  • Includes 2nd LDB feed to keep track of daily quests done on all characters for a given realm.

Other Useful Helper Add-ons
  • SavedInstances For tracking LFD and BG stuff that used to be in this addon

Want to help?

If you would like to contribute feel free to or contact me at if you are interested in taking over the project.

I'm always looking for translators for the various languages. Please see the Localization section of the project to see where your locale is at.
v7.0.9 Release
- Added reward options for the daily Path of the Mistwalker.
v7.0.8 Release
- Just updated interface version number.
v7.0.7 Release
- Fixed error with weekly quests on sundays.
v7.0.6 Release
- Fixed error when showing a gossip frame while the quest scanner hasn't finished yet.
v7.0.5 Release
- Just updated interface version number.
v7.0.4 Release
- Repeatable quests for non-ideal gifts for Tillers NPCs are now disabled by default.
- Fixed auto turn-in of completed quests if other non-completed or non-daily quests are before them in the list.
v7.0.3 Release
- Fixed auto turn-in of dailies that offer one reward option.
- Improved building of the selectable reward items in case GetItemInfo returns nil.
v7.0.2 Release
- Fixed the problem that the reward options in the options dialog are not localized on first login.
v7.0.1 Release
- Fixed non-responding QuestScanner when the client cache is empty.
- Fixed showing of the quest option frame while the addon isn't fully loaded yet.
v7.0 Release
- No functional changes from Beta3
v7.0 Beta3
- Scanning of the first item fixed.
v7.0 Beta2
- Fixed some leaked globals.
v7.0 Beta1
- Rewrite of the core module
- account for EU being a day behind on the reset, thx ethancentaurai
- add raid quests to specialquest list and reset with the WG Function
- Add "I'm ready to join your squad on the way to Ymirheim. Let's get moving." to gossip text for Assult by Ground. thx Compulim
- Monsterbelly appitite -> Disarmed!; ticket 71
- add gossip for "Defending Wyrmrest Temple"
- update wrath with raid & icc quests
- remove battleground quests, as they removed them in 3.3.3
- trim the title text of extra spaces
- trim name on quest name scanner (These 2 fixes should account for blizzard putting random spaces in things)
- Add tracking the heroic daily completion.
- Bunch of bug fixes for locales and depreciated internal methods.
- fix locales again, (Male / Female context in French mostly)
- remove old instance quests, as they where removed in game recently
- add LQT support in Alt Tracking Module
- change ldb timer back to using OnUpdate instead of an Animation Frame
- make ldb more consistent
- add ace3 as opt dep. Fix Ticket 47, make the quest scanner not have module options. see ticket for nil error fix
- fix repo keywords in locale file

v6.3.3a-3.3d - Fix LoD'ness

--Change to Git Repo on WoWAce--
Add "Get Kracken!" gossip
Add in Pilgrim's Bounty Quests and rewards.
Add New LoD Module SickOfClickingDailies_AltTracking
--Tracks all Daily Quests to be viewed cross character.
Add Dungeon Quest: "All Things in Good Time" to LK
Change RRQ Module to handle just about anything now including quests from other modules.
Add Gossip Option "Jousting Challenge" for Argent Crusade Tournament.
Updates for Sons of Hodir being added to instance quest rewards.
Internal changes to how quest rewards are handled
Updates to name scanner (doesn't affect release as name scanner is really only available in alpha files)
Halloween Update for In-keeper's "Candy Bucket"
-Internal changes to how quests are handled in general, no longer need the NPC's ID.
Fix LDB module to track weekly quests properly.
More fixes to RRQ Module to behave right.
Fix options layout to be better
Add Brewfest Quests
Locale Updates
Add in ToC Heroic Daily
Add warning when loging out with completed daily quests. disabled by default.
Add support for profiles
Internal fixes for quest tracking in LDB to function correctly.
Lots of localization tweaks
Add in Ravasaur Trainers daily quests
Change internal methods for generating the options table for wrath, it's a really big table.
Add live quest scanner for ease of adding quests.
Lots of Locale changes & method updates
Fix glitch with RRQ showing the frame when it's not supposed to.
Change the entire look and feel of the wrath options view.
Flesh out LDB module to also act as a tracker for daily quests.
Add ldb feed for when dailies reset.
more internal fixes.
Add Repeatable Reputation Quests module in.
Add gossip text for "Defending your title" in storm peaks
lots of Internal changes for debuging ect...
Finishing adding AT quests in & options for champ level.
Add support for quest greeting event (NPCs that don't have gossip, just work to do)
localization updates, account for gender tense cases in non-enUS locales.
Add Argent Tournament Pre qualification phase quests in.
Rework options table for AC, looks like the netherwing / sso section.
Use Latest Tags for libs instead of trunk.
Fix Name scanner to work better in options table
*Add Support for Interacting wtih Gossip Options.
Update to use new CurseForge Localization System
Set "Frenzyheart Champion" & "Hand of the Oracles" to disabled by default, thx Fisker-
Fix pkgmeta to use latest tags instead of trunk versions
add in "Southern Sabotage" alliance side Wintergrasp quest. ticket#9
add in zhTW locale.
make name scanner work. now it' is easy to localize this :)
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v7.0.8 Release
09-13-13 09:24 AM
v7.0.7 Release
07-08-13 09:28 AM
v7.0.6 Release
05-22-13 11:01 AM
v7.0.5 Release
03-06-13 10:12 AM
v7.0.4 Release
10-08-12 08:43 AM
v7.0.3 Release
10-03-12 10:04 AM
v7.0.2 Release
09-15-12 12:49 PM
v7.0.1 Release
09-15-12 10:32 AM
v7.0 Release
08-31-12 03:56 AM
v7.0 Beta3
08-30-12 04:10 AM
v7.0 Beta1
08-29-12 06:31 AM
v6.3.8 Release
07-12-10 04:42 PM
v6.3.8 Release
09-18-09 08:53 AM
03-25-09 05:46 AM
01-29-09 01:49 AM
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BC.lua line 27
wotlk.lua line 24

Sometimes triggers FrameXML\ItemRef.lua line 212 error:
"Attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'startLink' (a nil value)

Is not consistant, and does not seem to effect funtionality other than being annoying.
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Originally posted by Eurytus
BC.lua line 27
wotlk.lua line 24

Sometimes triggers FrameXML\ItemRef.lua line 212 error:
"Attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'startLink' (a nil value)

Is not consistant, and does not seem to effect funtionality other than being annoying.
yeah it's an issue with various addons that hook the itemref tooltip.

If you want to fix it, go grab the latest alpha from

I should be pushing updates after cata hits
Author of GuildCraft, SickOfClickingDailies, CursorCooldown, Broken_LFD
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Hello everyone,

I'm now maintaining this addon. I'll try to keep it working and to fix any reported bugs, but I can't promise that I have the time to implement any new features (or features missing since the v7.0 rewrite).

A beta version for patch 5.0.4 is now available. Please test and report any bugs in the WowAce ticket tracker.
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