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Updated: 11-17-08 12:10 PM
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Version: 1.6
by: mikma [More]

The frame now has a name 'TargetBlockFrame' !
You can now use it in a macro, in example tagging mobs in those stupid overcrowded places:


/click TargetBlockFrame
/cast Moonfire
Adds a block on your screen which you can use to target players, pets, mobs, totems...

Uses a macro '/targetexact (name you pick)', so it should always find the correct person to target if he's in range. If not, your target will not be changed.

Has a toggleable 'Revenge' feature, which automatically adds the person/pet/totem that killed you to TargetBlock.
Revenge disabled in the Battlegrounds.

There is also a keybind to Hide/Show the block.

- Rightclick to set target
- Shift+Rightclick to clear target
- Ctrl+Rightclick to set custom target
- Leftclick to target
- Shift+Leftclick to toggle lock
- Ctrl+Leftclick to toggle revenge (revenge disabled in BG)

Example A:
- You get killed in contested territory by player called 'James'. Addon will enter his name in the block. Later you click the block with leftclick, it will try to target 'James'.

Example B: (as shown in the pictures)
- You are doing a quest with stealthed mobs. Shift+Rightclick the block to get a popup where you type 'Fen Creeper'. Now when you are walking around Wetlands, and hear a stealth-sound, you leftclick the block and Fen Creeper is being targeted (If it was Fen Creeper to make the stealth-sound..).

- The frame has now a name 'TargetBlockFrame'
- .toc changed for WOTLK

- Renamed the SavedVariable from TargetBlockDB to TBDB. This is to reset your position because of my mistake in default positioning (Docked to TargetFrame. People not using default Unitframes had a problem here)
- TargetBlock will now be positioned in middle of screen if you don't have position saved
- Insets of TargetBlock changed, there was a small gap between backdrop and border

- Data of Revenge (not the current target) gets cleared now everytime you enter combat. This is to eliminate the cases where TargetBlock tells you someone who did damage to you long time ago killed you in a fight where he didn't harm you.
- Globals removed (thanks Cladhaire)

- I noticed that there might be a bug with the revenge, so I recoded it to add your killer into the block after your regeneration is enabled.

- Added BG check for all arenas

- Disabled targetchange in combat. This is not allowed by Blizzard
- Recoded the targeting code, now it works the way it should have from the beginning
- Changes some clicks
- Added better positioning code

- Release
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Looking good I'm gonna have to try this.
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